Hollywood’s Biggest Stars’ Strange Home Habits Spilled By Their Housekeepers


This actress knows a thing or two about walking around without being able to see much—no different from the movie Birdbox. In this case, however, it’s because she likes to keep the curtains in her home closed at all times. We know Sandra likes to stay away from the public eye when possible and sources say she does this in order to keep the paparazzi and stalker fans from spying on her while she’s at home. Given her experience with people invading her privacy, we can’t quite blame her for taking extra precautions. Perhaps better home security would make her feel safer as well?


He’s been in the industry for so long that you’d think he knows how to properly treat those around him. However, according to previous personal assistants and housekeepers—this is certainly not the case. Whilst Mr. Clooney is well known for being generous and charitable, insiders say that he’s actually a Scrooge when it comes to money and his collection of liquor. In fact, he has a habit of checking his “stash” regularly to make sure that nobody has secretly sampled it. Given that his wife’s a human rights lawyer specializing in international law, we wonder if she’s talked to him about this one.


It’s a pretty known fact that whilst Mariah is a certified diva on stage, she actually treats her housekeepers and personal assistants with respect. To ease your worries, she’s nothing like Clooney—but she does have a little secret of her own. Former staff members have talked about the singer’s habit of getting a bit tipsy at home, especially around the holidays when her song All I Want for Christmas Is You dominates radio and television. This tipsiness may sometimes lead to her needing some help getting changed for bed. This was before her kids, however, and to Mariah’s credit, she’s since quit the habit.


No one is sure of the reason behind the former nanny sending in her notice, but we know Madge wasn’t keen on it. Instead of allowing Angela to complete her notice period, she was fired immediately and was made to leave the house. It sounds extreme, but we’re not one to judge. The action did not fail to get tongues wagging, many believing it unjust. After all, the nanny was fired mere hours before she should have been granted her annual 30-day vacation! Angela did end up spilling plenty of secrets so we’re surprised Madonna didn’t lawyer up to settle the matter.


Posh certainly has certain standards when it comes to how she does things and this is something that the former nanny of her children, Abigail, got to experience firsthand. Caught by Victoria’s sister chatting it up with her former beautician, a woman who may or may not have been the cause for David’s unfaithfulness, it is understandable why the former Spice Girl lost her temper. It was enough to send Abigail running in fear, too. In this case, we can’t totally blame Victoria. You don’t need a degree in hospitality in order to understand that in certain situations, your loyalty should be with your employer.


We know much the singer adores her cats, but not many are aware that she’s a real-life cat lady in reality. Her home is said to be covered with cat memorabilia, with many of the items bearing kitty patterns. Taylor also makes sure to leave out bowls of milk and food for any of the stray cats that visit her property. Cats are known to have the ability to tell good people from bad ones, so we’re not surprised that there’s plenty of strays roaming the grounds of her home. Who needs home security when you’ve got a squad of ferocious kitties standing guard?


Many of us do this the moment we get home—taking everything off and settling in for a relaxing evening in the privacy of our homes. It is our right, after all. So can we really blame Dean McDermott for lounging about his house in just his underpants? Well, yes, if he does it where his housekeepers might see. Dean cares little about who ends up spotting him, however. We’re sure this has led to more than a few awkward encounters with the people maintaining his household, however, so a bit of consideration might be in order. We wonder what his lawyer thinks about this.


Lighting is a key feature when it comes to any design—it could make a home feel warm or foreboding depending on the kind used. In this case, it’s more for personal aesthetic reasons. You’d be surprised to know that someone as beautiful as Demi Moore actually harbors insecurities about her appearance. Insiders say that the actress likes to keep the lighting in her house perfect because her household help might find her less beautiful in person than she is onscreen. We all have it, but for her sake, we hope the degree of these insecurities lessens in time. She is aging gracefully, after all.


