Beautiful Female Stars From The Past


Get those roof repairs ready because the roof is on fire! Jennifer Lopez is in the house! Who doesn’t love this woman? Actress, singer, philanthropist, producer, mother… she can do it all! J.Lo, as many people know her, was born in the Bronx borough of New York City. She started to sing and dance at the early age of five. Her parents encourage her along with her three sisters to perform at home and, since then, she became a diva.

She’s famous not only for her talent but also for not drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy food to maintain her youthful glow and persona! Her process is not for lazy people, however. Waking up early, doing a morning workout, using glycolic acid for exfoliation, eating enough clean proteins, avoiding the sun, getting plenty of sleep at night, using a moisturizer, drinking plenty of water, and eating lots of greens are just some of the things that she does!


Dita Von Teese is a singer, model, actress, and dancer. But not just any dancer—she’s a famous burlesque performer. Dita is the second among three daughters and was born in Rochester, Michigan. Her hometown is close to her heart and she described it as a universe away from Paris and Hollywood. She’s loved by many and has been touted as the Queen of Burlesque, credited for bringing it back for the new generation.

A burlesque is a form of art that used to lose popularity steadily because people did not know very much about it and were not that interested in it as well; Von Teese helped younger people get into it! She gives credit to exercise for her youthful beauty. Affordable, easy to do, and comes with other health benefits as well. This is among her secrets for looking gracefully in her job as a fetish and glamor model.


Annette Bening is one of those actresses that deserve numerous Academy Awards already because she keeps delivering great performances. Anette was a church singer and soloist in her youth. This beauty was born in Kansas on May 29, 1958. She was the youngest among her siblings and they all grew up in California. She began her career in the American Conservatory Theatre. She is a recipient of other prestigious acting awards and we’re not surprised she was nominated 93 times and won 26 times because she actually holds a degree in theatre arts from San Francisco State University.

If accolades could earn you home insurance points, she’d be the biggest beneficiary by now! Annette is married to another Hollywood icon, actor Warren Beatty. Despite her long years in the business, she has still managed to be gorgeous and elegant-looking. Her tips for women are healthy eating and regular exercise. Keeping yourself firm and pampering yourself are the best beauty secrets of all time.


You have got to be living in a cave if you haven’t heard of singer and actress Diana Ross yet. This woman was raised and born in Detroit, Michigan and she rose to popularity as the lead singer of a vocal band, The Supremes. With her amazing work, the vocal group became one of the most successful groups and one of the world’s highest-paid artists in history. She is a big star that is always on demand, with requests for her songs left and right.

Diana is also a classic beauty, an ageless spirit with a skin so glowing that she looks like she used all her credit cards to maintain her complexion! Before she had her solo career, she was a member of the hit vocal group The Supremes and together they released chart toppers like ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’ and ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’.


Justine Tanya Bateman is one talented woman– an actress, writer, director, and producer. This multi-talented woman was born in Rye, New York and her resume is exceptional. She starred in the shows Family Ties, Desperate Housewives, and Californication. She wanted to finish school and get a college degree however she chose the path of acting. It was just recently, in 2016, that she was able to graduate college from UCLA with a degree in Computer Science and Digital Media Management.

Being the sister of actor Jason Bateman, Justine was able to attain her own success as she released a short film, titled Five Minutes that became an official selection at numerous film festivals. Justine left her acting career from 2000-2003 and ventured out in her own design company in Los Angeles. She has a ready-to-wear, couture line, a production and consulting company called SECTION 5. Today, she is already 54 years old but she’s still looking fresh and young.


She was a famous American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist. Doris, who was named after the renowned actress Doris Kenyon, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 3, 1922. She got her start in Big Band productions and had a number of hits in 1945. Later, she left her stint as a member of a group to shine on her own as a solo artist. She recorded 650 songs in her lifetime, including ‘My Dreams Are Getting Bigger All the Time’ and ‘Taint Me’.

After her singing career, she ventured to the silver screen starring in a number of films including Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. This is one starlet who made sure she made enough investment money before retirement! When she retired, she adopted many pets and animals. Her interest in animal welfare started in her teenage years. She loved animals and being with them makes her youthful and pretty.


Cher was born on May 20, 1946 in El Centro, California. She was only in fifth grade when she made a musical performance in school for her teacher. From then on, her fascination in performing grew where she even dropped out of school to pursue her passion. As she transitioned into a fine woman, her role model was Audrey Hepburn. Cher is the kind of star power that asks you “do you believe in love after love?” Well, back at you Cher! Do you believe in youth after youth?

She certainly has a second youth after her first one because this woman doesn’t age! Stepping onto the small screen with her TV show ‘Sonny and Cher’, she, later on, became the “Goddess of Pop” and a gay icon while also receiving an Academy Award for a film! To her credit, it’s hard to believe she’s already in her seventies, given her ability to sing and dance like she’s still not aching in her bones!


First of all, who has not seen Desperate Housewives? It is, arguably, a lot of people’s favorite show. One of the most favorite characters people rooted for was Nicolette Sheridan. She was born in Worthing, Sussex, England as Nicollette Adams. Her mother was also a renowned actress and, as a small child, she discovered ballet and loved the arts. Sheridan eventually studied in the Arts Educational School in London to broaden her skills.

She’s become a household name since, no longer needing money loans to get by. That’s how successful she has become! She first started out as a model before she transitioned to TV. This was when she was discovered and given a role on the defunct show Paper Dolls which lasted for 13 seasons. What made her career shift was her groundbreaking turn on Desperate Housewives and she’s never looked back since.


Salma Hayek-Pinault is a Mexican bombshell, and oh, she’s also a famous actress and producer. Hayek was born in Veracruz, Mexico and her mother was a talent scout and opera singer. She was 23 years old during her famous role of Teresa and from that moment, she became a popular actress and never failed to impress people for her exceptional acting skills.

She played the artist Frida Kahlo in the movie, ‘Frida’ which earned her an Academy Award Nomination, as well as nominations for Best Actress from the Golden Globes, BAFTA Award and Screen Actors Guild Award to name a few. She also gained an Emmy award for directing a children’s special ‘The Maldonado Miracle’ in 2014. Aside from her successful career, she’s also married to one of the richest men in France, Francois Pinault, so you know that she doesn’t need online classes on how to make money!


One of the leading American camp icons is Gina Gershon. She was born in Woodland, Los Angeles and the youngest among three siblings. Gina L. Gershon is an American actress, singer, and author but it’s hard to ignore her for her un-aging looks. She looks so young that you probably can’t tell her apart from her Riverdale co-stars like Lili Reinhardt and Camila Mendes!

Her secret in having stunning skin is the legible exercise and dedication to eat whole foods. Her dedication clearly paid off if you just look at her fine beauty. When she was young, Gershon said she always wanted to be an actress, but her career started in music and dance. She started investments toward her acting career through theater and has even appeared three times as Sally Bowles in the theater version of Cabaret! She got her big break starring in the John Hughes cult favorite, ‘Pretty in Pink’.


Ali MacGraw is an author, actress, and model. She was born in Pound Ridge, New York on April 1, 1939. She gained attention with her role in the film Goodbye, Columbus (1969), for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. She gained an international profile for her role in the film Love Story (1970), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

She might be 81, but she is still stunning. The secret to her ageless beauty is Yoga. Since 1950, she devoted herself to Hatha Yoga and even produced a video which gathered many views and became a best-selling video in June 2007.  Ali was even known as one of the many people who influenced Americans to try Yoga. Like other celebrities, she had struggles in life, but credits to her positive mind, she endured it.


Elizabeth was the daughter of a law professor and as a child, she began acting in various school plays. She continued to broaden her career in American Conservatory Theatre. From those moments, her love for acting grew bigger along with her desire to become a prominent actress. Formerly a theater actress, she set her sights on film and earned an Academy Award nomination in 1981 for her role as Evelyn Nesbit in the film Ragtime.

She hasn’t looked back since and her most popular work as of date, or at least to the young ones who can still make student loans, it’s the British series Downton Abbey that’s not only transitioned well across the pond but to the whole world as well. In fact, it has a movie adaptation coming out in 2020. While she’s not much to divulge on her personal life, we know she’s been keeping up on skincare as she looks practically ageless!


Denise Austin was born on February 13, 1957, began gymnastics at a young age of 12 and through an athletic scholarship, earned her college degree at California State University. Due to her love for the sport, she started teaching classes and produced fitness shows. Her goal of staying fit helped her to be a famous instructor in the lifestyle field. Books to her credit include Pilates for Every Body and Eat Carbs, Lose Weight.

She does not joke around, and at 63 she looks younger than her age so she definitely puts her investment money on her health. Surprisingly, she does not skip meals and is not a believer in the diet. She pushes daily exercise to keep her body fit and sexy! This is her only secret for staying young throughout the years. In case someone wants some advice from her, the only one she could give is watch your diet, stay fit, and follow her fitness videos.


Debbie Harry was the lead singer for Blondie, who attracted audiences not just for her band’s fearless new wave sound but also her looks—in particular, her platinum blonde bob. She was born in Miami, Florida and was an adopted child. This did not stop Debbie to dream bigger and right after earning her college degree, she worked in different jobs such as a secretary, a Playboy Bunny, and a dancer. From there, she knew that there is something missing and tried out a singing career.

She was successful and until today, her music is praised for its unique harmony. She’s an early riser and loves French-pressed coffee in the morning, admitting that she consumes more than a cup. In fact, she compares the amount to drinking from a bowl! She then works out at the gym with her trainer, before really starting her day. Sounds pretty achievable if you ask me. Her beauty secret is so simple and attainable, you need not take online classes in order to get started with it.


Another female star on the list is known for portraying as Lenore Curtin Delaney on the soap opera in the 1970s, Another World. She is no other than Susan Sullivan, one of the few actresses that seems to age slowly. She celebrates her birthday every November 18, 1942. At a young age, people already knew that she had a talent for acting. In 1969, she signed a contract with Universal Studios and subsequently landied big roles throughout her career.

Susan is also remembered for her role as Kitty Montgomery on the sitcom Dharma & Greg and recently, she starred in Netflix’s The Kominsky Method. She has worked in 60 films and television shows and it is no wonder why she’s so talented– she actually has a bachelor of arts degree in drama from Hofstra University! Being a woman with brains, beauty, and talents is an epitome of an empowered one.


Eileen Davidson is proof that you can transition well. Very well. She is a prominent author, actress, former model, and TV personality. She’s a former model who set her sights into acting and got a huge role in one of America’s biggest show, The Days of Our Lives. Along with her fame is an amazing career which garnered many accolades including a Daytime Emmy Award on the Leading Actress category.

On top of that, she’s transitioned and showed off her beauty and personality on the hit reality show, The Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the reality show, she shares her life with her family and friends and boy, the home she has definitely won’t make you question whether she has another mortgage because she’s so rich! Rich, talented and extremely beautiful, Ms. Davidson has had it pretty fabulous in life! This woman is a great inspiration for many people.


