Yachts Owned By Rich And Famous Personalities

In our current day and age, celebrities are now known for having a luxurious lifestyle. Exotic cars, class-A flights along with their private jets and choppers – you name it, probably, these stars have it. However, owning a private yacht seems to be on another level.

With that in mind, Let’s take a look at some major personalities that are living life away from bankruptcy and enjoying their private getaway while onboard their very own yachts. To make it more interesting, it is more than just your ordinary sea vessels. This time, we’ll dig deep into their superyachts. Let’s get started!


When we think of golf, the first name that comes into our minds is the legendary Tiger Woods. In the past couple of decades, he’s been one of the top contenders in major golf tournaments around the world. That translates to top dollars earned in each tourney he joined in.

Back in 2004, of course, with approval from his financial advisor, he spent $20 million from his bank account and took ownership of a 155-foot long luxury vessel called Privacy. That price tag offered top-notch luxury to all its passengers. According to some accounts, the Tiger Woods’ superyacht can accommodate more than a dozen guests with its spacious interiors.

The Privacy comes with all of the modern luxury amenities such as a theater room if guests wanted to catch up with their favorite movies. It also has a private gym and a jacuzzi if his peers wanted to relax while cruising the waves and enjoying the sunset.

During the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills in New York, people saw the famed golfer and his famous superyacht in action. Recently, he and his Privacy went on a trip and headed straight towards the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas. His trip might have cost him some gas expenses, but his journey is surely one of a kind, especially if you are on board your very own superyacht.


The duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana has been one of the staple figures in the worldwide fashion industry since they founded their prime investment, the Italian luxury fashion house, Dolce and Gabbana. However, if you think that this is the only thing they share, you are dead wrong.

The two fashion magnate also shares ownership of a luxury yacht that is called Regina D’Italia. This superyacht can accommodate around twelve guests and houses a number of luxurious amenities such as a lavish interior filled with marble and gold. It also has gold bathrooms taps with bits of rare gems such as sapphires and rubies. The main attraction for the Regina D’Italia would be her custom-built slide, which is perfect for activities while cruising along towards their destination.


J.K. Rowling is one of the most well-decorated authors in modern literature thanks to her ingenious writing in her popular fantasy series piece Harry Potter. Her collection set the world on fire and holds the title of the best-selling book series of all time.

With her fortune growing steadily throughout the years, she decided to enter the big ballers’ game and put up huge investment money in a superyacht that was previously owned by Johnny Depp. She made the purchase right after her family spent precious time on a charter trip.

The superyacht, Amphitrite, can hold up to ten guests. It also has a total of five spacious rooms that can be easily described as pure luxury. However, the author parted ways with the vessel just less than a year after she bought it from the actor, Johnny Depp. It is not that she’s in any trouble of going into bankruptcy or something, but she just probably want to unload some of her stuff from her collection.


If Tiger Woods is for golf, then Rafael Nadal is destined for greatness in the world of tennis. The superstar athlete is one of the most successful individuals that ever played sports. Along with that, he’s one of the most successful, too, both financially and professionally.

Over the course of his career, he has won many tennis tournaments, and the prize money for that was used to strengthen his credit reports. After building up a good record and a healthy bank account, he decided to spice up personal life with his purchase of a mini-superyacht, which he calls Beethoven.

However, he made a huge fiasco when he listed his beloved Beethoven for listing for around $3 million. His fans didn’t know the reason behind it until the news broke out that he’s currently in the process of ordering a new yacht for himself – an upgrade from his Beethoven. In fact, there are reports that his newly ordered superyacht will be a bigger brother compared to his Beethoven. There are also numerous reports suggesting that it will be released at a later part of the year.