Art Mirrors Life: Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

As the popular saying goes: art often imitates life. While we get that there must be some degree of truth to this, we didn’t expect it to come in the form of celebrities who have cartoon character doppelgangers! Whether you think the coincidence is cute or creepy, we don’t really know! However, what we do know is that casting actors for live-action remakes of animated classics will be more of a breeze, eh? All that there’s left is to find out who’s who and scroll down this list to see if your favorite stars have a twin of their own!

Linda Hunt and Edna Mode

The number of uncanny resemblances held by the beloved The Incredibles character is roofing over other animated characters! Inspired by Q from the James Bond movies, Edna Mode has mainly taken inspiration from Edith Head, a costume designer in the real world. This rings true when you think about how Mode is also a fashion designer for the supers!

However, fans have been drawing comparisons to popular figures such as the Academy Award-winning actress Linda Hunt. Out of the three, we pick Hunt as the closest resemblance due to the similarities between her and Mode’s small stature. Hunt stands 4 feet and nine inches tall.

Leslie David Baker and Cleveland Brown

Is it Stanley from The Office? Or is it Cleveland from Family Guy? We’re getting a headache trying to tell these two apart! With their sad and often tired-looking puppy dog eyes and the thick mustache, Baker and Brown have become popular meme content in the past. Coincidence? We think not!

Cleveland Brown is known to be one of Peter Griffin’s best friends, who eventually landed his own spinoff, The Cleveland Show. The creators of Family Guy, however, have been fairly open about using real life people for inspiration for some of the characters on their show. So you guys definitely have to give fan-theories some credit!

John Smith and Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth just screams Prince Charming, doesn’t he? With his long blonde locks and piercing blue eyes, he is sought-after in Hollywood for handsome hero lead roles. Before his big break in the blockbuster Avengers franchise as Thor, the Norse god of thunder who can control electricity, Hemsworth used to star in a lot of Australian soap operas.

Though you might not instantly make the connection, when you’re Disney fans like us, you’ll see that he looks a lot like Captain John Smith from Pocahontas. He might not have been cast as a Disney Prince Charming yet, but being the captain of a ship comes to a close second!

Grumpy Cat and Master Shifu

Who’s to say Grumpy Cat isn’t a celebrity? This internet sensation definitely deserves to be on this list for the record-breaking number of times that he’s been used as a meme on several social networking sites.

To a certain degree, his resemblance to Master Shifu from the Kung Fu Panda franchise is all due to that famous scowl of his! Shifu is known, not only for training strong warriors such as the Furious Five, but also for having the same expressions as Grumpy Cat and annoyance at Po. Who do you think would win between the two during a frowning stare-off?

Haley Joel Osment and Shaggy

Zoinks! Remember the kid that sees dead people in The Sixth Sense? He has a talking dog and solves mysteries now! Haley Joel Osment in his prime teen years looked a lot like the cowardly Mystery Gang member Shaggy. Other than their sweeping blonde hair, what both these men have in common to credit is their strange ability to see ghosts—in fiction, anyway.

The former child star Osment is now 32 years old and looks lesser like Shaggy as the years go by. Ironically, he did grow his beard in a shaggy way. But we guess that’s as far as the resemblance looks to date!

Slave and Freddie Mercury

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? With the iconic mustache, a V-neck that is barely concealing a thick growing chest hair, Mr. Slave from South Park definitely looks a lot like Queen singer Freddie Mercury! Mercury was not only known for his unique sense of fashion and amazing vocals, but also for his show-stopping energetic live performances.

Looks like the show’s creators weren’t so subtle about which worldwide celebrity they drew inspiration from! Now we just have to see the possibility of Mr. Slave flooring Freddie in a sing-off and we’d call the comparison at an even tie!

Neil Patrick Harris and Riddler

For years, many comic book and superhero fans of DC have been pegging Neil Patrick Harris to star as a live-action Riddler. We think that will be legen—wait for it—dary! His quirkiness and squeaky voice suits the role, not to mention that he does look quite gangly and has an angular face like that of the comic book character. Although we know him best as womanizer Barney Stinson from the comedy television series How I Met Your Mother, Harris is actually a versatile actor and performer on Broadway. With a talent range of his degree, we’re sure NPH can handle the role if ever!

Christina Hendricks and Jessica Rabbit

We guess it’s safe to call Christina Hendricks a head-turner. She’s the kind of woman who walks into a room and commands attention. Her good looks and bright-colored red hair easily makes her a stunner and a standout. You may have seen her for key appearances on Mad Men and Good Girls, but we all know she reminds you of a certain voluptuous fictional redhead as well!

Just like her real-life counterpart, the animated Jessica Rabbit was such a scene-stealer that she became a key figure for the 80s movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Girls do run the world, let’s give them the credit they deserve!

