This Couple Lost Over 400 Pounds In Just One Year And Six Months!

Losing weight takes more than just a new year’s resolution. It takes long-term dedication, perseverance, discipline, and of course, a whole lot of sweat. For this couple, Lexi and Danny Reed, it took them 18 months to reach their goal. They shared their journey in social media, which has inspired a lot of us in keeping a healthy lifestyle. From Lexi’s previous weight of 485 lbs. to now 173 lbs., and Danny’s 280 lbs. to 185 lbs., we’re very curious about how they did it. To their credit, the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is now turned to “Healthy Wife, Healthy Life”.


Lexi Reed had expressed that her weight problems started when she was just a child. She tried to do something about it through different methods. However, it all did not work out. She describes herself as an outgoing woman, one who always enjoys every moment. But her weight issues bothered her. Lexi weighed in at 392 pounds at the age of 25, which is really a frustration. Being overweight can cause a lot of health problems, most especially involving the heart. Acquiring health insurance in the United States is pretty expensive, so she was motivated to do something about it.


While growing up, Lexi, being overweight, had a hard time looking for love. When she was 15, she met Danny Reed, who later became the love of her life. They started as friends, then became the best of friends. The couple married in 2015 and had their honeymoon at Panama City Beach, Florida. According to Danny, he loved Lexi for who she was as a person, and not for physical attraction. But, if there’s one thing they had in common, it is their sedentary lifestyle and very unhealthy eating habits — to the degree that they consumed a total of 8000 calories a day.


Danny and Lexi were hugely obese. The couple enjoyed their time together but also enjoyed eating together as both of them loved food. They would eat at restaurants, indulge in all-you-can-eat buffets, and even in the wee hours, they would satisfy their cravings. Their unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle contributed to their extra pounds, most especially to higher health risks. Danny weighed in at around 280 pounds while Lexi weighed almost double at 485 lbs. Danny wore size a size 46 while Lexi wore a size 28. Indeed, the degree of their bad habits posed a danger to their health.


Lexi expressed that she had a habit of eating unhealthy since she was a child. She recalled that growing up, they didn’t have much money and that parents never cooked. They mostly ate processed food since it’s easier to purchase than healthier options. She would always indulge herself in food to the degree that she became out of control whenever she was going through something. She added, “I was always an emotional eater, also, and no matter what the mood, food was always there for me.” The habit continued even when she and Danny were already a couple.


Unlike any other normal couple, there were certain limitations as to how Lexi and Danny could go on dates. The couple was not able to go hiking, go biking, to the degree that they can’t even do light sports together. They could not even go on romantic walks as their weight made them gasping for breath by walking short distances. Because of this, they developed into having a stationary lifestyle and would choose to just stay at home, binge-watch their favorite TV shows, and of course, eat. Lexi admitted that she had to do something about it but did not know how to start.


The time came when Danny proposed to Lexi, and she accepted. “Love doesn’t have a size or weight limit,” Lexi said. She added that Danny never saw her as her size. He didn’t even ask her to change. He never made her feel like anything other than beautiful. Getting engaged is a beautiful beginning. But during wedding preparations, Lexi was a bit dubious if she can find a wedding dress her size. Sure, it was challenging for her but to her credit, she didn’t back down and finally found the perfect wedding dress. She said, “Thank God I was strong enough to know my worth.”


When Lexi found the perfect white dress for her wedding day, all things went smoothly. Their ceremony occurred in 2015, and they chose Panama City Beach, Florida, for their honeymoon. It was also an unforgettable moment since during their tour, they had to walk a distance, but both had a hard time doing so. As newlyweds, they reflected on wanting to live a happy and fulfilling life together, and needless to say, build a family. But how can they do it given that both of them are overweight and unhealthy? Their degree of love for each other pushed them to take the turning point.