When Tom Cruise lived together with Katie Holmes, their housekeeping staff ranted about the work. Housekeeping may be their form of livelihood, but abiding by a number of cleaning rules that are specific to every room, every piece of furniture, and all the flooring that have no way around it can drive any other housekeeper insane. Cruise can be a rather unreasonable roommate to live with; he would not even allow Holmes into some rooms in the house. You can blame the weird feng shui that may have been taught to him by Scientology, or you can blame him for just being weird.


The Puerto Rican reggae singer once fired a housekeeper and the reason for which was because she asked him why he was storing money as opposed to declaring it. We can’t fully blame Ozuna for taking action, given that no employee should poke around their employer’s personal businesses—especially when it comes to money. We suppose curiosity got the best of this housekeeper, but it also cost them their job. It goes without saying, too, that confidentiality is an unwritten rule when it comes to these types of relationships. Even a small degree of professionalism would have served her well in this situation.


This next entry on our list isn’t that wild compared to the ones before. The Indiana Pacers point guard’s housekeeper was once overheard talking about Victor’s preferences when it comes to his home. There was one time, after a home game, where he found the smell to be unsatisfactory and requested for the housekeeper to clean everything thoroughly. He might be very specific about how he wants his place to smell, but this is one secret that doesn’t “stink”. We hope he gives home security as much attention, aside from making sure his house smells exactly how he wants it to.


If Jim Carrey got to portray any one of the roles that he had already taken on in his movies, maybe drinking with the comedian would be fun and weird at the same time. Recently, he’s been behaving strangely, and it’s a bad thing. Some housekeepers and personal assistants who used to work for Carrey mentioned that he can be terrifying to be with. He could bring you high up above cloud nine with laughter and puns that would make anyone feel special, but his demeanor would transform into that of a demon that could take you down cloud nine through the flooring into hell.


She’s been serenading us with soulful music for over 6 decades now, but did you know that her housekeeper has had a hand in creating that beautiful sound? The singer, herself, admitted that she has a set of rules for the housekeeper to follow when cleaning her studio. Everything needs to be aligned with the philosophy of Feng Shui in order for her to really get into the spirit of creating art. The catch? She also believes that even the slightest mistake can negatively affect her music. We’ve got to give her housekeeper credit for makings sure Gladys is continuously inspired.


Among her housekeepers and personal assistants, she’s better known as Pay-Low given the fact that she’s only willing to pay half of the standard pay for what they do. Excuse me? These are the people taking care of her family and maintaining her home to their best ability, yet they’re not getting their proper dues. The reason behind it is just as strange—Jennifer believes that the people working for her should struggle just as she did. I’m sure there’s a lesson there, but with all the money she makes? Better investments for the people who work closely with her should be among her priority.


He may look intimidating, but insiders say that Jason Momoa is a chill guy and is also a very cool dad. In fact, there are no rules enforced on their children when it comes to the Momoa household. The kids are free to do what they want—they have no chores, are not being force-fed vegetables, and also don’t have a bedtime. Whilst all of that sounds great and all, we wonder if he’s given some thought to teaching them a bit of discipline at some point. After all, investments into this can save them from major headaches later on.


Lindsay Lohan lived through what many Hollywood child stars did—from good, sweet girl next door to being pretty bad. Her unpredictable behavior has led to a number of strange and often awkward incidents with her housekeepers. For example, she once asked one of them to phone a locksmith because she lost her keys—nothing unusual, right? Well, that’s until you find out she lost said keys in a trunk filled with sex toys. She’s had a number of chances to change her ways, but Lindsay always seems to return to her old ways. We hope her investments in rehabilitation really helps!


Being a housekeeper isn’t so bad if you’re employed by people who look after themselves well, but Hollywood’s hidden army of helpers always have a horror story or two to share. Such is the case with Miley Cyrus and her pets. Whilst the pooches are certainly adorable, they are not house trained and tend to leave poop everywhere. Pet owners would know how bad this can smell—no wonder, having to clean up the dogs eventually took its toll on the housekeeper. Despite complaining to her employers about it, we’re assuming not much changed. Is illness due to smelly dog poop covered by insurance?