When you think about twisters, maybe you think about your home insurance, but for most people familiar with a spinning natural calamity of wind, they think about Helen Hunt trying to defy the violent storm from the movie Twister in 1996. Did we jog your memory? Well, you can still remember her now because Helen Hunt almost looks the same since that movie but has become more accomplished and had plenty of life lessons to boot.

She was born in Culver City, California on June 15, 1963. Many know her best for having an easy charm and caustic wit. Helen made the film As Good as It Gets where she won an Academy Award for her exceptional performance. Recently focusing on directing for television like This Is Us and Revenge, she definitely still has more to offer. At just the age of 57, she can still perform, and her charm never ages.


If we are going to talk about influencers then Nadya Suleman gets to have her cake and eat it too. She’s a real influencer so to speak when the internet and tabloids went crazy for her story when she carried eight fetuses in her belly all in one time! Imagine the insurance companies she visited for those eight children! Nadya was often called as the Octomom where she gained attention for giving birth to complete sets of octuplets. She surprised the world because all eight babies survived.

She then went on to star in her own reality television series and even posed for Playboy. It’s hard to believe she manages a house of plenty of kids running around and still looks young albeit the stress and pressures of being a mother! Her kids make her happy and stress-free even if they are plenty to take care for. She manages to smile, and look at her amazing job being a mother.


If you have genes from royalty from a father like Prince Rainier III and from Hollywood from a mother like Grace Kelly, that’s God doing investment planning with Princess Caroline of Hanover. She was born on January 23, 1957 and before she was even born, her name is already written as the next heiress of their dynasty. She’s not only blue blood with expensive taste and a never-ending bank account, but she is also a philanthropist with a good heart and a matching beauty on the outside that never fails and never ages, unlike the Monaco history.

She’s gifted in the breed and in soul and she definitely has a lot more to offer than your usual smarts—she has a pure and good heart to help those in need. Princess Caroline shows that she is a queen and will always have the means to help people. With her beauty, grace, and attitude, many admire her.


You probably remember the singer Bjork for the swan outfit she wore designed by Marjan Pejoski, on the red carpet at the Oscars of 2001. The dress is so iconic that in fact it’s been voted by The Daily Telegraph as the ninth most iconic red carpet outfit ever worn. However, don’t be distracted by the singer’s quirky sense of style that oftentimes look too heavy that it needs a moving company because if you look at her features, Bjork looks like she hasn’t aged that much since the ’90s.

Many are surprised how she managed to look gracefully over the years. Bjork is a famous Icelandic songwriter, singer, actress, record producer, and DJ. Her over forty-years career is widely successful and, in those years, she improved her eclectic musical style, which attracts various impact on genres like pop, classical, electronic, and avant-garde music. That’s an achievement of a career that spanned four decades!


One of the most beautiful women who doesn’t need a finance degree is Denise Richards. Her looks already make her bank a flourishing career as a model and actress, with steamy roles in Wild Things and as a Bond girl in the 1999 film James Bond: The World is Not Enough. She was born in Illinois and ever since, people already knew that she will be a beauty when she grew up.

Denise did not only work as an actress but also as a model, which was a given considering her beautiful smile that immediately captivates the eyes. She’s not only beautiful but also talented! On top of that, she married the top Hollywood actor of his time, Charlie Sheen, before marital troubles started arising. Now, she can be seen as a reality star on The Housewives of Beverly Hills where she shows off that ageless physique. Her secret is regular exercise and a meal plan.


Before Gal Gadot could run (or fly!) in Wonder Woman’s shoes and skimpy outfit, Lynda Carter walked and boy did she strut in that superhero outfit. She was born in Phoenix on July 24, 1951. Credited as being the original Wonder Woman in 1975, Lynda is well known for being the iconic Amazonian from Themyscyra. She was also a pageant titleholder, who was crowned Miss World USA 1972 and finished in the Top 15 at the Miss World 1972 pageant.

To add to her laundry list of credits, she also writes songs and two of them from her albums made the Wonder Woman soundtrack. It’s hard to believe she’s achieved that in the ripe age of 68 years old and still looking fresh! Many people wonder what her secret is and staying positive in life is her only tip. She had many struggles in life like other people, but she remained steadfast and strong like a true Wonder Woman.


Another actress that doesn’t seem to age quickly is Teri Hatcher. Before you discount her as another beautiful woman who appeared as a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies, you need to get well acquainted with her fiery performances in Spy Kids and Desperate Housewives. To add to the list, to her credit, she starred as Lois Lane in the old television show Lois and Clark.

Over her career, she won three Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, and a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher might have had broken ribs, ovarian cysts, and a frozen shoulder, yet she continues to exercise on a regular basis to look stunning despite her age. Her beauty is eternal and managed to have a glowing skin. How’s that for iconic?


Born in Boston and raised in Ohio, Allison Janney received a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Arts. Throughout her career, she also received awards including a British Academy Film Award, an Academy Award, seven Screen Actors Guild Awards, and seven Primetime Emmy Awards. When Allison accepted her first Oscar award as Best Supporting Actress in  I, Tonya, a film based on the champion figure skater Tonya Harding, everyone was surprised to find out that she was 60 years old.

Hard to believe how a woman in her 60s keeps getting roles a few decades younger than her actual age. However, she doesn’t just depend on her face to land projects. Her electricity in her roles just resonates with the audience because she’s so relatable and at the same time, unpredictable like her performances on Juno, Hairspray, The Help, and last year’s Bombshell where she played an attorney. She’s definitely one of the great character actresses out there.


Marianne Gordon is an American actress and was the ex-wife of Kenny Rogers. They were married for more than 17 years, and during this time, she took his name and thus is known as Marianne Rogers. They only have one son, Christopher Cody Rogers. However, looking at her, it seems as if she looks younger than her age since she started her career.

Marianne is 74 years old today and has long since retired from the entertainment business. She only had a few films under her belt, but they definitely allowed her to have a comfortable life. Her last role was in The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw, which was back in 1991. With that title, it sounds like she deserves sizable insurance. Marianne has managed to age perfectly despite all the things she has encountered. Many fans are excited to see her once again on the screen and back in show business.


Rachel Claire Ward is an actress, television and film director, and screenwriter. She was born in Cornwell, England on September 12, 1957. Today, she is not only known for her roles, but she is also often featured in internationally-known magazines, too. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Harper’s, Queen, and Vogue. She definitely still has a lot of gas in her fire, but back then, it all started with her first feature film that was screened at the Sydney Film Festival. She’s also been in films like Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and Sharky’s Machine.

However, her acting career slowed down when she played the lead role in the series The Thornbirds, opposite Richard Chamberlain. She is already 63 years old today, yet she remains to be young-looking throughout these years. Her secret is being married to an amazing man and being surrounded by three outstanding children. Their home is filled with love and joy, so Rachel is probably stress-free and doesn’t worry about anything.


Younger influencers or models should do some online classes and learn to look and move like Patricia Boyd, an English model and photographer. Patricia was born on March 17, 1944 in Taunton, Somerset. She was at the peak of her career in the fashion industry back in the ‘60s and defined the image of a British woman. She was also married to the lead guitarist of The Beatles, George Harrison. Unfortunately, they got divorced back in 1977.

She then married Eric Clapton. Their marriage also ended at the end of the ‘80s with the help of her attorney. In 2015, she got married for the third time in her life, this time to Rod Weston. Her marriage proves that she is one pretty woman. During her time, she was the epitome of British female look and it is evident even at 76 years old now. Note than Boyd also has a good heart who’s constantly involved in charity work.


Elisabeth Judson Shue is an American actress, best known for her starring roles in the films The Karate Kid and Back to the Future film series. This woman was born on October 6, 1963 and both her parents are professional working. With her parents’ help, she earned a degree in Harvard University. She won numerous awards throughout her career, including an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and BAFTA award. Because of her steady job as a sought-after actress, she fairly maintained a life away from bankruptcy.

Recently in 2018, she appeared in the horror flick, Death Wish. She married the film director Davis Guggenheim in 1994 and they have three children together. She’s also done a stint on Broadway debuting in Some American Abroad at the Lincoln Center. At the age of 57, many ask her about the beauty secret which make her skin flawless. She is now living the best of her life with three kids and a loving husband.


Who would have guessed that Lori Petty is already 56? She was born on October 14, 1963. Lori Petty is an amazing actress and director. She is the eldest of three kids and after she graduated in high school she worked as a graphic artist before venturing into acting. Lori Petty is evidently following a great diet or using skincare products that most of us cannot afford that will surely make a melting of our credit cards!

At present, her net worth is $3 million, and she can invest in any essential product that can help her stop aging. Her roles include playing Kit Keller in A League of Their Own, Rae Lindley in Free Willy, Tyler Endicott in the 1991 film Point Break, and the title role in Tank Girl in 1995. Until today, she has made several film and television appearances in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Hawaii Five-O, and Robot Chicken.


Colleen Haskell has one of those faces that you can’t help but envy because she’s so cute and obviously looks younger! She could play a bankruptcy attorney and keep her clients enthralled with what she’s saying. But she didn’t start as an actress though. Haskell was a contestant on the original season of Survivor in 2000. She was expected to reappear on Survivor during the All-Stars edition in 2004.

She finally made her film debut in 2001 in the feature film comedy The Animal, playing Rianna, the love interest of Rob Schneider’s character. Haskell also appeared in an episode of That ’70s Show. Although she only had few TV appearances, it made fans love her especially the attitude she had on the reality TV show. Colleen always uses her skills not only her beauty to survive in the show and even in real life. What a brave and courageous woman to admire!


Holland Virginia Taylor is both an actress and a playwright. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1943 and was the youngest among her siblings. Her role as Judge Roberta Kittleson on the TV drama The Practice has garnered her the 1999 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. People admire her for this role, and she portrayed it well because her father was also a lawyer.

Although she did not follow the footsteps of her father, she became great in her career. She is also popular for her role as Evelyn Harper on the CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. But what keeps her youthful is given credit to her young beau, the actress Sarah Paulson. Yes! Sarah Paulson of the American Horror Story fame. Holland may be aging, but her film performances are still superb, and we can only hope to see her on the screen much more in the future.


She was born in Salisbury, Maryland. At the early age of five, her father died. To those who do not know, Linda has an identical twin sister. Although she described her family as boring, she was well-taught. When she studied in acting school, one of her professors said that she will not succeed. They were wrong to bring her down because Linda Carroll Hamilton rose to fame for her portrayal of Sarah Connor in the chart-topping Terminator film series.

She is also known for her role as Catherine Chandler in Beauty and the Beast, for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Hamilton also had a recurring role as Mary Elizabeth Bartowski on Chuck. Audiences were shocked to see how easily she can do her stunts when she reprised her role as Sarah Connor in the 2019 movie Terminator: Dark Fate. Her role reprisal earned her many great reviews that soared like mortgage rates!


Turning the heat up like home loans that are up for discounts is another model on our list. Donna D’Errico is one of those attractive women who appeared as the Playmate of the Month for Playboy Magazine. As a famous model, she always devotes her time to apply skin care. One of her essential products is using sunscreen. After her appearance made her famous, she landed a role in the TV series Baywatch for a couple of years.