Most girls dream about either becoming a wife or a mom. For Lexi Reed, she dreams of becoming both. But her weight took its toll on her health, especially on her reproductive function. Medically speaking, an overweight woman cannot easily get pregnant due to fertility problems. As much as wanting to pursue her big dream of being a mom, Lexi cannot also reach her small dream even to the slightest degree, like visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. It is because she was too big to fit both on the plane and on the rides.


A year after their marriage, Lexi and Danny still did what they loved: non-stop eating. Well, as much as we want to steer clear from our favorite food, we, too, get tempted to go splurge on gastronomy. However, the couple almost became addicted to eating heavily processed food like those from the fast-food chains. Just imagine all the calories we get from the greasy, burger sandwiches and potato fries we usually order from McDonald’ s—well, that was their everyday life. Lexi contemplated on wanting to quit the habit to the degree that she decided to, finally, cut the carbs.


What seemed impossible for Lexi and Danny Reed turned out to be a new direction for them. After contemplating on how they can start to build their own family, they had to realize first that change only starts from themselves. Come New Year’s Day 2016, Lexi had to list one of the resolutions she did not regret, ever– it’s about changing her unhealthy lifestyle. Danny, upon hearing this idea, was a bit hesitant at first, but still, he supported his wife anyways. Lexi’s New Year’s resolution, to her credit, became the best decision she and her husband ever made.


Danny, as we’ve mentioned, was hesitant before. “At first, the idea didn’t sound great because it was always good going home, sitting down, eating, and not having to worry about anything,” Danny stated. But because he wanted to be a good and supportive husband, he didn’t want Lexi to be walking alone on this journey. Their investments in their marriage require understanding and patience. Hence, he went on to have a change of heart all for the sake of supporting his dear wife. Also, he very much needed to do a lifestyle change since it is beneficial to his health.


Lexi and Danny shared their New Year’s resolution to some of their friends. Their initial response was that they were happy for the couple, but to keep the journey fun, they made a bet with the two. The Reeds agreed and made a deal with them. To be specific, they said they would go a month with the challenge, “no eating out, no soda, no alcohol, no cheat meals, and working out for 30 minutes five times a week.” Well, it’s pretty hard to go on with that discipline and self-control. But to their credit, Lexi and Danny were very determined.


Enough is enough, according to the couple. They had been going on the sedentary lifestyle for decades already that they wanted to change that part of themselves. As per Lexi, she was fed up with not being able to do the things other people do, like go on long walks at the park, fly on an airplane, and tour on beautiful destinations. They also feared that their lack of self-control would lead them to poor health, and worse, they won’t be able to start a family of their own. This decision of lifestyle change requires their investment of discipline and perseverance.


Upon saying yes to the challenge, Lexi and Danny enrolled at a local gym in their hometown, Terre Haute, Indiana. They went to the gym daily for 30 minutes a day. Throughout the adjustment phase, the couple found it very difficult to the degree that Lexi had trouble finding the right training plan for her. She also suffered severe joint pain because of her excessive weight. The couple also did not have a personal trainer. All they had was a positive mindset and a strong will to reach their goal. This was indeed a new beginning to their healthy marriage and healthy life.


All gym enthusiasts would know that gym training is as hard as finding the right gym. Of course, one must choose according to his preference. That includes a good space or environment, one that is not too crowded, and one that has the complete equipment that would complement the training regimen. Lexi was also self-conscious, and when she found the right gym that had a machine called the CrossRamp (one that didn’t hurt her joints), she immediately pushed through the plan. Well, we’d also want a gym that is safe with functional equipment since gym insurance costs a thousand bucks.


The couple’s daily gym sessions were the first step towards their lifestyle change. But there are a whole lot of struggles that they have yet to overcome. For one, they had to stop eating at restaurants. Sure enough, we’re not certain what amount of preservatives and calories from the ingredients we get each time we dine out. Another struggle is, they had to purge their cravings. From pizza, to ice cream, and more. To their credit, Lexi and Danny found the best way on how to diet, and that is: cook together. They’ve now learned to cook their healthy options for food at home.


