The Partners Of Hollywood’s Most Powerful LGBT Celebrities


Who doesn’t love Ellen DeGeneres? In fact, the better question would be: what’s not to love about Ellen DeGeneres? She’s totally the best and funniest host in the world. The way she brings out the best in her guests, or in the people around her in general, is just amazing to see. She’s also totally got the love thing nailed down, having been in a relationship with the beautiful Portia De Rossi for quite a while now (since 2004, to be exact). The pair, who have many investments to their name, got married in 2008, and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company ever since.


If you don’t follow either of these two on Instagram, let me tell you, you’re missing out! The couple is so sweet on social media. And they sometimes amusingly get the kids involved in their cosplay shenanigans, which, to their credit, is always a riot. It’s been reported that when they first started dating, they went out almost every single night. David even admitted that they talked on the phone almost eight times a day, falling deeper in love with each other as their relationship progressed. Well, they were meant to be together, given how sweet they’ve been to each other from the very beginning.


Jodie Foster has always been very private about her love life. She explained in an interview that among the things she values the most is her privacy, primarily because she started acting at a young age. Indeed, it was only in 2013, during her Golden Globes speech, that she came out as gay. Of course, to her credit, that speech she gave was glorious. Her relationship with photographer Alexandra Hedison was no exception—Jodie pretty much kept it under the wraps for a while. In 2014, however, the couple tied the knot and had been making more and more appearances together.


The multi-talented Elton “The Rocket Man” John is one of the best selling music artists in the world. He met Canadian filmmaker, and husband Davis Furnish in 1993, at a party in Windsor. They reportedly fancied each other instantaneously and, 12 years later, the Rocket Man proposed. Indeed, in 2005, they made history by being one of the first LGBTQ couples in the U.K. to have a civil partnership. Of course, when same-sex marriage became legal in the U.K. nine years later, they tied the knot, and seem to have been making investments and living the dream ever since.


Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef apparently couldn’t take their eyes off of each other the moment they met. They’re still so in love with one another despite having been together for quite some time now. Ricky can say their relationship is still in the honeymoon phase. Interestingly, Ricky shared that he didn’t know how to propose at first and that the prospect of doing so scared him. But now that he’s got it out of the way, he said that all those lawyers he hired to set the papers in order were worth it. The two finally tied the knot in 2018.


Lance Bass, bass singer for popular boy band NSYNC, exclusively dated women until he was 22. But when he started dating lawyer and reality-show winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, their relationship garnered heavy tabloid coverage and forced Lance to come out as gay. Unfortunately, Lance and Michael split just a few months later, and Lance went on to have several high profile relationships since. In 2011, however, Lance met painter Michael Turchin, and they started dating. The couple got married and made history by being the first same-sex couple to broadcast their wedding on cable TV. Since then, they have been happier than ever.


Kendrell Bowman and Anthony Wayne are often referred to as the dynamic duo of Broadway. Indeed, they’ve been, to a huge degree, slowly carving a name for themselves in the community with the high-profile shows they’ve been producing. Kendrell shared that when he first met Anthony, he was blown away by his singing ability. Anthony, on the other hand, says that he loves Kendrell’s drive, saying it’s something he never saw on someone before. It looks like their relationship is going strong, and while it’s hard for one to be romantically involved with his business partner, these two seem to be handling both very well.


Cynthia Nixon, of Sex and the City Fame, has been married to LGBTQ activist and policy wonk Christine Marinoni since 2012, eight years after they started dating. Although Cynthia has two children from a previous relationship, she, along with Christine, welcomed another in 2011. In an interview, Cynthia shared that she and Christine had immediate chemistry and that they’ve been feeling the electricity ever since. It looks like this pair were meant to find each other. And, we’re happy for them, especially after having our hearts broken during Cynthia’s much-publicized breakup with school teacher Danny Mozes.


American fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford met former editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International Richard Buckley when he was a shy 25-year-old. Tom reportedly already knew he wanted to call a lawyer and marry him during that one elevator ride. He recalled that what drew him to Richard was his eyes, which he said were like that of an Alaskan Husky’s. And when they started dating, which was pretty much the day after they met, they spent almost every single night together. The pair have been in a relationship since 1986, and they welcomed a son via a gestational surrogate in September of 2012.