Even before she started working for Playboy, she was quite a successful businesswoman and ran a limousine car company in Las Vegas. She is still in the entertainment industry and was confirmed to have been cast for the upcoming movie titled 116 MacDougal. Only few people know that she has been dreaming ever since to climb the Mountain Ararat. She trained well and fulfilled that life-long dream. This is kind of extraordinary for a woman to dream hiking the mountains.


Nicole Renée or popularly known as Niki Taylor is an American supermodel and television presenter. It’s hard to believe she was born in 1975 when she could easily pass, or skip a line for small business loans, with her beauty. The entertainment industry has definitely rewarded her for it. When she was 13, Taylor signed with Irene Marie Models in South Florida where she met photographer Jean Renard, who later became her manager.

She won a Fresh Faces contest in New York City and a $500,000 modeling contract. Her first ever magazine cover was a Seventeen’s issue where she was just 14 years old at that time. Outside modeling career, she is also an interviewer and covered events for NBC and a guest host in MTV. Now at 45, she can be mistaken as a woman in her late 20’s! A total babe even at this age has beauty secrets and Niki’s secret is regular derma visit.


Sharon Gless is definitely a silver fox! Her biggest dream ever since was to become a prominent actress. For that, she sought her grandfather’s help. At first, her grandpa did not approve but due to her perseverance, she made him agree, and credits to his money, she was able to enroll in acting classes. She is an actress who is popular for her television performance as Maggie Philbin on Switch. Her hair may be brunette there but her now silver hair suits her very well.

Her career took her to be cast in Cagney & Lacey and became known as Sgt. Christine Cagney. To her credit, she has received numerous rewards for her acting alone and can boast with Golden Globe and Emmy Awards wins. She even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It took her years to earn this honor and she never regretted any struggles she had faced. Now that’s every actor’s dream come true!


Britt Ekland is an actress and singer who appeared in many films throughout the decades of 1960s and 1970s. Her first roles were uncredited and small parts in films. Eventually, however, she rose to fame and became a renowned actress all over the world. This includes her roles in The Night They Raided Minsky’s where she portrayed the character exceptionally. Having appeared in hit films, she established her career as a movie sex symbol and is also a particularly famous Bond girl.

She was absolutely gorgeous but had battled with insecurities with her two front teeth and her dysmorphic body to the degree that she decided to have surgical and cosmetic procedures done to save her youthful look. However, she admitted she regrets them all. In 1964, she was married to actor Peter Sellers and her high-profile social life attracted many media attention. She became one of the most photographed actresses during the 1970s.


Looking young and hot as ever is another Bond girl Victoria Leigh Blum, known by the stage name Tanya Roberts, an actress and producer. Tanya was born October 15, 1955 in Bronx, New York City. She came to prominence as Julie Rogers in the finale of Charlie’s Angels in 1980. She appeared as a Bond girl in A View to a Kill. But that is not the only role she had. She also appeared in The Beastmaster and That ‘70s Show, although she did confess that her role as a Bond girl might have actually ruined her career more than help her.

Because of her perseverance and hard work as an actress, she’s definitely not calling a bankruptcy attorney anytime soon. She never gave up and even sacrificed her school to pursue her modeling career. Her courage is a trait that anyone should have because without it you will never survive in the industry. Tanya now has given impact to many people’s lives.


Connie Chung is an Asian-American journalist who is known for her sharp interviews with famous personalities. With a list like (assuming of course) Elon Musk’s bank credit report, it’s hard to believe she’s achieved so much at just 73 and well, looking like 50 also! Over the years, she amassed wealth with a net worth of a whopping $15,000,000. However, her success had a share of a dark past.

In 2018, she shared to the public that she went through an assault in the past, even intimately. One of those assaults was made by the physician who delivered her as a baby. Her struggles in life made her stronger and positive. With her amazing Chinese genes, it feels like her skin never ages. The beauty she had in her younger years is the same today for she knows how to choose the best products to use. With beauty, talent, and brain, any woman like her can shine.


There seem to be many requisites for just an onerous home loan but only one on becoming a Bond girl: you have to practically not age or at least look timeless as hell! Claudine Auger was discovered when she was on a holiday in Nassau. This extraordinary woman was born in France. She studied in St. Joan of Arc College and later the Conservatoire de Paris. From there, she performed drama acting roles for school performances.

Kevin McClory, a writer-producer, saw her and advised that she audition for the film Thunderball. And the rest is history. She was also the Miss France Monde and 1st Runner-up of Miss World back in 1958. She has appeared on quite a few TV series, including The Three Gables and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. As James Bond’s girl, her life was amazingly filled with successful career milestones. Credits to her exceptional dedication and talent, she immediately became a well-known actress.


Sally Field is an actress and director. She was born on November 6, 1946 in Pasadena. Sally Field has had a very successful career throughout the decades. She starred in Mrs. Doubtfire, Forrest Gump, and Steep Magnolias to name a few. Her work has received accolades, including two Academy Awards, Emmys, and so much more. She won’t need a personal loan with her success!

Her net worth today is $55 million and that is enough to live any luxurious lifestyle. It’s hard to believe she’s already 71 years old as she looks like she’s barely aged since her star run in The Flying Nun. According to her, the secret to maintaining youth is to use products for your body that are as close to nature as possible as opposed to any sorts of creams with chemicals. With her wealth, investing in high-end beauty products is never an issue.


Didi Conn or Edith Conn in real life was born in Brooklyn, New York on 13 July 1951. Didi who showed interest in acting at an early age pursued a career in Hollywood and became an actress. The roles of Frenchie in Grease and Denise Stevens Downey in Benson, are to her credit. Didi Conn was married twice in her life and one of her sons named Daniel was diagnosed with autism. Due to that, she was named a national celebrity spokesperson for Autism Speaks in the year 2008.

After her career in Hollywood, she has been actively advocating autism and was in fact, a spokesperson for the National Alliance for Autism Research and has performed for the Foundation for Educating Children with Autism’s benefit shows. Now, at the age of 67, Didi was named to be the oldest contestant to join Dancing on Ice. This just proved that Didi is still as healthy and graceful as she was before.


Diamonds are forever and so is Jill St. John. Jill can be compared to a diamond for her beauty and capacity to age gracefully. It must be the genes but to her credit, she did maintain herself as an attractive woman throughout the years. Jill is famous for her role as the Bond girl Tiffany Case in the James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever. Beyond her beauty, we can also say that she is quite a genius.

At a very young age she showed great ingenuity in her craft thanks to her gifted mind. Amusingly, it was known that St. John has an impressive IQ of 162. She surely made use of this IQ to succeed in landing her feet in Hollywood. She began acting on the radio at age six, and she made her screen debut in 1949 at the age 9, in the first full-length made-for-TV movie, a production of A Christmas Carol. Also, she appeared on the TV show called Sandy Dreams.


Beverly Heather D’Angelo rose to fame for her performance in the National Lampoon’s Vacation films where she has appeared in over 60 film productions. She is also a Golden Globe Award nominee for her portrayal of Patsy Cline in the Coal Miner’s Daughter and an Emmy Award nominee for playing Stella Kowalski in the television film titled A Streetcar Named Desire.

D’ Angelo is no stranger for being in a high-profile relationship. She was first in a relationship with Don Lorenzo Salviati, a known personality in Italy, but her relationship with al Pacino was the one that grabbed the attention of the whole world. D’Angelo was married to actor Al Pacino for 7 years, 1997 to 2003, but the two ended up in a divorce. She upped the notch to a certain degree when at the age of 49, she gave birth to twins. She just proved that age is not a hindrance.


Another item, another Bond girl! These girls are surely running the whole world when it comes to the top beautiful women’s list, aren’t they? Such is the case for Maud Solveig Christina Adams or popularly known as Maud Adams. She is popular for portraying the roles of two different Bond girls, first in The Man with the Golden Gun and second, in Octopussy.

She became a prominent name in the industry when she became Octopussy. In this role, she unleashed her sexiness and beauty, and without a doubt, her acting capabilities made her loved by the viewers. As Maud became the ultimate Bond girl, she also made an uncredited appearance in another Bond film entitled, A View to a Kill. She is now 75 years old and is still looking as gorgeous as ever. With all that work she does she definitely isn’t scraping for a payday loan!


As some people say, laughter is the best medicine. This proves true for our dear Dawn French who was able to maintain her beauty despite the years all because of a good career in making everyone laugh. Dawn French is an actress, writer, comedian, and presenter. She is famous for starring in and writing for the comedy show French and Saunders. She also played the lead role as Geraldine Granger in the sitcom, The Vicar of Dibley.

Unlike other stars, Dawn is proud of her body and her skin. According to Dawn, the secret to her timeless beauty is the Nivea moisturizer and nothing else. She might be on the heavy side but she sure knows how to maintain her balance. She also emphasized exercise to maintain a healthy weight as well. It also helps that she’s a hard worker so she can have the luxury of not worrying about paying mortgages at her age! Ah, the peace of mind making you youthful!


Neva Gilbert may not be a famous Hollywood superstar but she sure does have a noteworthy personality. Neva Gilbert was a model when she was named the “Playmate of the Month” for the Playboy magazine. This was back in July of the year 1954. During that time, Playboy was not a big men’s magazine yet, therefore, it was not as glamorous as it is nowadays.

This was actually so far back that the magazine company did not even have their own photoshoots at the time, and a private professional was hired to take pictures of her. With that, Neva can be considered as one of the pioneer models who braved the odds and show fearlessness. Records show that Neva Gibert is the oldest and the living model to be featured in the Playboy magazine. She must be making loans with whoever is running the ageless beauty department by nature.


Don’t be fooled by the sound of her name, she’s no textbook hero but she is textbook beauty—Joan Van Arc is an American actress, known for her role as Valene Ewing on the primetime soap opera Knots Landing. Being a member of The Actors Studio, Joan made started on Broadway in the year 1966 in Barefoot in the Park. Her career began in the 60s and during that time, she has been a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her work.

Since aging is one of the major antagonists for an actress, Joan made a decision to go under the knife to reverse the aging and it made quite a big stir. A lot have debated that she took it too far and didn’t have a good result. But looking at her now, it is just fair to say that she looks fantastic. She is still rocking the blonde hair to a perfect degree, even at the age of 76.


Elizabeth Ann Perkins is one of the popular and familiar faces in Hollywood. Likewise, she is also one of the Hollywood stars who we can consider to have grown more beautiful when they reached old age. Elizabeth portrayed many roles in her entire career. A few of her memorable works are her appearances in films such as Miracle on 34th Street and The Flintstones.

Despite her seemingly healthy appearance, Elizabeth was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus back in the year 2005 and since then, she made it her priority to spread awareness of the disease as best she could. She also managed to turn her lifestyle around and has influenced many in doing the same. As such, she succeeded in maintaining a good health and a lot has noticed its side effect: a beautiful and glowing skin. To her credit, she looked better and even younger than her age when she switched to a healthy lifestyle.