Lexi and Danny had a hard time working on their diet plan. They preferred to eat their favorite dish still but would want to transition to a healthier way of cooking it. Their new eating habits were not just a diet for them, but now a lifestyle. Lexi wanted something long-term, something they could stick to even after they reached their goal. Hence, she decided to make healthier versions of the food that they love eating, like choosing the right cooking oil and ingredients that have little to no preservatives. We hope they’d provide online classes so we can learn more tips from them too.


If you’re a food lover, eating a limited choice of food is really hard. Also if you’re not a fan of working out, hitting the gym is like a punishment. It’s amazing how Lexi and Danny Reed became determined. Their secret? Being each other’s strong support! Two is indeed better than one, as the old adage goes. Now we understand that we all need someone to keep us motivated in life. A month has passed, and the Reed couple gradually saw the improvement. To their credit, it was their strong support for each other, persistence, and will power that got them to reach their goal.


The time went by, and the Reed duo continued their journey of working out in the gym and eating a healthy and balanced diet. Soon enough, their self-control has reaped, and their improvement started to show. They met new friends in the gym who have also played a role in reaching their goal to the degree that they have become their support system. Also, Lexi enjoyed going to the gym to do different kinds of exercise. She loves her Pulse class and dancing to her favorite music, which didn’t make her feel like it’s a workout at all!


Lexi’s determination in losing weight grew as time went on. She said, “if people were going to stare at me because of my weight, I was going to give them a reason to stare by being the hardest worker in the room.” True enough, her hard work reaped results, and she has started to lose around 20 pounds per month. Most importantly, she overcame her fears of hitting the gym and worry about people looking at her. Her investment of dedication and sweat gradually paid off. She continued her focus on eating healthy and measured her calorie intake every day.


Danny may have weighed lighter than Lexi, but he also struggled the same. He did not only make sure to accompany Lexi, but he also wanted to make a lifestyle change for their future. Soon enough, he made progress as he started to lose weight. Initially, he was 280 pounds, but he worked his way to trim down at 190 pounds in just a year. Talking about fitspiration, we want to see them holding their own online classes on their daily workout and diet management. As Lexi said, “You don’t have to pay crazy amounts of money just to eat healthy or to have a trainer.”


The moment Lexi lost her first 100 pounds, she decided to make an Instagram account and document their weight loss journey. There she posted motivational quotes, their gym photos, and different meal preparations to her credit. After 18 months, Lexi’s life totally changed. In May 2018, Lexi weighed 312 pounds. According to her, she only noticed that her size had decreased when she sat at their favorite restaurant and saw how her stomach no longer rested on the table. It was a moment of pride, she claimed. As of writing, she garnered a total of 1.2 million Instagram followers.


In the fall of 2016, Lexi created her Instagram account named “Fat Girl Fed Up” so she can track her weight loss progress and also inspire others with her journey. She started posting her gym pictures and inspirational quotes. Little did she know that she caught the attention of many—hundreds of them became thousands, and thousands became a million. Today, she has 1.2 million followers. She did not expect to gain a lot of attention, but she’s glad she can impart her experience and fitness journey. We look forward to seeing her online classes on keeping a healthy weight and body!


Lexi was surprised that her Instagram posts from her account named “Fat Girl Fed Up” became viral. After gaining thousands of followers in her social media account, Lexi suddenly became an internet star. Her stardom led her to have interviews on several TV shows where they shared their weight loss journey. Their story also appeared in the nationwide news. One of their notable interviews was on an episode of Rachael Ray, where they talked about healthy cooking. Given that the couple now has a platform for health and fitness, we hope they’ll finally consider putting up online classes to discuss more tips!