The singer-songwriter would do well to respect employer and employee boundaries before he gets himself into some serious trouble. It has been reported that Bruce tends to get too friendly with the housekeepers and one of his personal assistants—being flirtatious, making googly eyes at them, or even talking dirty to the help. If these are true, then it’s certainly a taint on his name and his marriage. Whilst harmless flirting should be fine in Patti’s book, we’re sure everything else is off-limits. If The Boss wants to avoid the need for a lawyer in the future, a change of behavior is a must.


It isn’t a secret that the reality TV star and mom to 10 kids can be quite difficult to work with. A testament to this is her difficulty when it comes to finding a housekeeper who will stick around for more than a few months each time. Whilst balancing work on top of all that can be stress inducing, it doesn’t justify the demands she has for her housekeepers. It doesn’t help that she’s got a big ego, making her even more difficult to work with. Despite the investment money she puts into keeping them around, the helpers simply don’t find the job worth it.


The actor can’t seem to shake off controversy no matter how much he keeps to himself. This time, it’s his love for strange and costumey outfits that’s gaining attention. Johnny has an entire closet dedicated to this choice wardrobe and is even known to put one on, walking around completely in character. Sure, it’s a little strange, but given that he wears said outfits during hospital visits to sick kids? It’s actually sweeter than it seems. It’s all harmless fun, isn’t it? Besides, we’ve got to give him credit for taking his craft to a whole other level. Not everyone is as devoted as him.


She’s as angelic as she looks according to Reese’s housekeepers. She’s known to be quite the generous employer and is never stingy when it comes to how much she pays them. In fact, she also gives them gifts! One housekeeper recalls a time when she was allowed to bring home many of the actresses’ old designer clothing—worth $200,000 in total! She would have thrown those out but instead gave them to someone who will love it. People would do well to take cues from her; investments can be made into building better relationships with the people we work with as well!


We don’t doubt that there are plenty of women all over the world who look up to Angelina as a role model when it comes to being a mother. She has given her adopted children a chance at a better life and provides for their every need. But, if what former staff has told reporters are to be believed, she can be pretty scary when dealing with her children’s tantrums. What does she do? Well, she simply stares and laughs at them while the kids cry their eyes out. Perhaps some online classes on how to deal with tantrums better would help.


Irish actor Jamie Dornan is nothing like his onscreen 50 Shades of Grey portrayal of wealthy businessman Christian Grey. While Grey on the film was a sexual deviant who had a thing for some interesting kinks, Dornan, on the other hand, was a total gentleman. When he wasn’t performing in front of the camera, Dornan partook in the art of needlepoint. One housekeeper at his home claims that one of its walls is completely covered in his personal works. Maybe now you’d like to try to take online classes on this art since he sure has a thing for it.


We all can be a bit of a slob every now and then. Maybe we got poor money management skills and can’t get our lives together, or maybe we tend to forget to clean up after ourselves. Selena Gomez’s former personal assistant claimed that the popstar is a whole other level of messy. When Gomez checks into a hotel room, she can make a mess almost instantly. She hardly keeps her makeup in one spot, and she can leave makeup stains on any spot in the room. When she’s at home, she doesn’t mind scattering some dirty underwear around for her house servants to clean.


In sports or any type of competition, really, there are instances where players can lose their cool—especially if things aren’t going as well as planned. Just take the cheating incident she was accused of last year. To add insult to injury, it was during this time that the athlete’s housekeeper revealed how Serena would make her watch the matches on TV. The reason? She wanted the housekeeper’s opinion, though also seeking the other’s affirmation that she had been correct all along. The housekeeper has since left the job. Perhaps Serena should make investments towards finding a new one that can keep things private.