If anyone ever deserved the title ‘iconic’, it’s Joan Collins. She’s been a Hollywood and cultural staple for so many years since her starring role in the hit series, Dynasty, which was not only popular in the 1980s but was loved during the decades through Halloween costumes, references, and even a remake on Netflix! Joan gained her iconic image not just because of her beauty and her heritage but also because of her acting skills that helped her gain the trust of producers and directors.

During the ‘50s, Joan is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. She was actually hailed as the most top-billed actress in 1957 for her film the Wayward Bus. She’s almost in her 90’s but she still has an aura of youthfulness whenever you see her and she owes it to her belief that you should not have too much exposure from the sun. Now that’s what you call home security, away from the sun!


Annie Blanche Banks or popularly known as Tempest Storm came to prominence for being a burlesque star and a motion picture actress. It was in the decades of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s that she was most popular so it’s fair to assume she didn’t need a personal loan from all that work. Well actually, Tempest has worked for a staggering sixty years. She truly deserves a spot in the Burlesque Hall of Fame. But Tempest didn’t have it easy.

She was first a waitress before she tried her luck on strip teasing. What’s more is that she started at a very young age of 17. Although she is earning enough as a chorus dancer, she then accepted the offer as a stripper. Due to her alluring beauty and sex appeal, she later gained fame and was featured in many men’s magazines. It was in the year 1995 when she stopped performing and went into retirement after decades of showcasing her talent to the world.


The actress Katherine Helmond earned her title loan for her role as Tate on the 70’s comedy Soap, and for playing Mona Robinson on ABC’s Who’s the Boss? alongside Alyssa Milano, Judith Light, and Tony Danza. She is also a recipient of many awards including the Supporting Actress Award for Who’s the Boss and a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for Soap.

Due to her charm and exceptional talent, there have been more than 30 films and TV shows to her credit. Her last work was on HBO’s True Blood and a voice character in Cars. As her career was a success, so was her relationship. She found her true love with David Christian which she spent 5 decades with until the day she died. Unfortunately, in 2019, she died due to complications caused by Alzheimer’s disease and was announced a week after.


Canadian actress and model Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons is one of the most accomplished actresses of erotica, specifically, of the erotic thriller movie genre. She debuted in the said movie genre due to her prominent career as a Playboy playmate. She once lived for about a year in the Playboy mansion where she met her future husband, Kiss band bassist Gene Simmons. The two started dating around 1983 but just got married after a few decades. They got married the in the year 2011 and the two have been blessed with two children.

One of the most remarkable shows of Shannon was in the reality TV show where she and her family featured their fabulous lives. The show is called gene Simmons Family Jewels. Now at 63 years old, it’s hard to believe how she has maintained her physique. To her credit, she must have been very disciplined when it comes to maintaining her beauty.


The gorgeous actress Janine Turner came to fame for portraying the role as Maggie O’Connell in the hit TV show, Northern Exposure. She is also remembered for her role as Katie McCoy in Friday Night Lights. Her list of achievements will have anyone flooring to her talents. Janine is an author, public speaker and founder and co-chair of Constituting America 2010. Now at her late 50’s years old, she still looks gorgeous with impressive civic works to her credit.

Aside from being a renowned actress, she is also praised as an inspirational speaker. She has also published a book in 2008 which was entitled, Holding Her Head High: Inspiration from 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History. Many have been wondering how did Janine managed to do all these while maintaining a gorgeous appearance and a hefty credit standing. It must be her good management skills with the help of her advisors. Truly, Janine is one admirable actress for her overall achievements.


Hold up, check the roofing because it’s about to be on fire! The American model who is also known as Playboy’s darling is no other than Heather Kozar. She was named Playmate of the Month for January 1998 and was also featured as a cover girl for the magazine in the June 1999 issue. Soon after, she was voted Playmate of the Year on that same year. One of her most recent television appearances was on the game show, The Price is Right, in year 2002.

Now 43 years old, she looks absolutely stunning. Despite Heather’s fame, beauty and presence, she opted to leave the spotlight and live a private life with her family. Knowing that Heather grew up in a conservative family, it is safe to say that she is much comfortable living a simple life with a close family tie. But we do hope to see her on-screen again as we miss her adorable face!


Donna Mills is on her way to reach her 80s, but we don’t mean to make that sound that she’s as old as high mortgage rates, her looks somehow keep denying the fact. Donna is best known for her “damsel in distress” roles. She plays a stereotypical helpless leading lady who needs her leading man to save the day. But prior to her giving this kind of credit, Donna started her career in 1966 and appeared on The Secret Storm.

But she is remarkable for her performance in the film Play Misty for Me, alongside Clint Eastwood and Jessica Walter. Her latest film appearance is in the 2019 A Beauty & The Beast Christmas. Aside from acting, she has also ventured into business and released her own makeup line. Before there was YouTube, she has already published a makeup tutorial video in 1986 called The Eyes Have It.


The actress Abby Dalton, or Gladys Marlene Wasden in real life was among the leading ladies of the superstar Clint Eastwood. She was noteworthy for her role in the soap opera Falcon Crest. She is also the star behind the hit sitcoms in the 1960s, The Joey Bishop Show and Hennesey, where she played the role for the latter as Martha Hale. She was considered one of the great actresses of her time and she was actually an Emmy Award nominee for her role as Martha.

In recent years, she appeared in the films Buck and the Magic Bracelet and Prank. At the age of 88 years old, Abby is said to have done it all. And with that, Abby passed on in November of 2020. She will forever be remembered as a great actress and a loving mother to her children. Surely, with her numerous projects back in the days, she must have made good investments for her family.


It has become a trend to include beautiful ladies in a horror flick especially nowadays. It is safe to say that the idea originated ever since Kathleen Kinmont started staring in horror movies. Kathleen Kinmont has been a staple in horror movies, she’s such a great and youthful actress and effective in such a genre that it’s impossible not to be scared even if she just says the word, bankruptcy. She appeared in various films like Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, She-Wolves of the Wasteland, and many more.

Despite being the daughter of actress Abby Dalton and their striking resemblance, she managed to make a name for herself. Kathleen worked hard to hone her craft and has, in fact, expanded her skills as a writer and director. Aside from her career in Hollywood, she also put up a business in photography. What an impressive woman indeed! Well-rounded and talented, she must be making millions now.


Angie Bowie was married to the legendary David Bowie, who passed away back in 2016. They were married for ten years and had a son whose name might be familiar to you as well—Duncan Jones, a well-established, BAFTA-winning film director. This family’s talents and history are stories like a credit report on Hollywood culture forever. Angie, who is an actress, model and, journalist is best known to have established the punk rock culture together with her ex-husband, David Bowie.

She remained active despite her years, and her most recent appearance was back in 2016 on Celebrity Big Brother. However, due to health issues, she left the show early, actually, days after David Bowie passed away. Since then, she has not appeared in the public and probably went into retirement. We hope that Angie is doing well and decided to patch things up with her son Duncan as it was reported that they haven’t reconciled yet.


It was no wonder why the model and actress Kelly Lynch’s career skyrocketed after her performance in the 1988 film, Cocktail. She seems to have it all: beauty, body, and star quality. No wonder the camera loves her as well as the directors and producers during her time, which is evident as she bags numerous projects here and there. She went on to star in multiple and successful movies including Road House, alongside the late actor Patrick Swayze.

To her credit, she’s so breathtakingly beautiful that she was even offered the main role of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct but she declined it. However, it didn’t damage her career as she was lucky that she was offered many leading roles including in films such as Desperate Hours and Heaven’s Prisoners. Now 61 years old, it’s awesome to see how she has maintained her gorgeous physique! Looking at her, we can simply say that she is living comfortably thanks to all her investments.


At the age of two, Erin Murphy acted as Tabitha on Bewitched which she appeared in 103 episodes from the show’s third season to the last original episode in 1972. However, the producers were obliged to cast twins in compliance with the child labor laws. During season one, she shared the role with her twin sister for 18 episodes. However, Erin, to her credit, portrayed the role solely as they got older.

Aside from show business, she worked as a writer for lifestyle and fashion magazines. She also owns a company called Erin Murphy Knits where she sells hand-knit eco-friendly alpaca wear. She is a motivational speaker and advocates for autism as well. It could be traced to her own experiences as a mother who has a child with autism. Clearly, Erin is much more than her pretty face and her big bank account, as she is also a woman with substance and a heart of gold.


If we are to credit someone for the famous mansion of Hugh Hefner, it would be Barbi Benton. The model and actress, who is known in real life as Barbara Lynn Klein, is notable for her photoshoots in the magazine. Initially, it was her dream to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine, and in fact, she even got enrolled at UCLA. However, she admitted that she could not stand the sight of blood, so instead, she pursued a career in acting.

She then became the co-host of Hugh, and through that show, the two evolved from being co-hosts to a couple. It was said that Barbi was the one who influenced him to buy a mansion. However, she didn’t just work alongside Hugh, as she became a regular cast on the comedy show, Hee Haw, and pursued a career as a singer. She has a total of five-song albums to her credit. However, she retired early in the 1980s in order to focus on her family and to raise her children.


Linda Thompson is an actress, songwriter, and a former beauty queen. She is famously known as one of the casts of Hee Haw, a hit variety show in America. Apart from her striking career is her high-profile relationship with the most prominent personalities in the industry before. First, she was the longtime girlfriend of music icon Elvis Presley. They presumably met through Linda’s brother, who is one of Elvis’s bodyguards. After her split with Elvis, she dated and got married to the Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner who is now known as Caitlyn Jenner.

And lastly, she got married to David Foster in 1991 but ended their decade-long marriage in 2005. As a lyricist, her hit songs are familiar to us all: Miracle by Celine Dion, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston and, Drowning by Backstreet Boys. Her recent work in 2016 was a published book to her credit entitled, A Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis’s Graceland to Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn & songs in Between.


Laura San Giacomo is an actress who is famous for her role as Kit De Luca in the film Pretty Woman, alongside Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Although her fame came from a supporting role, Laura has more than meets the eye. Laura is a college graduate, she holds a degree in fine arts, specializing in acting. Knowing this, she used all her learnings from school which made her earn a nomination for a BAFTA Award and two-time Golden Globe Award due to her acting prowess.

She continues to work as an actress and is currently one of the casts in NCIS, portraying Dr. Grace Confalone. It is without a doubt that she aged but she aged beautifully. She may have signs of aging in her face but she still looks regent as ever. Apart from her Hollywood career, she also dedicates her time to charity work, especially with those that benefit Children with Disabilities.


Remember Jody Banks on the television series The Fall Guy? She is portrayed by actress and author Heather Thomas. Heather obtained her college degree at UCLA School of Theater, Film and ,Television, but she actually began her career at the young age of 14. She was a host of the NBC series called Talking with a Giant. But there was a moment where Heather’s career dimmed. It was when Heather left Hollywood for a while due to her experiences with stalkers.