The Reed couple’s combined weight loss was over 400 pounds in just 18 months, and with that transformation, they took a new lease on life. As we shared earlier, Danny and Lexi spent their honeymoon on a Florida beach where they had to walk long distances as part of their tour. Lexi was almost 500 pounds back then, and walking short distances was, to a great degree, a taxing effort for her. After they lost a lot of weight, the couple went back to that beach and finally, they can already run along the waterside without easily getting tired!


It was “achievement unlocked” for the couple, most especially for dear Lexi, as she is now able to comfortably ride on an airplane. After so many years of waiting and dreaming of going to the Harry Potter World at the Universal Studios theme park, the couple can now happily enjoy the rides and arcades. Aside from hitting their goal, Lexi shared that their weight loss journey has contributed more to their marriage, as their relationship with each other got deeper and stronger than ever. Truly indeed, their investment of hard work, discipline, persistence, and commitment has paid off!


We love how Lexi inspired us with her journey. At one time, she shared that she no longer felt like a prisoner in her own body since before, she can only do a few and limited things because of her weight. To her credit, she lost half of her body weight in just 12 months. Having been able to do this, she reflected, “I loved myself even at 485 pounds, but just to be able to wake up and do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go… I don’t feel like I’m a prisoner in my own body anymore.”


Losing weight is not that easy; it takes a lot of courage to say yes to the change you want to achieve. As for Lexi, she shared some advice to inspire more people. One is to “start small “because small changes could definitely add up to big results no matter how little, and that’s what we should focus on each day—not how far we have to go. She added that it’s also important to surround ourselves with those who lift us higher and see the greatness in us even when we ourselves don’t see it. She shared that the best health investment is losing weight naturally, as opposed to having surgery.


Since the Reed couple gained an audience of their own, they put up their own YouTube channel to help and encourage others who are also struggling in keeping a healthy weight. They share fitness tips such as observing a healthy diet and the importance of working out at the gym. Online classes on their gym routines, perhaps?

Lexi’s fame eventually led her to be invited to the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. She shared with us a nugget of wisdom: “Anyone can change the same way that I did, and I want to show others how.”


We are also happy for Lexi and Danny. It always feels good to watch someone’s progress in life. To the couple’s credit, they have not only shared fitness tips but also coached us with what matters most. Lexi said she wakes up every day, looking at it as a blessing. She’s so proud of how far she has come and the new life that she is living. She saved her own self, and all that she can do is be grateful for it. She hopes that her page will inspire more people and make them believe it’s possible.


Upon reaching the turning point in their life, doors of opportunity began to open, and blessings started to pour out for them to the degree that they were invited to attend the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Lexi was also invited by TNT Drama and was chosen by Loreal Paris as one of the inspiring strong women. She and Danny went to Hollywood and were given a free stay at a beautiful hotel. They became instant celebrities, and it was indeed a dream come true for them that they are able to empower and influence many through their life journey.


Lexi shares her different healthy menu plans on her social media accounts called Fat Girl Fed Up. Some of her tips include preparing the ingredients at the start of the week and choosing healthy meals that are delicious and to one’s own preference. She posted a piece of advice on Memorial Day 2018 saying, “I know Holidays are hard guys but practice portion control, healthier swaps, balance, planning.” Also, Lexi pointed out on making healthier versions of our favorites. She also keeps count of the calories of every meal she prepares. To her credit, she created a tasty cauliflower-crust pizza!


What was initially a bet with friends turned out to be their new lifestyle. Lexi and Danny’s secret to maintaining their health includes keeping track of their diet while enjoying their hobbies. For instance, they went camping recently. While others indulge in hamburgers and barbecue as their cookout food, Lexi and Danny prepared a high-protein meal instead: chicken, steak, and mashed avocado. In her post, she captioned, “Holidays, weekends, or even being out of your routine doesn’t mean we cant still reach our goals and eat delicious food!” A guilt-free diet is the couple’s investment in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Every couple would always find different ways on how to spend their date night. But for Lexi and Danny Reed, their dates include running on the treadmill and lifting weights in the gym. Their transformation brought them closer than ever, and we, too, can learn from them, especially when it comes to sticking to and achieving goals together with our partner. Just recently, a picture to their credit was captioned, “Making the time before date night to work on our goals!” Lexi shared a photo of her and Danny working out at the gym before enjoying their date night.