These two have been married for 11 years. But, as Wanda recalls, it wasn’t easy peasy at first, and among the many challenges she faced was her previous marriage to record producer Dave Hall. Indeed, Wanda wasn’t shy to talk about how unhappy she was with Hall, and, to a huge degree, even included him in her jokes onstage. Eight years after her marriage with Hall ended, she found Alex Sykes, and it was reportedly loved at first sight. Describing the moment, Wanda said: “Something really said to me- like audibly- ‘Wow, that’s what you need, Wanda.'” Two years later, the couple tied the knot. And in 2009, they were blessed with twins.


Fashion designer and Project Runway judge Michael Kors married Lance Lepere, with whom he’s been in a 21-year relationship, in 2011 at Southampton, New York. And honestly, they seem to be perfectly content in each other’s presence. The pair shared that they met each other in 1990 when Lance joined his company to work as an intern. But Michael said that it was in Paris that they fell in love. According to Lance, he and Micahel share the same tastes, and it can get, to a certain degree, really uncanny at times. From fashion to food to anything under the sun, they really get along.


Viewers of the show Just Jillian can see the absolute sweetness these two showers each other with on a regular basis. Indeed, after getting married in 2016, their relationship, just like Jillian’s biceps, seems to be getting stronger and stronger. The couple began dating in 2009 and got engaged in 2015. A year later, they hired lawyers and tied the knot. Heidi is reportedly a very private person who shuns the spotlight but is nevertheless referred to by Jillian as the ‘nucleus’ of their family, and the ‘glue’ that keeps everything together. They have a daughter and a son, named Lukensia and Phoenix, respectively.


RuPaul is getting more popular these days, with his TV shows appearing left and right. America’s most famous and most commercially successful drag queen received six Emmy Awards for his show RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul has been in a longterm relationship with Georges LeBar since 1994, which, to their credit, is an impressive 26 years! They met on the dance floor in 1994, and it was Georges’ birthday. Interestingly enough, it was also Georges’ birthday when they got married. Although Georges is 13 years younger, RuPaul says they have the same interests and never run out of things to do together.


Actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson, who’s known for his involvement with the television series Glee, and his husband Jason Landau, seem to be really happy together. We feel great for Cheyenne, considering his first marriage ended up in divorce. Cheyenne and Jason have been dating since October 2018, and their relationship seems to have gotten stronger ever since. When Cheyenne announced on his Instagram account that he was dating Jason, people were so happy for him. It would only be a year later that they would announce their engagement, and a few months after that, they called their attorney and tied the knot.


Ryan Murphy, one of the most intelligent and prolific producers in Hollywood, married his longtime partner, David Miller (they’ve been dating for 15 years) in 2011. Ryan is often cited, to some degree, as one of Hollywood’s most powerful men. He created some of the most memorable shows for TV, among which are Nip/Tuck, Glee, and American Horror Story. Of course, he’s been involved with so much more than that. But despite his ultra-busy schedule, he and husband David seem to have a more than perfect relationship with each other and with their two children who were conceived via surrogacy.


Funny woman Kate McKinnon and Jackie Abbot first appeared together at the 2017 Emmys. Kate, who won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, hugged Jackie after her name was called, which was quite endearing. Indeed, electricity seemed to be flowing between the two. Kate is one of the most beloved stars of Saturday Night Live, but despite this, she is very much known to be very private about her life, especially her love life. So there’s not much we know about how the pair met, but if there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that they look so happy together.


Many are unaware that Luke Evans is gay. Well, sorry, ladies, he has been in a longterm relationship (albeit on-and-off) with the Spanish model-actor, Jon Kortajarena. Rumors about their relationship started swirling when Jon posted pictures in IG of himself in Budapest, where, lo and behold, Luke was working for a movie. Luke is another individual who expends a great degree of effort to keep his love life private, but it’s been reported that the couple has been dating since 2014. Whatever the case may be, they look like two impossibly good-looking individuals.


Readers will remember Raven-Symoné for her role as the feisty Raven Baxter in the hit Nickelodeon television series, That’s So Raven. And if one weren’t old enough to have caught wind of her child-acting days, then they would at least, to some degree, know her for being one of the hosts of The View. In any case, Raven has been dating Empire star AzMarie Livingston since 2012. Livingston, who was a contestant in America’s Next Top Model at the time, was one of the fan favorites and was notable for her tattoos and somewhat androgynous look. Unfortunately, in 2015, the two split.


