Celebrity Beach Homes For The Much-Needed Vitamin Sea

It’s no brainer! Practically, everybody loves the beach and famous celebrities are no exception. In fact, our beloved Tinseltown stars even go beyond the regular staycation deals that most of us usually pursue. Well known celebrities have been reported to purchase beach houses and coastal properties that allow them to enjoy hours and hours of fun under the sun without the prying eyes of fans and unauthorized snaps of paparazzis.

Considering their fat paychecks and sky high net worth, it’s not surprising how lavish celebrity beach homes can be. We did the research work for you so all you have to do is read on and well, drool at these stars and their equally spotlight-hogging investments. Thank us later.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez – Malibu, California

Ultra famous Latina singer Jennifer Lopez is not just Jenny From The Block. The ageless star and her current beau, former professional baseball athlete Alex Rodriguez, purchased a Malibu beach home previously belonging to Entourage actor Jeremy Piven. The lavish $6.6 million property boasts of top-class amenities including oceanfront views not just on the main room but for all four bedrooms. The three-story impressive house also comes with a lower level entertainment suite for awesome party nights (and days if you may). Outdoors, the property offers jacuzzis, a wet bar, and dry sauna to suit everyone’s preference.

We can’t agree more that the J.Lo and A.Rod duo is great with money management and have that enviably natural hosting chutzpah that draw people closer to them. After all, J.Lo isn’t called “Sweet Face” for nothing.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z – The Hamptons, New York

Music legends Beyonce and Jay-Z, who tied the knot in 2008, share not only extremely good vocal talents. Both artists also have great eyes for sound investments including real estate that are well worth their dough. And we’re talking about dizzying individual net worth of $470 million for Beyonce and $1 billion for Jay-Z.

One of the Carter’s (from the rapper’s legal name, Shawn Corey Carter) properties is the Pond House, as it has been labeled, which is situated along The Hamptons’ beach stretch and spans 12,000 square feet of attractive land. The massive estate has seven bedrooms and nine baths, each one showcasing a hand-carved marble bathtub suitable for uninterrupted bubble bath experience. The power couple reportedly shelled out $25.925 million to have the property under their name and almost certainly installed state of the art home security systems to ensure worry-free lounging with their kids Sir, Rumi, and Blue Ivy. Some guys, and kids, have all the luck indeed!

Oprah – Orcas Island, Washington

World renowned American media executive Oprah Gail Winfrey earned a reputation for her gift of the gab, naturally and effortlessly making people open up to her and revealing stuff they would otherwise keep locked in. But that is not the only thing she earned. The TV personality’s bank accounts seem to overflow, such that the she has no qualms surprising guests with philanthropic acts and gives away cars and other expensive material gifts that ordinary people find hard to afford without having to acquire money loans or personal loans first.

As one of the richest black women in the world, Oprah is also good at rewarding herself. In year 2018, she purchased a property at the Orcas Island in San Juan City, Washington for $8.275 million, a cost that didn’t cause a dent to her savings. The estate includes an exclusive shoreline of 3,000 feet lining the 43-acre of exorbitant land where she can come up with new ideas for her books and her show while huffing in fresh air and occasionally taking a dip. Well deserved, Queen O!

Marc Anthony – Coral Gables, Florida

Born Marco Antonio Muñiz, the chart-topping Puerto Rican singer and actor also loves water fun, and he got himself a piece of water haven in the picturesque boulevard of Coral Gables, popularly known as “The City Beautiful” near Miami Florida sometime in 2018.

The splendid property spans two acres with 480 feet of sand along the shore leading up to the singer’s own private boat dock. Water activities abound with indoor and outdoor swimming pools complementing the sea and a mansion that houses no less than 12 spacious bedrooms. Surely, the 51-year old salsa artist knows where to put $19 million of investment money wisely, making a grand vacation spot for his children Emme Maribel Muñiz, Maximilian David Muñiz, Ariana Anthony, Cristian Marcus Muñiz, and Ryan Adrian Muñiz.

The Obamas – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Even political families such as the former First Family Obama have their fun days by the beach, and we say in a fashion fit for royalties. During Barack Obama’s term as US Head of State, his family used to spend time off in Martha’s Vineyard estate situated about seven miles off Cape Cod’s southern coast.

Known for its fantastic ocean view, the posh property’s flooring and roofing layout allows much of natural lights to pass through, thereby adding to its carefree beach vibe. It has six bedrooms to accommodate the family and their entourage comfortably. Now living as private citizens outside of the White House, it won’t really come as a surprise if Barack, wife Michelle, and daughters Malia Ann and Sasha decide to revisit the Vineyard after settling in their new Washington D.C. residence.

A whole row of other celebrities and public figures have also heeded a financial advisor who recommended to them, one way or another, to acquire private beach properties where they can fully enjoy the sun, sand and sea with their inner circle, free from peeks and invasive stares from the public. Costly as it may be, having a private getaway provides a much-needed refuge to these crowd drawers.

But for the rest of us, less expensive options are available. We can take advantage of year round promotional deals being offered by resort owners and managers so as to enjoy sinking our feet in the sand and savoring saltwater breeze while successfully avoiding having to face bankruptcy!