Larry King and Mr. Burns

Late night talk shows are a thing. From it, we’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, and a whole lot more. But can we ever forget the icon among them all? Television legend Larry gets credit for inventing the talk show format of celebrities sitting on sofas and chatting about the mundane with a funny host. So in a way, all these new hosts owe King for their careers!

Despite the resemblance, King is in no way as scheming and evil as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, who is Homer’s egotistic greedy boss. The similarities end in the physical features and their old age.

Emma Watson and Belle

Seems like we’re not the only ones to have noticed this because Disney did cast Emma Watson to star as Belle in their live-action remake of the hit classic Beauty and the Beast in 2017. We may have all grown up to see Watson portray the adorable bookworm, Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter movie franchise, and it seems like the bibliophile in her previous major role has made its way into her new Disney princess role as well! Other than a shared investment in books, both embody strong women who are beautiful not only on the outside but also within.

Ariel and Ariana Grande

While talks of another live-action Disney princess remake are in the works, Arianators and Disney fans alike have been pushing to a degree for Ariana Grande to be cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Do we really have to answer why? If you want to save time, just go ahead and watch an episode of Victorious on Netflix, where Grande once played the role of Cat Valentine. There, you’ll see her singing and sporting red locks, much like our favorite princess.

However, early this year, Disney already announced a cast lineup for the remake with Halle Bailey getting the role of Ariel.

Snow White and Ginnifer Goodwin

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as a raven. These were the descriptions we’ve all heard from childhood fairytales to describe Snow White. Similarly, these features also fit Ginnifer Goodwin, which must be why she easily nabbed the role of the princess for the classic fairytale-retelling show Once Upon A Time. The likeness ends there though, because in the reimagined world where Goodwin acts, the princess Snow White was far from the damsel in distress that we grew up hearing about. In a stand-off, we all know who will end up flooring the other, that’s for sure!

Charlie Sheen and Glenn Quagmire

Giggity giggity check it out! Look how much Family Guy’s Glenn Quagmire resembles actor Charlie Sheen! The hair, the eyes, the jaw outline, and the smile— the show creators really nailed it down so give them the credit they’re due! The outrageously-funny Quahog resident is not the only character on the show who gives off a great real-life celebrity aura! It’s as if almost everyone from Peter Griffin’s gang has a doppelganger! There are quite a number of other look-alikes on the show that will be featured on this list so do stick around and look for them!

Gillian Anderson and Lois Griffin

Speaking of Family Guy, next on the list is yet another member of their hilarious cast! The matriarch of Peter Griffin’s family, Lois Griffin, looks an awful lot like a young Gillian Anderson. Now, some of you may not recognize her because you’ve come to see her as a silver fox with purely white-gray locks on the hit Netflix show Sex Education. But long before that, Anderson was known then for sporting an auburn-colored mom cut, much like her cartoon twin. The similarity ends there, though, because while Lois is known for her on-repeat mom clothes, Gillian Anderson is a fashion icon of the highest degree.

Aubrey Plaza and Violet Parr

Close your eyes. Try listening to the deadpan voice of Aubrey Plaza in any film or television series she has ever starred in. Now, listen to that of Violet Parr in The Incredibles movies. There’s hardly any difference, right? Both of these women have deep, monotone voices that always seem to mouth nothing but sad angst-ridden lines. Now, open your eyes and look at them side by side. With their piercing, bulging eyes that scream electricity, along with their jet-black hair, these two are basically the same person! Talk about the ultimate sulking teenager trope in film and movies!

Kim Kardashian and Princess Jasmine

The most famous Kardashian sibling really is like a real-life Princess Jasmine, with her stunning Armenian features, a vast amount of wealth, and worldwide investments. Talk about celebrity royalty! Fans have been repeatedly mentioning how Kim bears great resemblance to the Disney princess, that she got a Princess Jasmine makeover done on makeup artist Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel. Although, her eldest daughter North wasn’t keen on the look. Additionally, the reality TV star has dressed up as Jasmine for Halloween twice already: one in 2009 and the other last 2016. Seems like Kim has embraced her cartoon doppelganger and is having fun rocking it!

Rico Rodriguez and Russell

We’ve all seen Rico Rodriguez grow up in front of the silver screen. We credit this to his 12-year stint playing the role of Manny Delgado in the hit television comedy series Modern Family. During the show’s early years, we’ve come to love Rodriguez for his portrayal of sweet innocent Manny. With his big doe eyes and round squishy cheeks, he draws a big similarity to our beloved animated Boy Scout! Just like Russell from Up, Rico as Manny is chirpy, eager, and a major ball of sunshine. Imagine how much we’d have to stop ourselves from pinching the cheeks of these two cuties!