Former Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir married Victor Voronov in 2011. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out so well. The pair divorced in 2015, and it was quite messy. According to Johnny, Victor did make more than a few sacrifices for their relationship to work, one of which included quitting his plush job as a lawyer. But in the end, the latter said he could never get used to Johnny’s busy schedule and decided to call it quits. Things got so heated between them, and their confrontations got more and more physical. We’re hoping, of course, that they can move on from this.


After a long five-year relationship, American-Canadian singer and songwriter Rufus Wainwright married his (relatively) longterm partner Jörn Weisbrodt in 2012. The wedding was officiated by Justin Vivian Bond, a transgender and fellow artist who’s a very close friend to the two. Interestingly enough, Rufus and Jorn have an unusual “parenting arrangement” with Lorca Cohen, the daughter of esteemed Canadian singer, poet, and novelist, Leonard Cohen. Apparently, Rufus and Lora adopted Jorn as a “deputy dad” to Viva Katherine, the daughter they share together. And as far as we’ve heard, the trio, to their credit, is doing awesome!


Jane Lynch, of Glee fame, tied the knot with clinical psychologist Lara Embry in May of 2010. The pair met at a 2009 fundraiser in San Francisco, in which Lara was the honorary guest. A year later, they both announced their engagement. Soon enough, Jane became stepmother to Haden, Lara’s daughter, from a previous relationship. For an interview, Jane said that Haden was a treasure and that the two have gotten close. Unfortunately, it took only three years for the two to realize they weren’t meant for each other. And, after a 5-month separation, both finally called their attorneys and initiated divorce proceedings.


Celebrity chef Cat Cora announced in 2015 that she was divorcing her wife, Jennifer Cora, of 17 years. She said that despite the tremendous amount of work they’ve put into the relationship, it was time to move on. Cat was the first female chef to win Iron Chef. And, unfortunately, things didn’t work out between her and Jennifer, considering they are parents to four adorable young boys, who they’ve welcomed after going through in vitro fertilization. It’s also doubly unfortunate that their separation turned out to be a messy one, with each’s lawyer battling out as to who gets custody of the children.


Kirsten Stewart, of Twilight fame, has been in a relationship with Stella Maxwell, a Victoria Secret model, since 2016. The pair was even spotted smooching and engaging in some serious PDA aboard a lawyer’s yacht sometime in July 2019. They reportedly split in 2018, saying for one interview that they both decided it would be best if they started to “see other people.” Indeed, just over a year ago, both reportedly agreed that the relationship had run its course. But if the stolen shots of them kissing aboard a yacht are any indication, then they are clearly back together again.


The very first indication that these two, Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn, were a couple was when they were spotted kissing on the street. At first, the pair was walking and holding hands, until Sam leans in and—gasp!—kisses Brandon right in the crease. Seeing the photo made us spill our drink and ruin the flooring with excitement! This made Sam’s fans happy because it was only a month after he talked about his singleness. And the couple’s relationship is definitely going strong, and Sam discussed that he very much sees kids in his future—of course, we’re assuming here that he means with Brandon.


We’re infinitely sad to report that Queen Latifah’s relationship with fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins is now a thing of the past, with Jeanette reportedly hopping on the man-wagon this time around. And we thought they looked so perfect for each other! They didn’t infrequently engage in public displays of affection for the paparazzi to see, and we lapped those pictures up like some deranged attorney, thinking our Queen has finally found, well, her queen. But not every seemingly perfect relationship works out, we guess, and we’ll just have to deal with it. It was a good run, however, and it lasted from 2002 to 2014.


In more sad news (actually, it happened over a year ago), our favorite news anchor Anderson Cooper has split from the hunky bar owner boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, with whom he’s been together for nine years. They are separated but are—so they insist—on good terms. Yeah, we are still, to some degree, bummed by this, despite that it happened over a year ago because they looked so perfect together. Indeed, barely anyone knew that they split, but Anderson finally revealed that they did after photos of Benjamin were seen in Dallas radiologist Victor Lopez’s Instagram page.


Robin Roberts had Amber Laign by her side as she was battling cancer. Robin recalled that they met on a blind date and started dating at a particularly difficult time in her life when she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, for which she needed a bone marrow transplant. She said that Amber stood by her side during those times, and they’ve gotten closer as a result. In any case, we’re extremely happy for Robin for finding true love. And all credit to her; it’s remarkable that in such a short span of time, she managed to survive cancer and rare blood disease.