But when she came back, she was in full swing. Not only she did continue her acting projects but she also ventured into writing a novel which was entitled Trophies, published in the year 2008. Her latest film credit was Girltrash: All Night Long in the year 2014. It’s amazing how she continues to be a charming and sophisticated woman even at 62 years old. She must have invested in good anti-aging creams and maintained a routine exercise to be able to keep that good looks.


Tagged by the Time Magazine’s “purest soprano in pop music”, Michelle Phillips is more than her powerful voice. Every time we look at a photo of the young Michelle Phillips, we can’t help but be captivated by her darling beauty! Michelle has this angelic face and enigmatic smile which we all love and adore. Michelle is a vocalist in the popular musical quartet the Mamas and the Papas in the 1960s.

In the 1970s, she explored into the world of acting to the degree that she played a supporting role in The Last Movie. Soon enough, she performed lead roles in The Death Squad and The California Kid. As an actress, she received accolades and recognition. Now 75 years old, she is the last surviving original member of the Mamas and the Papas. Michelle is no longer active in the film and music industry. Perhaps she is already enjoying her retirement.


Sci-fi fans, especially with Star Trek will instantly recognize Marina Sirtis, who is popularly known as Counselor Deanna Troi on the hit TV series Star Trek including its film series that followed. Despite her mature age, she’s definitely looking hot and fresh still! She is no longer that active today in the film and TV industry, and it seems that Marina has more important matter to attend to.

Today, she is known for her advocacies in animal rights. It might have come from her being a vegetarian. Her way of life as a vegetarian helped her get through her battle with breast cancer. Although she had a fair share of downs in life, Marina has managed to stand straight until today. Good thing though she’s worked hard so she can have a substantial insurance plan for her struggles. However, according to her, she regrets going under the knife twice.


Cicely Tyson initially started her journey to stardom as a model. However, her career took off after she appeared as Rebecca Morgan in Sounder. Because of her splendid performance, she was nominated for an Academy Award in 1972. Recognition did not end there for Cicely, as she went on to bag two Emmy Awards for her role in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman. Although she’s probably saved enough to keep her away from bankruptcy, Cicely has no plans of retiring any time soon.

Speaking to Time Magazine, she said that she wants to continue not for the money but to “honor this blessed gift that we have”. Cicely was last seen on working on the highly acclaimed drama series How to Get Away with Murder as Ophelia, the mother of the lead character Analise Keating. And clearly, Cicely’s acting skills has not diminished, not even a bit as she shows great showmanship alongside Viola Davis.


Samantha Karen Fox is a singer-songwriter, model, and actress. She was popular for appearing as a topless model at age 16 on a British tabloid newspaper The Sun. But even when she was younger, age 3 to be specific, she has displayed her talent in theater shows. Also, her song entitled Touch Me gained her worldwide acknowledgment as it topped the music charts and provided musical electricity.

As an actress, she was a nominee for Brit Award for Best British Female Artist. Now 53 years old, it’s amazing how she still looks like someone in her 40s. With this, it becomes a topic of debate whether she went under the knife or she just is blessed with good genes. Either way, doing cosmetic surgery is fine knowing that she got a pocket full of cash to spend for it or any beautification there is. Anyway, we just love that she looks perfectly healthy and we love to see more of her in the coming years.


One of the most iconic names in Hollywood is Raquel Welch. She not only earned her title from her great talent, acting in One Million Years B.C., she became quite popular in the 1970s, her role in The Three Musketeers won her a Golden Globe award in 1973, but she’s also known for her bombshell beauty, her popular feline makeup being the most copied which is now famously known as cat’s eyes.

She’s already 79 years old but she still can’t stop turning heads with her youthful glow and energy that’s enough to gas up a million ships. We got to give credits to her trusted fitness routine which she also shares with the world. If you remember, she released a book and video titled Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program, which includes yoga practices that are very popular nowadays. That is why she can’t go unnoticed even if she tried. Now that’s a Hollywood star through and through.


Meredith Baxter is so recognizable to American audiences as she appeared in sitcoms like Family and Family Ties. She looks like she has aged quite well, and it’s probably because she doesn’t have to wait for a long credit card processing at a bank. After all, she is actually a five-time Emmy Award nominee. It was her performance of the title role in the 1992 TV film A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story, which got her one of the nominations.

It was just recently when she came out as a lesbian and announced her relationship with a woman named Nancy Locke. Time flies so fast as she’s now 72 years old. She still looked very well-kept thanks to her vegetarian diet. What’s even more amazing is that she is a breast cancer survivor.


Kimberley Conrad has one of those careers that men go crazy about. She was selected as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 1988. Well, to those who didn’t know, she was Hugh Hefner’s second wife and the mother of two of his four children before they hired a divorce attorney and stated irreconcilable differences in September 2009. But the two were said to be separated since 1998 and were just living next door to each other.

After their separation, Kimberley has not been seen in the limelight anymore. We’re guessing she focused on being a mother and raised her children alongside her work in PETA for anti-animal cruelty. But recently, in 2017, she was offered to recreate her Playmate of the Year cover. And much to our surprise, although Hefner was dismissed at the age of 91, his legacy continues thanks to his son Cooper who runs the editorial of his popular magazine.


Patti McGuire is a boutique model and producer of American television shows. But she also has a wild side when she was younger as she was a Playmate of the Playboy magazine in November 1976. Although she is seen as a naughty playmate due to the provocative nature of her work, Patti is more than that. Patti’s beautiful face and alluring appeal took her to where she is right now. It is her stint as a Playboy playmate that opened the doors of opportunity making her live a comfortable life.

She really did not have much when she was growing up but isn’t clear if her family was facing bankruptcy, but it was known that her family was actually living quite a simple life. Patti worked her way up and was able to study political science and history at Southern Illinois University. Patti reached her goals including having a happy marriage and family life. She is married to the tennis star, Jimmy Connors since 1979 and is blessed with two children.


You better start calling the fire hotline since honey, our roofing is a little heated from Cynthia Rhodes strutting her game! She’s appeared in two iconic dance movies Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. Coming from a family whose background is conservative, Cynthia turned down roles that required nudity and instead, maintained her good and clean-cut image in films. Just like the theme of her famous movies, Cynthia’s love life is like a cut out of films.

She is the ex-wife of singer-songwriter Richard Marx, whom she met on the set of the film, Staying Alive. Cynthia once tried to evade Marx’s affection due to their age difference, but in the end, their love managed to win. Sadly, after 25 years of marriage, the two called it off. Being a great dancer, her only non-dance role was in the1984 sci-fi thriller Runaway, alongside Tom Selleck and Kirstie Alley. And after she got married, she decided to retire to grow and take care of her family.


Hold your horses as you might recognize this next one and will have you flooring with her identity—Meredith Monroe! It’s hard to believe that was a long time ago but she looks like herself in the heydays of soap operas only more matured. If any of you are a fan of the popular drama, Dawson’s Creek, then you’ll know very well the character, Andie McPhee, which was portrayed by her.

In 2018, she joined the cast of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why in season two as Carolyn. Now 50 years old, to her credit, she ages like fine wine. Meredith’s beauty doesn’t seem to vanish but only became better. She gives off the vibe of a strong, confident, and independent woman. It is agreeable that she probably has beauty secrets up her sleeves but we would like to express how natural looking her beauty is and we would love to have that too.


She was born Vicki Ree Principal but was later known as Victoria Principal. She is an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and author, best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the soap opera series, Dallas. She spent nine years on the long-running show, leaving in 1987. Before she became famous, she was living an underprivileged life. Imagine the personal loans she had to go through!

She did not have much money back then and was therefore used to living a simple life. But she worked her way up and even established her own production company. She didn’t stop there. Thanks to her beauty, she made it her inspiration to write four books about beauty, fitness and, health, all sourced out from her experiences. She recently retired and is living a normal life with investments that could support her and her family. She is focusing on philanthropy and continues to donate money to the needy.


When God made Marguerite Moreau, he must have given her extra beauty and talents. Marguerite is beyond her looks as she actually has a degree in political science from Vassar College, but she chose the path of acting. She mostly appeared in teen comedies and shows and she is best remembered for her character as Jesse Reeves in the 2002 horror film, Queen of the Damned. It’s been a long time since those shows ended however, she was given supporting roles in recent TV series.

She might not have a flourishing career right now but Marguerite seems to be happy with her life. She is married and has a son with Christopher Redman. And just like other celebrities, she might be waiting for a big project. But looking at Marguerite, she definitely does not look like she’s 42. Her wrinkles might be evident, but her brunette beauty still captures our hearts.


Angharad Rees is a Welsh actress, best known for her British television roles during the 1970s and in particular, her leading role as Demelza in the 1970s BBC TV costume drama Poldark. She was known to have a nice personality that is easy to get along with but behind her smile is sorrow. She, however, lived a sad life when her son Linford died due to a car accident.

To keep her mind off of things, she decided to focus on business finance and had investments in putting up a jewelry design company. She was also lucky enough to meet and get married again to David McAlpine with whom she spent the rest of her life. Angharad was made a Fellow of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Sadly, she passed away in 2012 after battling pancreatic cancer.


For the kids of the 90s, the generation grew up watching superheroes such as the Power Rangers. We all love Pink Ranger not just because she is pretty, but of course, she is the only woman in the group and she is equally bad-ass like the rest. Much to thank for that is Amy Jo Johnson for playing the character of Pink Ranger so well. Massachusetts-born Amy Jo Johnson is an actress, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker.

At the age of 18, she moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. Her breakthrough role was as Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger, in the popular TV show of the ’90s, Power Rangers. After being Pink Ranger, she ventured into filmmaking and has produced the short films Bent and Lines, for which she won the Toronto International Short Film Festival and Long Island Film Festival. Well, her work and passion keep her away from bankruptcy. Even at the age of 49, Amy Jo remains to be a fan favorite.


Debi Mazar has one of those fascinating stories. Growing up from a broken family, she worked multiple odd jobs to make ends meet such as selling jewelry and dancing at a nightclub. At that nightclub, she was discovered by singer Madonna and hired her as a make-up artist until she was given the opportunity as a Hollywood actress. Before that, she became a backup dancer of Madonna and was featured in several music videos with her. It was said that her stint with Madonna opened the doors to her acting career.

Among her long list of TV appearance and projects, she is best known for her character as Denise Iannello in the lawyer drama, L.A. Law. She married Italian chef Gabriele Corcos and the couple put up a cafe and restaurant called Tuscan Gun. She’s now 55 and is living the dream, thanks to her hard work and dedication. Moreover, she also aged like fine wine. She became even more elegant. What can we say, we are having whatever Debi is having!


Carrie-Anne Moss is one of those actresses that keeps churning out unforgettable roles in now considered classic movies. Because of her successes, it’s no doubt she does not need of any payday loans with great films like Pompeii, Memento, and Silent Hill. She showed her versatility when she starred in a light comedy film Chocolat with Johnny Depp. But among her many films, her breakthrough role was as Trinity in the sci-fi film trilogy, The Matrix. In fact, they’re currently filming part four which will be shown on cinema screens in 2021.

