Outrageously Luxurious Vacation Movies Of Adam Sandler

Back in the ‘90s, Adam Sandler was one of the most respected comedians, musicians, and actors. However, some find it hard to remember his fame because of several movie credits to his name.

First, it was just one movie, and then it grew to several films more. In the past years, his career was at free-fall, talking about the critical praises he’s been getting. Somehow, though, he could continuously get works and did not care about the reviews he receives, and we couldn’t help but wonder why.

Just in case it isn’t obvious yet, Sandler has had years and years of taking moviegoer’s money to the best vacation spots there is. Even though none of these movies made it to the awards nights, as far as movie credit is concerned, no one seemed to care. As for sure, all these movies were made for and in the name of entertainment.

Just a side note before we proceed to the list, don’t think we’re making this issue an issue, please. The actor admitted to this himself with Jimmy Kennel. But whether it’s the half-truth or the sarcasm, here’s the list of the movies where Sandler had the perfect excuse to slack off with his friends luxuriously.

1. 50 First Dates

50 First Dates has got us fall in love again with Sandler, playing as a highly educated man who fell in love with a lovely gal with chronic amnesia. This film could be shot anywhere. However, since his credit role is that of a veterinarian boy who lives in Hawaii, then, of course, the movie must be shot there. It is indeed an excuse for a paid vacation for Sandler.

2. Blended

Blended, again, is another of Sandler’s movie that can be pretty much be filmed anywhere. But as the call for them to be in vacation spots is strong, Sandler finds himself in South Africa. You guys may wonder why it has to be filmed in South Africa, but it is just merely the vacation credits that bring them there.

3. Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill was a movie that received critical praise. To many, it seemed like a weak attempt to endorse a product and disguised it as a movie. Well, it might make sense as Sandler played the credit role of an advertising executive, and it’s the perfect movie to fit all products that could be advertised. As this film seemed to turn-out into a giant commercial, you’d think that it was the only issue it had. But again, its location turned out to be another free vacation — like that Carnival Cruise scene.

4. Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories may be the least appalling free-vacation offenders on Sandler’s movie list. The movie started with a set in a small motel, which was totally different from all other Sandler movies that were set in famous vacation spots. However, somewhere along, you’ll find a scene filmed to credit the beauty of Castello di Amorosa, a picturesque castle in a wine country with his signature beach scene, where he was strolling on the bay with a pretty female lead. Not that there’s anything wrong with these scenes, it’s just that it is once again part of an established pattern.

5. Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Don’t Mess with the Zohan is another movie with a trip to the beach. Although not in Hawaii or South Africa, it was filmed in Carbo San Lucas, Mexico, to keep up with Sandler’s signature beach movie scenes. He also had to shoot some scenes in New York, New York, and Tel Aviv, Israel, all because it was part of the plot. At this point, I’m sure many of you who’ve seen all his movies that credits to his name are probably beginning to see and believe the free-vacation pattern. Best believe that the funny script Sandler’s writing is a trip itinerary with slapstick humor thrown into it.

6. Grown Ups

This is where the signature beach scenes in his movies took a different view. Somehow, his team got him to settle for a lakefront cottage in Essex with a side trip to the water park. When you watch the movie, Grown Ups, it may seem that there isn’t much to it but just solely for the paychecks and the all-expense-paid trip to a summer house in Massachusetts – a place known for the best seafood tourism. Undoubtedly, the degree of fun in this destination is a different kind of experience.

7. Grown Ups 2

As if the first time was such a hit, Sandler felt like doing it again. But this time, Grown Ups 2 brought him and his team to a New England tourist town. Again, this sequel, like all other movies, has a luxurious trip attached to it. It was their second time that they filmed in Massachusetts. However, this sequel’s outcome was but a poorly executed movie and panned by almost all critics who went to see it. Of course, as usual, Sandler did all the bare minimum credits of scriptwriting and directing to feature all his friends.

8. That’s My Boy

Maybe Sandler likes Massachusetts more than Hawaii by the time he was shooting the movie, That’s My Boy. He set one of his films in The Bay State. This time though, he’s decided to take in Cape Cod. Like in all his other movies, everyone would see how his credit role, no matter how different in the description, would show his man-child character. Very unfortunate for this movie is despite Sandler’s efforts, or maybe lack thereof, this movie credits to 18 nominations for Raspberry awards. Sandler doesn’t care though because the man still got paid, and perhaps that’s all that matters.

9. Netflix movies

Despite Sandler’s string of bad movies, Netflix took a chance on him. With his first Netflix original, generating quite good ratings in 30 days, he sure did earn more movie credits for the streaming giant. As we’re sure, this is still just for the sake of receiving paychecks and paid vacations. Because, again, here with Netflix, he manages to score a location shoot, and this time, it’s in Savannah, Georgia. The place happens to be named as one of America’s favorite cities according to Travel + Leisure, and was given a nickname as the “Hostess City of the South.”

10. Just Go With It

For this movie, Just Go With It sounded more of like a request to moviegoers to ignore anything that might be possibly off in the film. The movie’s plot credits that of a successful, acclaimed film called The Cactus Flower, for inspiration. Sandler, however, took this good movie to an ultimately another degree of a fun excuse to go on a vacation and flirt with some of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. Just like that, he’s back in Hawaii, pretending to be a plastic surgeon and acting a man-child character.