Samira Wiley shared that she fell in love with Lauren Morelli on the set of Orange Is the New Black, a show both of them are involved with, Samira as an actress and Lauren as a screenwriter. Samira said that when she read the script, she thought Lauren deserved so much credit. She also added that Lauren was really talented, and she couldn’t wait to meet the woman behind the writing. It wasn’t all roses at first since Lauren was married at the time. In any case, things seemed to have worked out, and the pair dated for three years before announcing their engagement.


Chely Wright was, in 2010, the first female country star to come out as gay. Fast forward to today, she’s now happily married to LGBT civil rights activist Lauren Blitzer, and the couple has two adorable twin boys! They tied the knot it August 2011 and shared quite a few investments together. Despite that Chely once admitted that her country music singing career had taken a hit after she came out as gay, she said that it was all worth it. According to her, there’s nothing “more magical” in her life than the moment she decided to come out.


In 2011, director and producer Sara Gilbert split with Allison Adler, her girlfriend of ten years. Gilbert said in an interview that despite their breakup, they really loved each other, and would, to some degree, remain friends for their two kids named Levi Hank and Sawyer Jane. Just a few months after, Gilbert was back gushing about her new relationship with 4-non-Blondes lead singer Linda Perry. While she never revealed how they met, they were caught together by paparazzi, which led Sara to make the announcement. In 2013, the new couple announced their engagement, and a year later, they tied the knot.


Barry Manilow, the legendary singer, and songwriter has a career that spans decades. And we think that the secret behind his success is the fact that his husband acts as his manager. It was way back in 1978, after years of being married to a woman, that Barry decided to start a relationship with TV executive Garry Kief. The two tied the knot in 2014 and kept their relationship—and Barry’s orientation—under the radar. It wasn’t until Suzanne Somers spilled the beans and revealed that Barry exchanged vows with Garry under a secure home security system in Palm springs that people found out about their relationship.


These two, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, impossibly good-looking designers look so perfect together. It was a little more than five years ago when these two handsome men tied the knot. And, during the interim, they’ve managed to welcome two adorable little children and bag their own reality show on the TLC channel. Nate, in an interview for the US weekly, said that he gives his husband credit for being the “stricter parent” to two of their children. Nate also revealed that while Jeremiah wants to have a big family, he is, at 47, not very enthusiastic about the idea. In any case, things seem to be working great for these two!


People have been speculating about David Hyde Pierce’s sexuality for years, well into his Frasier days. In 2017 he confirmed through his publicist what everyone had been suspecting all along—that he is gay. In fact, to some degree, he also revealed that he and director Brian Hargrove have been dating. It seems they’ve been dating for quite a while because David thanked Brian during his Tony Award acceptance speech, saying it’s been “24 years of listening to your damn notes.” The couple happily got married in 2008, just days after the approval of Proposition 8, a law that banned same-sex marriage in a number of states.


Ellen Page revealed her relationship with surfer lady Samantha Thomas at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, even gushing during one interview after telling everyone that she’s “in love.” But for all the butterflies that were flying across Ellen’s stomach in those days, everything didn’t turn out the way they hoped it would, following their low-key separation. It turns out that Ellen is now dating Emma Portner, a professional dancer and choreographer. Well, whatever the case might be, we hope Ellen and Samantha’s separation was amicable, and that they are both, to some degree, in a better place.


Alan Cummings is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors in Hollywood today. The Scottish-American actor is a Tony-award winner after all and has appeared in numerous shows on television, film, and theater, including The Good Wife and The Threepenny Opera. Alan dated Shaffer for two years, and in 2007, the couple decided to be civil partners. The ceremony, to their credit, was reported to be so incredibly swoon-worthy, with guests like Geri Halliwell and Ian McKellen. When same-sex marriage became legal, they both got married in New York, and seem to be living happily ever since.


These two, Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton, one a famous actor, the other an award-winning musician, are indeed a stunning couple. In fact, their almost perfect bone structures alone, at least to a huge degree, are conceivably why they’ve attracted so many followers on Youtube, which by our last count was at 384,000 (and counting). The pair have been dating for five years before finally deciding to tie the knot. After a few months of what seemed to be blissful marriage, they welcomed two-year-old Crow through adoption and even documented the process through an absolutely adorable series of Youtube videos.