A word of wisdom credited to Hellen Keller says, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is also true when it comes to making a lifestyle change. Lexi expressed to us that it is through a community that she was able to achieve her goals. Their strong support has made her become the woman she wanted to be. Lexi earned both an online and offline community, for which she hosts fitness contests and motivational activities. The support they get from each other makes them all achieve their goals of living a healthy and happy life!


In her online and offline community, Lexi has gained a number of friends. She credits her friends for bringing an impact to her change. Even when she weighed almost 500 pounds, her friends have believed in her and motivated her to never give up on her journey. “Love doesn’t have a size or weight limit,” she says. “I found others along the way who helped make me who I am today and helped to make my journey more enjoyable,” she added. Indeed, it is always vital to surround ourselves with people who lift us up and bring out the good in us.


However, Lexi and Danny’s life does not always revolve around their gym activities. They see to it to take their rest days and have investments in spending quality time with each other and with their loved ones. One of the couple’s most enjoyed time together is walking their two, lovely, golden retrievers named Oliver and Olivia. On social media, Lexi posted, “Can’t wait for more walks with them this summer, and we’re sure they are happy mom/dad got healthy too!” Needless to say, even on their rest days, they can still have cardio exercises in the form of walking.


One of the things that keeps a couple stay together is to do the things they love together. Lexi and Danny’s hobbies include dirt biking, an off-road motorcycle sport. On an Instagram photo to Lexi’s credit, she and Danny were captured kissing each other while on break from dirt biking. She captioned it, “from 765lbs to riding dirt bikes. Life with you is an adventure & I’m enjoying the ride,” Lexi added. They looked so sweet together that it garnered numerous likes from their followers. Not only are they “fitness goals,” but also, we think they are “relationship goals” as well!


The success of their transformation drew the attention of many. But it is not only Lexi that gained prominence. Her husband Danny also hit the headlines ever since he started his own Instagram account named Discovering Danny. Danny also posted his weight loss journey and his day-to-day activities, including getting a new tattoo, enjoying his healthy meals, and a whole lot of selfies. To his credit, Danny inspired other people, especially the men. In such a case, his weight loss journey is only secondary. His primary achievement was partnering together with his wife, Lexi, towards their health and fitness goals.


Who would’ve thought that saying yes to a diet challenge would make them become internet stars? Lexi and Danny never even thought about becoming social media influencers, but both of them deserve to be celebrated. Since they started their own Instagram and YouTube accounts, several posts to their credit became viral that they reached the widely-acclaimed entertainment industry. In one of their YouTube videos, they shared their unforgettable experience of walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Also, when Lexi was recognized by L’oreal Paris and TNT Drama. It was one for the books for both of them, indeed!


Lexi never even thought of gaining a lot of attention while documenting her weight loss journey, but now, she has a total of 1.2 million Instagram followers. When her Instagram account named “Fat Girl Fed Up” became popular, she started receiving invitations by TV stations for interviews. One of the couple’s remarkable interviews was on The Today Show, where they shared the beginning of their journey until they lost a combined 400 pounds. To their credit, their TV interview also earned lots of positive responses from the audience since they opted for a healthy and natural way of losing weight.


In her interview with Life & Style magazine, Lexi shared that she can see them starting a family. Building a family was always on Lexi’s motivation for losing weight. When she and Danny got married, she almost became hopeless when she was told that she could not get pregnant due to her almost 500-pound weight. But due to her strength and persistence, we think they’re going to be happy parents soon. We’re so inspired by their success story of faith and perseverance.

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