5 Best Celebrities Share Their Fashion Tips To Help You

Celebrity fashion is no doubt ideal as they are innovative, stylish, and usually from fashion’s latest trends. We know for sure how one’s style can spark inspiration, encourage creativity in a person, and just most definitely how it can help us express ourselves. At least for us girls, we know we want to.

So we picked out the biggest names in the industry who are not only popular in their field but also widely known and recognized to have such a unique take and outstanding degree of fashion sense.


Known for her Thai-Norwegian beauty, Chrissy Teigen is admired for her prominence in her Sports Illustrated modeling career. With her supermodel look, any fashion she wears can’t just go wrong. Whether she opts to model bikinis or only to make red carpet statements, she can’t help but exude high degree fashion. Her style includes an ensemble of polished, edgy, and on point apparels. It is more inclined on playing with colors, patterns, and her love for necklines. She is also one who enjoys the balance of proportions and modesty in showing off just the right amount of skin.


Referred to be as Hollywood’s ultimate fashionista, Kim Kardashian’s fashion is all about knowing what styles work for her figure. With her incredible features, she is one who is not afraid to flaunt, to the degree that she becomes more intentional with her style. Kim’s outfits-of-the-day (OOTD) always involve clothes tailored for her body. As her ultimate fashion tip is to have a great tailor-making, sure your wardrobe fits your body proportionately as a shortened hemline for a dress makes a significant difference on the look one aims. As for her being curvy, she knows that oversized and flowy apparel can make her look more prominent.


Another one of Hollywood’s biggest names and also widely spoken about in the world of fashion is Taylor Swift’s sweet and retro fashion game. Similar to that of Kim’s fashion tip, Taylor, too, considers her best assets and accentuate where needed. So to apply fashion’s first rule of showing off your best assets, which for Taylor would mean her long, lean legs, she often wears short-shorts or a mini skirt. By intentionally showing skin on one body part only, her style hits classy. But while she can rock an oversized chambray shirt with stylish shorts, we believe what credits to her chic casual look, more than her cat-eye liquid eyeliner, is her signature classic red lipstick.


While most celebrities are known to consult stylists to build their image, Diane Kruger is one celebrity icon who credits no one but herself when it comes to developing her style and fashion. With her very own flawless and daring sported looks, she caught the public’s eye and is adored for it. Despite her lack of professional fashion advice, Diane never gets it wrong and remains true to her style. Her fashion includes the use of bold colors, prints, and a degree of effortless ease in wearing her ensemble. Diane is known to rock bright colored prints and go minimal on accessories. She is a picture of a modern-day style icon for her quirky and forward-looking fashion.


It-girl Gigi Hadid never fails to brighten Hollywood’s day with her presence not just in the industry but even only in her day-to-day thing. Despite her being a supermodel, she isn’t one who credits her right to walk the streets of California and overdo her casual dos. Trying to be just an ordinary citizen, she stands out with her very own personal, laid back, effortless, off-duty look with denim, leather jackets, and ankle boots. Her style aims for the polished, eclectic, and effortlessly fresh look. But if need be, she also goes the Queen of denim, leather biker jackets, and ankle boots, and is known to wear all at once. Her style can be best described as eclectic, polished, and effortlessly cool, but she also knows how to glam it up when needed, rocking many daring red carpet looks.