She also conquered the small screen with her Jessica Jones TV series. Carrie-Anne also established Annapurna Living, a lifestyle brand that elevates and empowers women through yoga and meditation. Evidently, Annapurna is Carrie-Anne’s secret in keeping herself in tiptop shape and looking youthful as ever. Even if a lot have attested to the benefits of yoga and meditation, Carrie-Anne was the one who convinced us.


To the initiated, hearing the name Kate Jackson brings to mind a top female heroine—inspiring many women to live a more adventurous life or try and infiltrate a high-security facility while listening to the Charlie’s Angels theme song. As one of the original casts from the first Charlie’s Angels series, she’s had a great career ever since she debuted on screen. Later, she worked in many other successful shows, such as Baby Boom, Scarecrow, and Mrs. King.

She is a three-time recipient of the Emmy Award and a four-time Nominee of the Golden Globe Award. With these impressive accolades in her resume, there is no doubt that she knows her craft. She has definitely left her mark in the entertainment industry. Kate was born on October 29, 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama. Nowadays she’s enjoying the investment money she’s made and is still looking young. She’s even writing a memoir of her colorful life!


Looking at Bonnie Bedelia’s face, you’d know she is a beautiful woman. She was born on March 25, 1948 at New York, New York. You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that she’s already in her 70s. She has long been in the industry, and in fact, she started her career as an actress in the 1960s soap opera, Love of Life. She is a recipient of three acting awards, and recently, in 2019, she guest-starred on the Netflix series What/If with Renee Zellweger.

Even at her advanced age and in her later years in the industry, Bonnie still keeps on receiving and accepting acting roles. It is obvious that she loves her job and that she finds joy in embodying these characters that the viewers enjoy. Outside of her career, she has been through some struggles when it comes to her love life. Being married three times means hiring lawyers plenty of times, but she’s worked hard her entire career to be able to afford them.


We have got a crush on Linda Ronstadt, sweetie pie, all day and night… hear us sigh! She’s a woman with a golden beauty, and not only that, she has many golden awards under her belt, too. She’s earned 10 Grammy Awards and more, and that’s already record-breaking. Aside from being a great musician, Linda is also an actress and is one of the casts of the musical, The Pirates of Penzance.

Linda was born on July 15, 1946 in Tucson, Arizona. She grew up surrounded by music as can be seen by her mastery of the guitar and her beautiful voice. Because she is so versatile, she was able to dabble in different genres like country, rock, Latin and light opera. This was especially helpful when she started doing musicals. No wonder she has become so wildly popular and successful, and not to mention very rich that she wouldn’t even have a problem with homeowners’ insurance! She has managed to deal with her ever-growing finances well and keep them around even until today.


Pam Grier may have had a dark past, as she was a victim of rape when she was just 6 years old. Credits to her resilience, she was able to bounce back and lived a life filled with hope. Doors of opportunity opened for her and she was discovered by director Jack Hill, who cast her in the women-in-prison films The Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage. The electricity she brings to her roles is so palpable that she keeps getting jobs and accolades until now.

It’s wonderful that she maintains her nice looks even at the age of 70. She was born in Winston-Salem in North Carolina on May 26, 1949 to Gwendolyn and Clarence Grier. She has come a long way since her childhood and it is inspiring to see that she continues to grow and become stronger in spite of everything that she has been through.


Goldie Hawn is such a household name, and with her popularity, she will need a high-tech home security system. Who doesn’t love her in comedies, such as Butterflies are Free and A Girl in My Soup which earned her prominence? She has become a bankable star that her career ran for six decades! Also, she is married to actor Kurt Russell and both of them are the parents of A-list actress, Kate Hudson.

Goldie Hawn is also active in charity and helps underprivileged children. She established The Hawn Foundation in the year 2003. She’s a beauty both inside and out! Not all celebrities remember those who are in need. She, for one, made it a point to really reach out and continually share her blessings with others. It is not surprising, then, that she is very blessed. She has won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in Cactus Flower.


A career in Hollywood is like money management, you’ve got to plan where it goes and you’ve got to know its timing to earn big rewards and Linda Gray has certainly done it. It was when she appeared in the soap opera Dallas in 1978 for the character of Sue Ellen Ewing. The show ran until1991 but she left in 1989 to star in another film.

Linda is now 79 years old, but guess what? Her face seems to deny that fact since she still looks like she’s in her late fifties. Maybe because she’s still active in doing her passion in the entertainment industry. We all know that if you love what you are doing then you don’t really have to work another day in your life. Linda’s obvious passion for her job is probably what keeps her going and what keeps her looking so healthy and youthful too!


Kim Basinger, known for being the Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again, was dubbed as a sex symbol of the 1980s and 1990s. She was extremely stunning at that time and much to our surprise, 30 years after, her blonde beauty still emanates. But before her fledgling career in Hollywood started, she was a former model and despite earning $1,000 a day, she admitted that she never really enjoyed modeling.

So she made an investment in favor of acting and singing and enrolled at the University of Georgia. Well, her hard work definitely paid off. She launched a career that would earn her millions. She went into the TV industry in 1976 and from there, her stardom and her net worth just grew and grew over time. She even won an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Role in 1998.


Before Jessica Simpson could step in the shoes of Daisy Duke on Dukes of Hazzard, Catherine Bach made sure it was big shoes to fill in for her when she originally appeared as the bombshell on the original television show. While the character was no smarty pants who could tell the difference between a lawyer or an attorney (the spelling obviously!), Bach made smart moves with her career. It was astounding that her legs were insured for $1,000,000 when she starred on the show.

After the series ended, Bach had roles in a number of low-profile films including African Skies, Monk, and You Again. Though she started to become quieter after the height of her career, she definitely left her mark. She still gets recognition from her performance and she has become unforgettable because of her looks. Catherine Bach was born on March 1, 1954 in Warren, Ohio and is the sister of Philip Bachman.


Looking like the older sister version of herself as the Bond girl for the movie Live and Let Die, Jane Seymour is a glamorous woman with brains. She’s so smart she probably doesn’t need a financial advisor to handle her earnings. She began her career as an actress in the ‘70s and came to prominence when she was listed in the Top 10 Bond Babes list by IGN.

In the 1980s, she ventured into writing several inspirational and self-help books, and even children’s books. Due to her contribution to the industry, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2000. She has definitely transcended from being a pretty face on screen. She knew she had something important to share to the world so she took on writing to cut her message across. Born in February 15, 1951, she will be in her seventies soon but her looks sure don’t show it.


One of the most beautiful stars from the past had a lot of names and it was probably hard for banks to give her a business loan if she applied for one. Even if her parents also work in the entertainment industry, Teri strived hard and started her career as a dancer, having appeared in some of Elvis Presley’s musicals. Her breakthrough role was when her performance in a Star Trek episode. Teri mostly appeared in comedic roles, and in fact, she was considered an inspiration to the younger comedians, Tina Fey and Jenna Fischer.

She retired from acting in 2011. Though she stopped what she did best in her career, she has already left a legacy at this point. Having more than 140 projects in her career, it is safe to say that she really is quite the go-getter. Teri Garr was born on December 11, 1944 in Lakewood, Ohio. She has one daughter named Molly O’Neill who she had with her late husband John O’Neill.


Morgan Fairchild gained prominence in the late 1970s and early 1980s and was one of the sought-after actresses in TV series. She seemed to have never stopped working during the recession when she got acting offers for Dallas, Kojak, and Happy Days, all of which she accepted and kept her away from bankruptcy. Morgan has a career spanning six decades. To give back and help others, she engages and participates in raising awareness of AIDS-related issues and environmental protection.

Currently, she is a three-year board member of the Screen Actors Guild, having served on several of its committees. From being one of the most active actresses to being one of the judges, her career really has gone quite far. It’s great to see that Fairchild is still interested and very much involved in the industry that she grew up in and has gained much recognition from despite her advanced age.


At 74 years old, Loni Anderson has had a long career than you could ever imagine. Well, it did a lot of good for her since she earned a life far from bankruptcy. Loni, if our parents could remember, was the receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on the popular sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati. She was so good at portraying the role that she garnered two Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

But she also lived a colorful life apart from the show business. She was actually married four times until she met the love of her life, musician Bob Flick. It is quite common in Hollywood that actresses marry more than once until they finally find the man that they can really call the love of their lives. Anderson was not much of a difference. She was open about her personal life and her fans really appreciated being involved in her journey.


At 61 years old, Michelle Pfeifer’s career seems to be unstoppable. Recently, she appeared with actresses Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning in 2019’s Maleficent sequel. But she has a storied career and is one of the women whose talent continues to get better with age. Michelle was known to portray strong and attractive female characters and she was remarkable for it.

In fact, she was hailed as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and her name, pertaining to her beauty, was included in the lyrics of two pop songs: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Having that kind of reputation really says a lot about the stunning actress. Because of not only her looks but also her great talent in acting, she has gained so much positive feedback and even recognition from the public. Up until today, she continues to appear in several films.


Someone like Erika Eleniak who’s worth a whopping 4 million dollars does not need to wait for a long credit card processing at the bank when she can have instant service. She has been working hard through her teenage years as one of the most loved stars of the iconic show Baywatch, where she played Shauni during the first seasons. However, she left the show in 1993, yet she continued acting and appeared in small film productions.

After her iconic roles in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and many others, we look forward to seeing her in her upcoming film projects. Eleniak was born on September 29, 1969 in Glendale, California. She is part Ukrainian, part Estonian and part German hence her beautiful face and features. She was once engaged to her Baywatch costar Billy Warlock and was also once married to a bodybuilder named Philip Goglia in 1998 for six months.


Also one of the actresses that worked since childhood (and saved up a lot for a high credit score for sure!) is Nancy McKeon. She started her career when she was just two years old by modeling for the baby clothing brand, Sears & Roebuck. She also starred in many commercials together with her brother Philip. While growing up, she continued to pursue the career path and her notable role was the character Jo Polniaczek on the situation comedy, The Facts of Life.

Recently, she flaunted her talent in dancing and appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars Season 27. Though she has not been so active in the past years in the entertainment world, she is slowly making a comeback, flaunting a new side of her on TV. It’s wonderful to know that she is back and ready to relate with her fans once again. Undoubtedly, she will get a lot of love and support just like before.


Susan Dey gained popularity for her role as Laurie Partridge in the TV sitcom, The Partridge Family. However, it was her role as an attorney in the legal drama L.A. Law that won her the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 1988. To her credit, she’s not only an actress but also an advocate. She is currently a board member of the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA Medical Center.

We haven’t seen her on the television screen since 2004 but she left a legacy by being the author of Secrets on Boys, Beauty and Popularity. She has already established her name and therefore won over a good number of fans. She is now venturing on other things and surely, her fans will follow and support her on these. It’s inspiring to know that she has dedicated herself to working for her advocacy. Being very blessed, she is now very generous with what she has to others in need.


Fabio Lanzoni was the Italian stud that rose to fame in the 80s thanks to his long golden locks, insanely good looks, and ripped physique. Because of this, it was a no-brainer that Fabio quickly earned a glorious reputation as a magazine model. Since fitness was another passion of his, he also grew a career in that field and started writing his own collection of exercise books and making a line of fitness videos. He became so good at building his own business portfolio you’d think he was an investment planning expert!