The Dark Knight star Christian Bale has portrayed a number of remarkable movie roles throughout his entire career, so he’s bound to have his favorite which he even plays out at home. You’d think it’s the famous dark crusader, but his personal assistant has disclosed that it’s actually murderous Wall Street investment banker Patrick Bateman from the comic horror film, American Psycho. His assistant has added that Bale would occasionally call a friend, a family member, or anyone else on his phone’s contact list and would greet them with a chilling, “It’sssss Patrick!” Some of his contacts are no longer phased by this.


A former personal assistant of Georgian TV personality Paula Deen faced a certain degree of backlash for criticizing his old boss’ apparent lack of life. He accompanied her on her seven-night 2013 Cruise with Paula Deen, but he described what should’ve been a fun experience onboard as a nursing home on a ship. He claimed that the rooms on the ship were small and that there were no alcoholic beverages in the minibars in every room. We understand that the cooking show host is no fan of wild parties, but robbing your guests of liquor is simply not fair to them.


Missouri-born rapper and producer Marshall Mathers III, better known as Eminem, once employed Byron “Big Naz” Williams as his personal bodyguard who then published a memoir entitled Shady Bizzness: Life as Eminem’s Bodyguard in an Industry of Paper Gangsters. This 2000 memoir revealed some pretty eye-opening things about Big Naz’s old boss. The book mentioned some of the record executive’s private problems which included the reason that their friendship ended, most likely involving money issues that could’ve brought him down to the brink of bankruptcy. Critics denounced the book for painting Mathers as a man-child that depended on huge buff men like Big Naz.


There is only so much that an unlimited amount of riches and worldwide popularity can do to anyone. Pop diva Ariana Grande began her singing career as a relatable teen role model, but she is better known nowadays for being a self-indulgent and narcissistic caricature of a prima donna that would lick donuts. If you have ever worked for her as a personal assistant or a bodyguard, you might just understand why. Grande had on occasion asked any one of her bodyguards present with her to carry her around when she feels that the flooring does not deserve her walking.


The housekeeping staff members that Naomi Campbell employed in her home take extra consideration of the many lily-scented candles scattered around the English supermodel’s home. She loves them so much that she has had a number of them placed in each room. Let’s just hope she’s careful enough to have purchased a home insurance plan first in case any one of those candles sets her home ablaze when lit. She may be an avid collector of these lily-scented candles, but she can be meticulous about their quantity in every room. Her bathrooms have at least five, and her bedroom houses at least ten.


Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling can be weird in the bathroom. A housekeeper that he has employed in his home discovered that the Canadian actor takes his piss while seated. It seems that no one wants to know how she came upon this strange habit. Other bizarre quirks that he performs at home involves crawling upstairs and on the upper flooring of his home on all fours and sleeping with his head at the foot of his bed. We do not know if his spouse sleeps the same way or if they wake up to each other’s feet in the morning.


Smoking is a horrible vice that many people around the world enjoy, and Twilight star Kirsten Stewart does not shy from it either. While it is not strange for her to smoke, her choice of an ashtray is—her whole home, which includes her bedroom, her bathroom, and her refrigerator. The housekeepers that she has employed in her home have uncovered cigarette butts everywhere from the flooring to the roofing of her home. We wish that she could quit smoking soon, but maybe her tobacco fix is what gives her that glum look that has us all mystified whenever she comes up onscreen.


Jennifer Aniston’s former spouse Justin Theroux enjoys catching up on his reading before he turns in for the night, perhaps to help him sleep better. One of the weirder reads that his housekeeper discovered was his copy of E.L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey. The son of The Washington Post writer Phyllis Grissim and corporate lawyer Eugene Theroux has not said anything about the discovery, so we can only assume that he reads the book every now and then for inspiration or for the plot. His ex-wife Aniston does not seem to mind this weird tidbit about him, however.