Orlando Cruz made history and broke down a lot of barriers in the process by becoming the first openly gay professional boxer in the world. The man was not just a powerful presence in boxing, he’s also a world champion—he’s quick, he’s taut, and he’s definitely predatory in the ring. Orlando, accompanied by his family and lawyer, tied the knot with boyfriend, Jose Manuel Colon, in 2013. And despite that Orlando’s career can’t be said to be doing well at the moment, having lost a number of high-profile matches in recent years, he’s got his hands full as an advocate for the LGBTQ community.


How much more adorable can these two, Jeffrey Richman and John Benjamin Hickey, get? Jeffrey, a writer and producer, known for the hit sitcom Modern Family has been dating actor Jeffrey since 2013. They met in 2003 and have been madly in love ever since. Coming from the same industry, we’re pretty sure they can understand each other more than anyone else, so there’s no reason to doubt that their relationship will be turning out just fine. While we don’t have any inside information on whether these two will be pulling out their credit cards and tying the knot anytime soon, we’re fully supporting however they want to live!


Rosie O’Donnell is one personality who needs no introduction. The outspoken comedian’s two-year marriage to Michelle Rounds ended in divorce. It was profoundly unfortunate given that they had such a lovely backstory having met at Starbucks and having been so cute together in the months leading up to their marriage. The pair welcomed their daughter in 2013 through adoption and many thought that to some degree, they were now living their happily ever after, only for everything to go downhill immediately. Just a year after their divorce, tragedy struck. On September 11 of 2017, Michelle took her own life in an apparent suicide.


Multi-talented Matt Bomer is, to some degree, pretty private about his love life, so there’s not much we could find about the history of his relationship with Simon Halls. But what we know so far about Simon is that he’s a very successful publicist and counts many Hollywood stars among his clients. Indeed, Simon is regarded as one of the best publicists in Hollywood. The pair have kept their relationship under the wraps for so long, but in 2014, they announced they were together and that they married back in 2011. The couple is parents to three boys, two of whom are twins.


These two, Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem, reportedly started as best friends, but their friendship of ten years eventually bloomed into something more special. When Melissa got separated and needed someone to help her raise her four kids, Linda was there for her. And, as Melissa said in an interview, they were discussing investments. They were looking for sippy cups one morning; when it suddenly dawned on her that it was more than just a friendship they were sharing—indeed, she realized that something romantic was developing. And in 2014, only a year after they announced their engagement, they finally tied the knot.


Adam Lambert, the American Idol runner-up, has been dating Sauli Koskinen, the winner of the Finnish Big Brother, for nearly three years until they called it quits. It was quite a messy relationship. The pair was even arrested in Finland after a physical altercation between them. But Adam claimed that they are at least in good terms and that they remain close friends. The reason for the split? They were both busy with their schedules and had little to no time for each other. To their credit, they were able to part ways amicably, despite the havoc they’ve wreaked on each other.


Older people might recognize these two very well: Jonathan Knight as the member of the ’80s boyband New Kids on The Block and Harley Rodriguez as Manny Lopez in the Sweet Valley High television series, a show that was, to some degree, popular in the early ’90s. After eight long years of dating, these two finally got engaged, and Jonathan even shared how he proposed to Harley during an interview with Jenny McCarthy. Apparently, it was when the pair vacationed together in Africa with their mothers. It was out by the river under the moonlight with a hippopotamus in the background—seriously!


These two, Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, didn’t take long going from dating to having kids. They met in 2013, tied the knot in 2017, and a year later, they talked about having a child. Dustin might be familiar to readers for his film about Harvey Milk, who made history as the first openly gay politician in California. Dustin also deserves credit for having been pivotal in the overturning of Proposition 8, the law that made same-sex marriage illegal in a few states. Tom, on the other hand, is an Olympic diver. The pair look cute together and can often be seen strolling around London with their son, Robbie.


A lot had been going on just a few years earlier in retired professional soccer player Abby Wambach’s life. She’s managed to come out of a very public battle with addiction and a crumbling marriage relatively unscathed, into the arms of a Christian blogger. Indeed, in Abby’s just-released memoir Forward, she shared how she, to a huge degree, became a slave to her addictions, particularly when it came to Vodka and prescription pills. Now sober and her life turned on its heels, she’s now happy in love with best-selling author and public speaker, Glennon Doyle Melton.