On the side, he appeared in Hollywood movies such as Zoolander. Other than his numerous contributions to the entertainment world, he is also known to help out in worthy causes. He is the spokesman of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and the American Cancer Society. Knowing his voice really has an impact in these advocacies, he decided to lend a hand by being the face to spread awareness. Born in Milan, Italy on March 15, 1959, Lanzoni continues to entertain and inspire people all over the world with his work.


If there’s one woman that has aged so well she’s like fine wine, it’s none other than Marisa Tomei. This Academy Award-winning actress continues to be a standout in the many movie projects she appears in. Despite her age, she still manages to outshine Hollywood stars that are years younger than her. Marisa swears she has not gone under the knife to maintain her youthful glow, but instead made an investment in natural methods.

The New York native recently made waves as Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman movies. Even in the role, she has spun around the iconic character to make her very youngish – both in looks and in character. She still continues to appear in movies because she hasn’t lost her charm just yet. We hope she shares her skincare routine with us soon so that we, too, can become just like her when we reach her age.


Each generation of actresses has come out with one star that played Lois Lane, but no one played the iconic role quite as memorable as Margot Kidder did. And unsurprisingly so, since she played the role alongside Christopher Reeve as Superman in the 1978 film as well as the sequels. In the 90s, Margot struggled with bipolar disorder, which later led her to become a mental health advocate. Aside from this, she also received credit for her efforts for various environmental and anti-nuclear causes.

She died in her home in Montana in May 2018 at the age of 69. Kidder was born on October 17, 1948 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada. Her mother was a teacher and her father was an engineer. In the height of her career, she was able to gain recognition from prestigious award-giving bodies as she got a Daytime Emmy Award and a total of three Canadian Screen Awards.


Back in the 70s, Liv Ullman was known as one of the “muses” of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Who’s to say that she wasn’t, when in fact the Norwegian actress appeared in 10 of his movies and they were a married couple at one point. Throughout the course of her illustrious acting career, Ullman received over 40 award nominations.

She later tried her hand at directing and in 2014 famously worked on the critically acclaimed adaptation of Miss Julie. Because of her achievements, she was awarded an honorary degree by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Ullmann was born on December 16, 1938 in Tokyo, Japan. Her father was working there that time but both her parents were Norwegian. As a toddler, her family moved to Toronto, Ontario, and soon she found herself immersed in the entertainment industry when she grew up. She has one daughter named Linn Ullmann.


Without a doubt, Barbara Streisand is an icon whose influence has stood the test of time. She started as a singing sensation in the 60s and later made her way into the world of acting. She made waves in the film Funny Girl, which earned her a double Academy Award and Golden Globe win for her performance. To this day, she remains to be a sought-after actress and a renowned singer.

With a long list of movies under her belt and plenty of platinum albums, surely, Barbra’s credit score is just as high as her boundless star power! She wouldn’t have to worry about her retirement at all because of the fortune that she has accumulated after all her years in show business. Even to the younger generation today, her name still rings a bell because of the way she established herself. Younger stars look up to her and her work so she really has become a role model.


You may have heard of Billie Jean King’s story from watching the movie Battle of the Sexes. The movie is as real as it gets when it narrates Billie Jean’s early struggle as a female athlete and how she broke the mold and defied the odds when she defeated male tennis champion Bobby Riggs in 1973. This sparked the electricity for female athletes to get the due recognition they deserve. Since then her advocacy never faded.

She spearheaded the Bill Jean King Leadership Initiative to promote diversity in the workplace. Her actions back then have really rippled into big waves today. Women are now given more opportunities and are given the same rights not just in sports but also in different fields. King was born in November 22, 1943 in Long Beach, California. She became a professional player in 1959 and has since wowed the world with her great skills on the court.


Not long after she played the role of Kim McAfee in the movie adaptation of the musical hit Bye Bye Birdie, Ann-Marget quickly shot to national recognition. She went on to star in many other films and even received Oscar nods for her performances in Tommy and Carnal Knowledge. She was also nominated for a Grammy and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Interestingly, this beauty is an avid motorcyclist and was the face of Triumph Motorcycles advertisements in the 1960s. It is presumed that she was covered by medical insurance when she suffered three broken ribs and one fractured shoulder due to a motorcycle-related incident. But regardless, she is still one of the most beautiful women in the industry even at the age 79, and her presence continues to create noise which definitely proves that she still has a career and a great sense of humor that is loved by many.


With a successful career that started at the tender age of 12, it’s no wonder Alison Arngrim is a Young Artist Award Lifetime Achievement Award honoree and she also ranked as number 96 on VH1’s “The Greatest: 100 Greatest Kid Stars” in 2005. Alison is best known for playing Nellie Oleson in the series Little House on the Prairie, which aired from 1974 and 1982. From the popularity of her role, she wrote an autobiography centered on it.

Aside from her acting career, Arngrim now devotes her time to charity. She now uses her investment money to support various causes, including AIDS awareness and research. She also exerts efforts to advocate against child abuse together with the National Association to Protect Children, which made her even more gorgeous not just in the outside but inside as well. Despite being successful in America and in France, she never forgot to give back to those who are in need.


Everyone who’s lived in the 70s probably has seen an episode or two of The Brady Bunch. Anyone who’s seen this show will recognize Maureen McCormick as Marcia, the eldest daughter in the TV family. She was also slated to play the same role in six different series from 1969 to 1988, namely: The Brady Bunch, The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, The Brady Kids, The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Brady Brides and Day by Day.

Despite the success that followed The Brady Bunch, Maureen struggled with her career when the show ended. She developed depression and bulimia and even got addicted to cocaine. Thankfully, Maureen was able to bounce back and her credit score remained in good standing. She now continues to live a sober and happy life with her husband and daughter. She also previously appeared in the reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!


Charles Tilton first had a taste of the spotlight after landing the role of Lucy Ewing in the show Dallas. At the height of her Dallas success, she was already receiving $50,000 per episode, lifting her family from a financially difficult life that probably neared bankruptcy. After the television series, she entered the pop music scene in the 80s and attained relative success. She released a single entitled “Cest La Ve” which became hit at that time.

Aside from her fame in the industry, she’s also focused on charitable causes. She’s a strong advocate for autism awareness and is currently the ambassador for Actors for Autism, an organization that holds acting workshops for those with autism. And now, Charlene Tilton is 62 years old, but she still has a youthful looking skin that makes her glow even further.


Paula Prentiss wasn’t just a pretty face—she was a funny girl, too! She is best known for her comedic antics in The Honeymoon Machine, Bachelor in Paradise, and Where the Boys Are. In film, she showcased her acting range when she played Bobbie Markowe in The Stepford Wives. But most of her projects surprisingly had awards such as Best Performer by a Supporting Actress, Golden Laura Award, Top New Female Comedy Performance, and a Female Newcomer award.

Paula Prentis later on worked where she worked up lawyer-like investigatory skills to solve a puzzling mystery in a small suburban town. Paula retired from films at several points during her career, due to an illness and because she wanted to focus on motherhood, but whenever she would make a comeback, she would still be admired by viewers not just because of her undying gorgeous look, but also with her head-turner aura partnered with her outstanding talent in the industry.


Before Taylor Swift became the most popular Swift in the world, we had Loretta Swift who was part of the hit series M*A*S*H as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” which made her won two Emmy Awards. She was one of the only four actors who appeared on the show from the first season to the last, totaling with an eleven-season run. Since then, she was later offered a role in a comedy play, which was held at the renowned Alhambra Dinner Theatre—the oldest and longest- running dinner theatre all over the America.

Given that she has appeared in different big series and classical play, it can be presumed that Loretta saved more than enough money in the bank and successfully opened her own line of Jewelry which is destined to sell hundreds of jewelries all over the nation. Certainly. Loreta Swift doesn’t need to call a bankruptcy attorney any time soon.


Diane Keaton is one of the living legends and a strong force in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Her first notable role was in The Godfather, where she played Kay Adams-Corleone, wife of Michael Corleone, which was portrayed by Al Pacino. She went on to star in a slew of critically acclaimed movies such as Annie Hall, Love and Death, and Sleeper. Her performance in Annie Hall, in particular, earned her an Academy Award win for Best Actress. In her glorious days in the industry, she also won two Golden Globe Awards, and AFI Life Achievement Award.

Her most recent outing was in The Young Pope, wherein she portrayed Sister Mary. With a stunning career track like hers, we’re sure her credit report is just as outstanding. Today at 75 years old, Diane Keaton is busy writing her books and, in fact, she has already written a bestseller book. One of them is Then Again, Brother and Sister, A Memoir and so much more.


Faye Dunaway initially started a career in Broadway in the 1960s. She made her movie debut in 1976’s The Happening. However, it was her performance as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde that immediately made her a household name and an icon for all ages. Playing an outlaw on the lam from lawyers and policemen led to her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. Her actual win came with Network. She is a decorated actress, being the first recipient of a Leopard Club Award. The government of France also appointed her Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.

After decades of working in the industry, there is no surprise that she has already acquired numerous awards and phenomenonal experience that would be beneficial for her until today. In fact, when she accidentally broke her leg day before filming the Inconceivable in 2017, the director insists in re-writing and changing her role just to make it sound convenient for her alone.


In the 1970s, Sissy Spacek was already a budding young actress. However, she got her first big break in the 1976 thriller Carrie. The movie was a huge hit and is now consider a timeless horror classic that made Sissy a household name. For her role as Carrie, she received an Academy Award nomination. Sissy went on to star in several other acclaimed movies, including Coal Miner’s Daughter, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

More recently, Sissy worked on television series, including Bloodline and Castle Rock, once again earning credit in the thriller genre and so much more. At 71 years old, there is no doubt that a veteran actress like her is still unstoppable in her career. She currently starred opposite of Robert Redford in a film called The Old Man and Gun on January 16, 2020. She is also reported to be a part of an enormous television series in the future.


Katharine Ross got her big Hollywood breakthrough in the 1967 film The Graduate, in which she portrayed Mrs. Robinson. Not long after, she rose to the ranks of Hollywood legend based on her prestigious awards and recognitions such as an Academic Award nomination, a BAFTA Award, and an outstanding two Golden Globe Awards. However, Ross retired from acting for a short while after marrying Conrad Hall, who has received high distinction and credit as a cinematographer.

Yet she still appeared in several acting projects, although minor, such as Get to Know Your Rabbit, The Only Kill Masters. And then later on, she made a film comeback in The Stepford Wives, replacing Tuesday Weld which garnered the Saturn Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie. Truly, with the talent of Katharine Ross, she is the only one who can rock the industry without worrying of any obscurity even though she took a break.


By all means and, in every respect, Julie Andrews is a timeless Hollywood legend. Her first heavyweight film came in the form of The Sound of Music, wherein she portrayed Maria. After that, she went on to appear in many other classics such as Mary Poppins, and manage to take home the Academy Award and won Best Oscar for some of her projects. It is no question that she is one of the most distinguished actresses of all time.