A housekeeper employed by Texas-born actress Jessica Simpson has not had the best time working for her boss. The recording artist habitually scatters her light-colored hair extensions all around her home, which has since given the poor housemaid a hard time cleaning her house. There was one moment when the housekeeper assumed a blonde tarantula had made its way into the fashion designer’s home. If the former had not discovered that the spider was only just a bunch of hair extensions and fake eyelashes, she would have had the roofing and flooring broken through by someone from plumbing services or something.


A previous housekeeper for reality star Kim Kardashian sadly had to work by her show’s title. For a talentless TV personality, she knows how to curate her Instagram feed with a lot of selfies. If you take a closer look at her flawless pics, you could see that her room and her flooring are nowhere near as flawless. Her housekeepers are not even bad at their job; the middle Kardashian child is really just a total mess that would not bother to hang her clothes back up in her closet after she finally decides on her outfit for the day.


A-list celebrity Jennifer Aniston is not shy to parade in front of her house staff in her birthday suit. They have reported several instances of the Friends star walking around her home without a top or bottoms on. Maybe she deserves credit for pitching the idea of that moment on Friends where she paraded around her apartment in the nude and was seen by Ross. Aniston does not mind her sporting her naked self around her housekeeping staff, and you have to admit that seeing a nude celebrity does not happen every day. Despite this strange habit, we’re still fans of hers.


Whenever Fayetteville-born musician J. Cole brings people over to his place, he demands that they take their shoes off leave them by the front door. It could be a strange Asian practice that he may have picked up, or he would rather keep his flooring as pristine as possible. With all those footwear left by the entrance, the rapper makes his housekeeper clean his visitors’ shoes while everyone is inside. He preferred that they leave his home with polished footwear, as though they would appreciate the gesture. Maybe he should just keep a closet with brand new kicks for his visitors.


Unlike the messy Kim Kardashian, her younger sister Khloe harbors some OCD habits that audiences of their reality show may have missed. The dysfunctional Kardashian-Jenner clan may have cameras rolling on them for every waking moment of their day, but their viewers might not notice the youngest Kardashian sister’s habit of putting a label on everything in her home. A housekeeper previously employed by Khloe thought to tell E! News about her OCD tendencies after being yelled at by the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star with the ferocity of the attorney that her older sister Kim aspires to be.


Brunette bombshell Megan Fox has three kids of her own, but with a constantly tightly packed schedule, she has no choice but to employ someone to help her take care of her home. One cardinal rule that she cannot afford any housekeeper of hers to break is the tidying up of her children’s rooms, which only she maintains. Mothers are rather protective of their children and want to make sure that they are disciplined well while still so young. Her housekeepers are however permitted to go into their rooms and teach them how to clean from the flooring to the ceiling.


Recording artist Carrie Underwood isn’t particularly arrogant, but her housekeeper may just wish that the American Idol victor stop asking her to prepare food for her, a task that she has delegated to her housemaid ever since she got wrist surgery courtesy of her insurance. We do not mean that the housekeeper has to also serve as the singer’s personal chef; Underwood has specified that the housemaid should prepare all the ingredients of the dishes she plans to cook and lay them all out for her to cook. Maybe she should have just given all of the cooking responsibility to her staff.


Michael’s known for asking some fairly odd requests from his housekeepers. James Gandolfini’s son once asked a housekeeper to come over and clean both the case and DVD of his Soprano box set. He was living at a dorm during this time and the cleaner couldn’t even go anywhere until Michael was satisfied with how the set looks. He even asked her to use only the best cleaning products and equipment for the job! To his credit, he is going the extra mile to maintain a piece of his father’s legacy. We wonder if James found this to either be thoughtful or ridiculous.


A housekeeper employed by popstar Britney Spears discovered in 2010 that her employer kept a whole bunch of sex toys in one of the drawers in her nightstand, but we do not really need nor want to know what the singer does during her free time. The housemaid though was appalled to also find half-finished burgers, cookies, and other snacks hiding in the other drawers of her nightstand as well as on thrown onto the flooring under her bed. We understand that everyone has their midnight cravings, but she should at least finish eating something before getting another bag of chips.

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