Unfortunately, these two, Colton Hayes and Jeff Leatham, didn’t work out. In fact, it didn’t last long, but boy did it start off rather spectacularly. Readers might know Colton in the supernatural drama series Teen Wolf, while Jeff is a popular floral designer who works with Hollywood celebrities. After a very intimate and over-the-top proposal at Cabo, the pair tied the knot in a celebrity-packed wedding that had guests like Kris Jenner and Sofia Vergara. There was even a video appearance from the inimitable Cher, who wished the couple well. Unfortunately, their union didn’t end well, and each had their lawyers drafting divorce settlements in just a few months.


Gary Janetti and Brad Goreski is a celebrity stylist and a Hollywood producer, respectively. Both, without question, look stylishly in love with each other. They met in Athens and have been dating for 16 years before getting engaged in 2014. They tied the knot aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean in 2017, clad in their dapperly Isaia suits. Also, if you’re not following Brad on Instagram, allow us to advise you to do. You’ll simply be missing out if you don’t. Especially if you’re into fashion and food because this is one guy who, to a huge degree, loves to snap photos of himself eating with style.


Columnist Steven Doonan married Simon Doonan at the Cliff Hotel in San Francisco, in a ceremony that, to some degree, strangely included a lot of Jewish traditions. We say “strangely” because orthodox Judaism isn’t known to be open to same-sex marriage. In any case, the pair met way back in 1994 for a blind date that was set up by a mutual friend. For a New York Times interview, the couple shared that they sort of knew they would end up having a relationship during that first date because they had a ridiculous amount in common.


If you’ve neither adopted the hermit life or have been living in a cave these past few years, then you’ll definitely recognize Alex Mapa from the television series Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. Alec is also, to his credit, known to support various LGBTQ and Asian-American communities actively. Not only that, but he also advocates for increasing the number of adoptive homes for children. He and Jamison Herbert tied the knot in 2008 and adopted their son Zion out of foster care. Indeed, they look like a happy, mixed-race family—Alec being Filipino, Jamison as French, and Zion as African-American.


Actor Zachary Quinto and his “model of the year” boyfriend, Miles McMillan, have unfortunately gone their separate ways. The two were first spotted together before they made their relationship official. In any case, through the course of their relationship, they didn’t infrequently get photographed, walking together, or hanging out at some gala party. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for these two, as they now apparently split up. A source close to the couple was quick to point out that, to their credit, it was an amicable split, and that the two remain friends.


These two are widely regarded as Broadway’s power couple. Jordan Roth (president of Jujamcyn Theaters, a theatrical production company in New York) and Richie Jackson (a Hollywood talent manager and TV producer) were both worried that their relationship wouldn’t work out due to their busy schedules. But things, to their credit, managed to work out. They tied the knot in 2012 and had the mantra “complicated but worth it” embroidered on their throw pillows to remind them of exactly what they went through to create the family they wanted.


It was Mark Bradshaw’s career in music that got him to meet Ben Wishaw, the multi-awarded English actor. In 2009, Mark was tapped to compose music for the show Bright Star, the biographical drama film based on the life of poet John Keats, in which Ben was in the lead role. And, apparently, while both were working on the movie, they immediately hit it off and started dating. It will be four years before the couple opened their relationship to the public. But if Mark’s acceptance speech at the Emmy’s was any indication, they sure are, to their credit, going strong even after all these years!


A year after their commitment ceremony in Hawaii, these two, Beth Ditto and Kristin Ogata, finally got married in 2015, just as gay marriage had been legalized. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way they wanted because just a year into their marriage, their relationship was already showing signs of deterioration. The two have known each other for so long—according to Ditto, since she was 18 (she’s now 38)—so it absolutely breaks our hearts that a relationship like theirs—that one would reasonably expect to be so strong—would end so abruptly. To their credit, however, it seems that their split was more amicable than usual.


Bill T. Jones and Bjorn Amelan seem to have had all their stars aligned at the perfect moment. They found each other at a time when each could say their life was at its lowest. After all, Bill just ended a 20-year relationship at the time, while Bjorn’s longtime partner just passed away. Each of them was no doubt going through a tumultuous period, but to their credit, they found each other and managed to make things work between them. And they seem to be perfect for each other, considering they’ve been together since 1993, making their partnership a fantastic 27 years long.