Julie was known for being an outstanding English actress, singer, dancer and author. And because of that, you could consider thinking that she will even be more successful in the future since retirement is never in her plan. Julie was once lived in a lavish mansion fitting for Hollywood royalty. The estate is near the Buckingham Palace, which means her home was most likely protected with a topnotch home security system.


What’s really impressive about Beverly Johnson is that she was the first African-American model to grace the cover of American Vogue in 1974 and French Elle in 1975 and the first black woman to appear on the said magazine. Some of her best assets are her long legs, which should get their own insurance policies. Beverly Johnson was also striking the magazine industry when she appeared more in more than 500 covers.

Time came when she crossed over into acting. Back in 2014, she appeared in Vanity Fair not as a model, but as a writer talking about how comedian Bill Crosby drugged her in the ‘80s. Eventually, she went on to write The Face That Changed It All, a memoir of hers about the said incident. The book also talked about her life in general which aim to inspired bunch of her fans and hoping to save them in their darkest battle.


From 1970 to 1974, Karen Lynn Gorney starred in the well-known soap opera, All My Children, where she played Tara Martin. Not a fan of soap operas? Then you probably know her as Stephanie Mangano in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta. Karen took a long sabbatical in the ‘80s, during which she focused on managing an art gallery in Manhattan, New York. She then came back into the limelight in the ‘90s, appearing in TV shows such as The Sopranos and Law & Order where there were lots of many types of attorneys.

Karen Lynn Gorney has been in the industry for decades now, so it is inevitable that she has already acquired significant investments, but she also wanted to explore the music industry more and she even created her self-penned album called Used to Love You Madly. This followed by Love the Way You Love, which makes her now as one of the most successful in the industry.


Lorraine Gary portrayed Ellen Brody in all Jaws movies, except for Jaws 3D which was released in 1983. Her appearance in those thriller films that starred a man-eating great white shark catapulted her to stardom, allowing her to win pivotal roles in movies such as Zero to Sixty, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, and 1941. And back when Lorraine was just 16 years old, she won a best actress award in competition at Pasadena Playhouse and then that’s when she realized that she had an amazing acting skill.

Time came when she disappeared from the spotlight. Lorraine attended Columbia University to earn a degree in political science, and these days she is an active member of the Humans Rights Watch Africa Advisory Committee and the Human Rights Watch Women’s Rights Advisory. Perhaps that is the reason why even today, her beauty is still undying and continues to glow from the inside out.


Are you a huge fan of The Exorcist? Then you know very well that Ellen Burstyn played Chris MacNeil, the mother of Regan MacNeil which was played by Linda Blair. It pays to have home insurance if someone in the family gets possessed, we also learned from The Exorcist that Ellen is a terrific actress. Because compared to some actress, she excels rapidly when the story is mostly about complicated woman. In fact, she won Oscar and Emmy awards for some of her dramatic roles.

And it doesn’t come as a shock why she also won an Academy Award for Best Actress in the 1974 comedy-drama film, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Some of her most recent films are The House of Tomorrow and Lucy in the Sky. Now, Ellen is at 88 years old, it is safe to assume that after her glorious days in the industry she is now enjoying her time away from the spotlight.


As early as the ‘70s, Kristie alley was already appearing on TV. However, it was in the ‘80s when she really rose to fame, courtesy of the sci-fi film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where she played Saavik. Since then, she starred in so many TV hits and movies. However, Kristie is known by many for her portrayal of Rebecca Howe in the popular TV sitcom Cheers, a show about a bunch of people that frequently hit the flooring of a Boston bar called Cheers.

By the way, Kristie won a Golden Globe award and numerous nominations for her role on Cheers. On the other hand, aside from being proficient in her job, Kirstie Alley also had a genuine heart because in 2007, she was reported to have given five million dollars to the church of Scientology and did many more investments besides that.


Would you believe that award-winning actress Meryl Streep’s first foray in show business was as a Broadway star? It was back in 1977 when she first tried her hands at acting in a TV movie called The Deadliest Season where she played Sharon Miller. If you’re a film buff, then you know very well that Meryl’s acting career didn’t stop and end there.

She became an unstoppable force, starting in blockbuster films such as Sophie’s Choice, The Devil Wears Prada, and Mamma Mia! Her home must have very high roofing to be able to accommodate her innumerable acting awards. Meryl was also awarded by former president Barack Obama a presidential medal of president. It seems that at 71 years old, Meryl Streep does not even think of retiring in the industry and plans to work even further if she wants to.


The American Actress named Mary Lucy Denise or also known as Marilu Henner, to put simply, Marilu Henner is a woman who wears many hats. Some of her top career investments include being an actress, author, singer, producer, radio host and, recently, a podcaster. She first made a huge splash back in 1971 when she appeared in the original production of the well-known musical Grease, where she played Marty. She went on to star in various TV shows such as Taxi and The Glades, as well as in movies including Chains of Gold.

By the way, she also penned a few books, and one of them was Changing Normal: How I Helped My Husband Defeat Cancer. Now, Marilu is a fitness practitioner and an amazing author who motivates her fans to live a healthy lifestyle. Marilu is already 68 years, but there is no doubt that she will be living much longer and enjoy the fruits of her hard work.


Were you a massive fan of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s hit TV sitcom Taxi where there’s lots of gas, fares, and passengers? Then you know very well that the character Simka Dahblitz-Gravas was portrayed by funny actress Carol Kane. If you think that all she does is make people laugh, think again! In 1975, Carol starred in the drama film Hester Street, which was one of the films that were chosen by the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being aesthetically, culturally and historically significant.

By the way, she also starred in four other movies revered by the Library of Congress as well. Certainly, Carol’s popularity during the early days brought her numerous nomination and prestigious awards from left to right. Evidently, her shine is yet to fade despite the decades the pass. Carol continuously makes everyone laugh with her funny antics, showing her incredible humor in different interviews.


Jane Fonda, a political activist, actress, environmentalist and a former fashion model is destined to shine since when she was young. She won her first Academy Award for portraying Bree Daniels in the 1971 crime movie, Klute. Her win wasn’t really shocking as acting was definitely coursing through her veins, given that she’s the daughter of legendary Hollywood actor, Henry Fonda. Jane has this habit of steeping away and stepping foot once again in the spotlight.

In 2005, she made a huge comeback in the romantic comedy film Monster-In-Law, opposite Jennifer Lopez where she played merciless Viola Fields, the kind who would meddle with just about anything, from what you are wearing to a formal dinner to which financial advisor you had chosen. Because of that, she has managed to maintain her popularity in the industry even further. Now at 83, her glowing looks is a strong proof that Jane is still the veteran actress we all love from then to now.


One of the most popular American actresses in the late ‘70s who rose to prominence for being part of the outstanding drama RockyThe Godfather, and Rocky IV is none other than Talia Shire. Because of these projects, she created her own legacy in the industry and even managed to receive numerous awards and nominations in the past. In fact, she was nominated for 7 Oscars back in her time. Talia even won a Lifetime Achievement Awards and a Wave of Excellence for Filmmaking.

Now that she is 74 years old, with her set of talents and youthful glow, she is still unstoppable, and retirement may never cross her mind. Being in the limelight for over a decade, it is safe to assume that she has already made some worthy investments that would be beneficial for her and her children. If there is one thing we want to say to Talia, it is, you go, girl!


Would you believe that Cybill Shepherd earned her first Academy Award as well as several nominations after starring in the 1971 film, The Last Picture Show, which was her very acting gig? She went to provide stellar performances in blockbusters such as The Heartbreak Kid and Moonlighting. In 1995, she appeared in the TV sitcom Cybill, where she played middle-aged Cybill Sheridan who had to deal with her acting career, two daughters, a couple of ex-husbands, alcoholic best friend, home loans, and a bunch of other things. She recently starred in the TV series The Client List and many other movies.

However, before all that, Cybill was first discovered when the director noticed her on the cover of Glamour Magazine. Since then, her whole career changed and made her one of the legendary stars in the industry today. Fortunately, thanks to her knowledge in handling her financial stability and physical appearance, Cybill has managed to maintain her reputation.


It was back in 1968 when Swedish singer Agnetha Faltskog released her self-titled debut record. While it made her popular in Sweden, she enjoyed international stardom when she became a part of the pop group ABBA which brought electricity to the dancefloor. ABBA is one of the best-selling musical groups to date, selling more than 380 million albums and singles all over the planet to their credits. Sadly, ABBA broke up back in 1982, to the dismay of its fans worldwide.

The good news is that it wasn’t the end of Agnetha’s singing career as she re-launched a solo career and dabbled in acting, too. Clearly, she was able to turn all the negativity into her advantage to shine further regardless of her age. Even if she is already 70 years old, her youthful smile and glowing aura are still there. Coupled with her outstanding talent, Agnetha continuously shines as if she is still a teenager.


If you haven’t sung to the song You’re So Vain one way or the other, then it’s safe to assume that you’re no fan of Carly Elisabeth Simon. Perhaps as a James Bond fan, you have marveled at the theme song of the 1977 film, The Spy Who Loved Me. Well, that iconic song entitled Nobody Does It Better was sung by her. There are so many other popular hits to Carly’s credit, and they range from Anticipation to Mockingbird.

Throughout her lively music career, she had received 14 Grammy Awards nominations, and she actually won two of them. Based on the number of awards she received, it is safe to assume that she will now live a luxurious yet graceful life together with her family.  She was once married to James Taylor, to whom she had two daughters. Undoubtedly, Carly can still blend with today’s generation, which she actually does so. In fact, aside from pursuing a music career, she is also a children’s book author.


You need not have been born in the 90s to be familiar with Alanis Morisette. This is because her music has resonated with listeners of every generation together with her emotive-mezzo-soprano trademark voice, which make her to stay in the limelight even until today.  However, before that, you would probably know that everything started when she decided to release two dance-pop albums in Canada.

Now that she is 46, you could still hear most of her music on streaming websites, especially Spotify, resulting in elevating your emotions occasionally. Aside from that, you also don’t need to be reminded of what she looks like as her name alone is synonymous with individuality and unfailing beauty. With the money she’s made, Alanis probably has her homeowner’s insurance in check. Certainly, she doesn’t have to worry about anything except make new music, perfect her youthful glow, and enjoy the profits of the Broadway play based on her discography.


Chris Evert used to be referred to as world’s number one tennis player. It doesn’t come as a big surprise since she won over 150 single championships throughout her athletic career. As if that’s not enough, Chris also won more than 30 double titles. With her stellar achievements in the world of tennis, there is no need for you to have a finance degree to understand why it is said that she has a net worth of $16 million.

These days, she’s working as an analyst for the American cable sports channel, ESPN. Chris also has her own line of tennis and active lifestyle apparel for women. She might be retired today, but it is safe to assume that she is still playing tennis in her free time somewhere in her house. Certainly, after dedicating most of her life in endless trainings and participating in tournaments, Chris indeed deserve everything she has today.

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