13 Weird Red Carpet Stand-out Fashion Trick

The red carpet is nowhere to look funny or ordinary. The goal is to look your absolute best. If possible, go for the looks like that of gods or goddesses.

Every year millions and millions of Hollywood fans out there join in with every known fashion police to judge, comment, or just talk about or even find inspiration from the fashion displayed on the red carpet. However, what mere mortals don’t know are the village of fairy godmothers maybe even elves who should take credit for the day’s work just to get their celebrity star look stunning but oh most sacred of all the hacks that get them through the day and epic night.

Here are their slightly weird tips, and we made sure to include which celebrity should be given the credit they deserve for sharing these red carpet life-saving tips. Enjoy!

1. Slimming underwear

If there is one person who outspokenly recommended this, it’s Kim Kardashian. She wears these special body-shaping underwear almost every day, whether it be in high-waist shorts or even in full-length leggings. It is designed to smoothen out your layers and fit you in your dress perfectly. Also, almost all the celebrities wear this, most especially on the event, as this will make their gown look tailored for them. Special body-shaping underwear helps get rid of unwanted body fats and unattractive folds – making the dress look tailored for you. Yup, it’s definitely worth your costly investment.

2. Double-sided tape

So to draw out a celebrity’s asset, one could do a revealing neckline cut. However, to make sure that linings and hems keep in place, one can’t do wrong in sticking a double-sided tape to it. So for a perfectly worn and placed dress, especially with a softer, flowy material, the tape usually takes credit for it, most especially if it is keeping the neckline exactly where it is supposed to be. But to top the perfect, keep the tape underneath the dress and out of sight.

3. Butt pads

It’s not only those who aren’t gifted in this area that needs it. But also those who want to emphasize their curves too. The use of these special silicone butts and hip pads usually does the trick to make your complete look on the red carpet event perfect. For this trick, we have Kristen Bell to credit for being brave enough to reveal this trick in her Instagram stories while preparing for the Golden Globes.

4. Glue stick as an eyebrow wax

For Beyoncé’s perfect face on her events, make-up artist, Sir John, takes credit for the use of Elmer’s glue stick as a hack in keeping the eyebrows stick strong and in place. With all the movement in the event, this secret will save you a whole lot of event bloopers for losing an eyebrow or eyelash. Also, this glue sticks long enough but can be easily removed and won’t clog the pores too.

5. Faking facelift with tapes

With days toward the event, this trick can be used as an alternative to costly and unnecessary plastic surgery. The effects may not be too drastic as to the degree of one who went under the knife. However, this trick will surely have a more natural effect and may probably loosen up again a few days after. Nevertheless, we thank Lady Gaga, who was generous enough to share this daily secret of sticking tape pieces on her face. It sure did the trick for her!

6. Deodorant to prevent chafing

So the thing about down there is the painful thigh chafing that could easily ruin your red carpet moment. So with credits to Amy Schumer for revealing this secret, we give you the best solution – applying deodorant. Now, you’ll feel extra gorgeous with increased ease and confidence while walking that carpet. And, oh, this is also good for the summer trick!

7. Body make-up

With a revealing dress, also comes the mindfulness of covering some skin with make-up where it’s needed the most. Be it your chest, legs, or thighs to go with that sexy slit; you have got to cover it with some make-up, at least. Take Christina Hendricks trick of applying foundation mix over her body lotion to make her skin look sparkly perfect. Also, this trick can be used to create illusions like adding more mass and toning effects.

8. Limos are the best transport buddy for your dress.

This trick is, by far, one of the most expensive yet necessary for celebrities. Male or female celebs must hire limos and all for the number one good reason for keeping their dresses wrinkle-free before the event happens. Also, with the different degrees of the reclining seat, you may be able to sit comfortably, especially if the dress is too tight. Not to mention the trick of arriving in the place of the event stunning and style. Yup, you can’t go wrong with this one.

9. Silicone bra

This must-have by every celebrity makes their outfit flawless and perfect for any strapless dress or outfit with open back. So for stars who are fans of those types of outfits are spotted to wear this bra. For this particular tip, let’s give credit to Nicole Richie, who not only used it on the red carpet but was generous enough to share it with us.

10. A constant presence of stylists during the event

You know when you are a vital person, and you’re meant to be surrounded by bodyguards at all times, this secret is like that. Except that instead of men guards in suits, you got to be surrounded by modestly dressed stylists and tasked to watch the gown always and fix it should any problem occur. Yes, you can call them in their credit role as secret stylist agents.

11. Wearing larger shoes

This secret can save a celebrity from collapsing right on the spot for swelling footsies. So wearing pairs with extra space for special pads should be considered by all. These soft pads help to an unbelievable degree of saving you, literally, from those killer shoes.

12. Shoes with heels

We can’t stress enough the degree of importance of finding your perfect pair of shoes for the event. It’s a must and should be on the top of the list to complete not only your look but also your demeanor for the whole event. Also, even for the Male stars, having the right pair with heels can do the trick. Confidence is key, they say. So take Tom Cruise as your example for this trick, especially when you’re with a beautiful woman for a date.

13. Get ready for emergencies.

Lastly, let’s give Emma Watson credit for excellently leading the important hack of what should be inside your purse to make sure you’re prepared for your red carpet event. Hers is stuffed with safety pins, stain remover, double-sided tape, and her favorite snack. No emergency should spoil your fun. We think so too, that’s why this should be a must.