Cherry Jones, whom we all loved in the hit series 24, is openly gay and was known to have had an 18-year relationship that didn’t work out. It was with an architect and none of the people who knew them expected that it wouldn’t work out given how long the relationship was. She went on to date American Horror Story alum Sarah Paulson, and the two even declared their love for each other, only for both to split up in 2009. In 2015, Cherry surprised everyone by announcing that she got married to filmmaker Sophie Huber. We give her credit for not giving up on love!


Chris Hughes and political activist Sean Eldrige tied the knot in 2012 at their New York home. The pair met in 2005 through a mutual friend. Sean was working for a moving company back then, and Chris was already known as the co-founder of Facebook. Chris shared that he was captivated by Sean’s intelligence and charisma. Sean, meanwhile, shared that he was equally attracted. It would be only a week after that initial meeting when they would start dating. Things are looking good for the couple–they reportedly left their Soho apartment and moved to an upscale $24 million townhouse in the West Village.


It was an unfortunate ending for this couple, Daniel Franzese and Joseph Bradley Phillips. We were hoping they would end up happily ever after, but unfortunately, the pair called off their engagement. Daniel, to his credit, is remarkable for his role as Damian in the comedy film, Mean Girls. The story of how Daniel and Joseph found each other and started a relationship was so sweet that news of their separation hit us like a curveball. According to Daniel, the moment he saw Bradley visiting a homeless shelter and helping out was when he knew he met ‘the one.’ However, it turned out that Joseph isn’t the one.


It looks like this True Blood star, Dennis O’Hare, to his credit, finally found true love. In 2011, Denis, the award-winning actor who plays Russell Edgington—the key antagonist in the True Blood series—announced to his Twitter followers that he got married. It was, of course, to longtime boyfriend, Hugo Redwood. And it only had been five days after same-sex became legal. Alongside his announcement was an adorable picture of himself inside a courthouse with his groom. The pair met each other online almost 20 years ago, and now they’re living happily in love with adopted son Declan.


Dan Bucatinsky, a very talented and popular actor, who is best known for playing James Novak in the drama series Scandal, met screenwriter and filmmaker Don Roos in 1992. Through the course of their relationship, they collaborated in quite several successful shows for TV and film. In 2008, during the short window that same-sex marriage was recognized in California, they got married. The couple has two adorable children. To their credit, both were honored by the Pacific Pride Foundation with the first-ever Advocacy Award for the support they’ve given to various LGBTQ communities and organizations.


Glee star Dot Marie Jones tied the knot with longtime girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, at their Los Angeles home way back in 2013, and until now, their relationship is reportedly as strong as ever. They allegedly invited their family and friends to their home without telling everyone they were getting married then and there. The guests had the shock of their lives when they arrived and found out that they were going to attend a wedding. The couple is very much happy together to this day, although Casteen got embroiled with her ex-husband and his lawyers over the custody of their two children.


George Takei was, to a huge degree, extremely popular during the 1980s for playing Mr. Sulu on Star Trek. Back then, many have already been speculating whether George was gay, and his sexuality was reportedly considered an open secret, despite that it took him a few years still before publicly coming out. He met future husband Brad Altman at a Los Angeles running club for gay people and shared that Brad was quite the runner—the best he’s seen. The pair started dating, and they kept their relationship under the wraps for 18 years until George publicly revealed they were dating in 2005.


In 2018, our favorite princess sidekick, Heather Matarazzo, got married to a comedian girlfriend, Heather Turman. They announced their engagement on Instagram, to the excitement of their followers and fans. The pair started dating in 2016 when they both met while working on the film Struck. It was a film that Turman co-wrote and produced and that Matarazzo had a role in. In 2017, just a year before they tied the knot, they were already sharing selfies of each other, announcing their love. We are extremely happy for Matarazzo, who, to her credit, was able to separate amicably with Caroline Murphy, with whom she was previously engaged.


We are sad to report that the long-term relationship of this couple, Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi, had come to an end. Jenna, a designer, began a relationship with jeweler Courtney in 2011 after ending her marriage with Vincent Mazeau, with whom she shared a child. It was even speculated that it was Crangi who caused Jenna’s marriage to Vincent to deteriorate, which Jenna was quick to clarify was not true. Jenna went public with her relationship with Courtney in 2012 when she thanked Courtney during an acceptance speech. Unfortunately, it is true that to some degree or another, not all good things last as the two have parted ways.


