Living Large: A Look into the Sprawling Mansions of your Favorite Celebrities


Tom Hanks is an American filmmaker and actor who became widely recognized for his appearance in 1993s Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Both of these films won Tom Hanks a Best Actor award at the Oscars, a feat that only a handful of actors have experienced. Aside from the Academy, he also has seven Emmy Awards and one Tony Award. And if you are asking where he is putting these prestigious trophies, they’re all in his house in Los Angeles, California.

Hanks and his wife Rita acquired a ravishing cliffside estate in Pacific Palisades, which has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The 14,500 square-foot mansion boasts a screening room, a library, a wine cellar, a spa, and a walk-in humidor. The information and photos of this house are quite limited since Hanks is a very private person. However, he bought this wonderful investment in 2010 for $26 million.