In 2013, Jenna Wolfe and Stephani Gosk—one an anchor for NBC and the other its foreign correspondent—came out, so to speak, and announced to the world that they were both gay and dating each other. Also, they were both engaged and expecting. It was a lot to announce, really, for a pair who nobody really knew were gay, dating and were engaged to each other, and was expecting a baby. In any case, they both deserve all the credit for bravely doing so, and we’re extremely happy for them, especially since they now have two adorable daughters.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson, notable for playing Mitchell Pritchett on the extremely successful sitcom Modern Family, got married in 2013 to lawyer Justin Mikita, whom he’s been dating for over two years. Justin seems to be a very private person, so there’s not much we know about the man aside from the fact that in all the paparazzi photos we see of him, he seems to have entirely stolen the heart of his husband. And we’re happy for them! Here’s hoping that these two don’t get into as much conflict with each other as Jesse’s character in Modern Family does with his fictional husband.


British actress Jessica Clark met fitness professional Lacey Stone at the gym in 2006. And soon after, electricity and sparks started flying, and the pair began dating. Before anyone knew what was going on between them, they proposed to each other. It was reportedly during a walk at Central Park when Lacey suddenly got on her knees, holding out a diamond ring. The two tied the knot in 2010 on an island off the coast of Mexico where same-sex marriage is fully recognized. However, sad to say, it didn’t end well for the two as they have separated after only two years of marriage.


Jim Parsons, a multi-awarded actor and producer, best known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the television comedy series The Big Bang Theory, shared that it took 15 years for him and Todd Spiewak to finally tie the knot. And according to the funny man, it was, to a huge degree, worth the wait. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, the actor said: “We just didn’t care about the act of it that much, to be honest with you.. but I finally thought: ‘Well, let’s have a party then for the celebration, and we’ll go ahead and legalize this thing.’”


John Barrowman and Scott Gill have been together for a whopping 27 years. When they first met in 1991, John claims he instantly knew that Scott was “the one.” Indeed, they were among many same-sex couples who made history by tying the knot right after same-sex marriage became legal in California in 2013. The pair reportedly, to some degree, do everything together, so much so that when John signed up for I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, he joked that the stint would allow him to take a break from his husband, and would give him some much needed “me-time.”


Aaron Samuels, say it ain’t so! He was the character played by Jonathan Bennett, who made everyone swoon more than a decade ago in Mean Girls. Well, swoon no more, because he’s both gay and hitched. You might recognize Jonathan’s new squeeze James Vaughan for finishing second place on season 21 of the reality TV series The Amazing Race. Or you may not actually, but you deserve credit nevertheless if you did. Whatever the case may be, what one can’t possibly deny is that these two celebrities look so cute together. Indeed, anyone following Jonathan’s Instagram can instantly tell that they’re extremely happy together.


According to Australian artist Jessica Rankin, she met Julie Mehretu in 2000 at a bar. It was a meeting that she amusingly described at one point as “old fashion.” At first, they were both insistent that nothing serious was going to happen. They had their careers to attend to, and they didn’t want to have a relationship get in the way. But everyone around them knew, however, that something romantic and special was budding between them. After six months, they reportedly started taking their relationship seriously. And now, they can often be spotted in galleries and gala events looking so happy together. It may not be too long before they face a lawyer together to tie the knot.


Kim Catullo revealed Christine Quinn is one extremely press-shy partner. While she is no doubt proud of her wife, who became the first openly gay female mayor of New York in 2013, she seems to shy away from giving interviews. Christine married the corporate lawyer in a star-studded wedding in 2012 that was attended by many of the city’s leading public officials. They now reside in Chelsea, Manhattan. And what does Kim think of Christine as a person and not as a politician? Well, in an interview, she said that Christine is funny, smart, and really fun to talk to.


Lee Daniels once shared that he struggled during childhood because of his sexuality. Acceptance of homosexuality was, to a huge degree, not very good back then, according to the multi-awarded producer and writer. However, he was able to soldier on and make a name for himself. Happiness is now within Lee’s reach because he and his partner, Jahil Fisher, have a romantic relationship that can be best described as enviable. This, despite the huge age difference between the two—Lee being 55 and Fisher is 33. The couple has been together for eight years, and they look extremely happy together!

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