Amanda Seyfried and Rapunzel

In 2018, Amanda Seyfried worked with musical legend Cher for the musical film Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again. During the London premiere, a photo of the pair went viral on Twitter after people noticed the uncanny resemblance they had with Rapunzel and Mother Gothel from Tangled.It didn’t take long before fans pleaded for them to be cast in a live-action adaptation of the Disney film. Seyfried’s luscious platinum golden hair and the electricity in her blue eyes mirror that of Rapunzel, while Cher’s wild black locks, defined facial structure, and tall frame is similar to that of the villain.

Dave Chappelle and Frozone

Lucius Best is the alter-ego of Frozone, Mr. Incredible’s best friend, and fellow superhero from the movie The Incredibles. You may have known him best for his iconic line: “Honey, where’s my super suit?” If that still does not ring a bell, then maybe you’ll recognize him when compared to Dave Chappelle. Both Chappelle and Frozone share the same tall, almost lanky figure. Their face structure and angles are eerily-similar. But the likeness does not end there! In the movie franchise, Frozone not only displays coolness literally, as his superpower is ice, but he is often the comic relief. Similarly, Chappelle gets credit for being a top comedian.

John Goodman and Peter Griffin

Known best for playing Dan Conner on the ABC television series Roseanne, John Goodman is also a constant collaborator of the Coen filmmaker brothers. Goodman has also voiced several iconic animated characters such as Baloo from The Jungle Book. To a degree, he is often compared to the looks of Peter Griffin from Family Guy, wherein he has also been cartooned in several episodes. They both are of bigger body types, but the similarities just about ends there. Goodman’s wholesome and loveable nature is a far cry from Griffin’s dark humor. They’re more like two different sides of the same coin.

Martin Scorsese and Carl Fredricksen

Funny how everyone’s favorite grumpy old man looks exactly like an animated version of one of the most accomplished directors in Hollywood. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese is known for his iconic black-rimmed eyeglasses and wide charming smile. On the other hand, Mr. Carl Fredricksen from Up is also known for his iconic black rimmed-eyeglasses… and constant frowning. But who wouldn’t be, when life is constantly flooring you? We all remember that heartbreaking 14-minute love story montage? Now that we’ve found Mr. Fredricksen’s real-life twin, do you think he’ll agree to act in the live-action adaptation, or will he direct it himself?

Vanessa Williams and Esmeralda

In 1983, just half a year after joining her first-ever beauty pageant, Vanessa Williams made history when she was crowned the first African-American Miss America. This stunning beauty is certainly a force to be reckoned with. It comes off as little surprise that her cartoon character look-alike matches not only her beauty, but her wit and feisty attitude as well. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda is spoken of as the finest girl in France. But she is not just surface-level beauty, as she has heavy investment in helping others as an outspoken humanitarian. Looks like Vanessa and Esmeralda really are birds of the same feather.

Jill Scott and Garnet

In the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, Garnet is a fusion of two gems, Ruby and Sapphire. She is currently the leader of the Crystal Gems and is known for her versatility. In most ways, she is just like her real-life counterpart Jill Scott. Scott is a singer-songwriter, model, poet, and also has a background in acting. Other than their similar facial features such as their thick lips and curly black hair, both of these ladies are headstrong and independent. They are known for their non-stop hustle and the gas that continues to fuel their passions. Are we sure they’re not the same person?

Eric Allan Kramer and Bob Parr

Coincidentally, one of Eric Allan Kramer’s credit to fame was his role on Good Luck Charlie as Bob Duncan. Meanwhile, his doppelganger is also named Bob. But the difference is, this other Bob is a Super. Bob Parr is the secret identity of Mr. Incredible from the Disney-Pixar animated film The Incredibles. While we highly doubt the Kramer has superhuman strength or other similar powers, both he and Parr have the same blonde hair, muscular build, blue eyes, and angular face shape. Should Disney-Pixar decide to expand this movie franchise and adapt it into live-action, we now know who to suggest for casting!

Corbin Bleu and Huey Freeman

We all know Corbin Bleu as the headstrong basketball player Chad Danforth in Disney’s High School Musical franchise. Meanwhile, his cartoon character twin has been airing from a different channel, Cartoon Network. Huey Freeman is one of the main characters on the show The Boondocks. The degree of similarity among the two spans from physical attributes, to their personalities. While both boys sport a thick afro hairstyle and upturned eyebrows, they are also both highly-intelligent and determined. The only difference is that Corbin’s character, Chad uses it mainly on the court while Huey uses it in speech (and sometimes in martial arts!)

Snoop Dog and Jafar

With Guy Ritchie’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin was released last 2019, people had a lot to say about casting. One that particularly caught our attention was how Snoop Dogg looked a lot more like Jafar than the actor who played him in the movie. The two have the same plotting look in their eyes, the same pointed nose, and to a degree, the iconic smirk.

Should there be another live action Aladdin, we hope casting directors will note Snoop for the role. For the meantime, the rapper continues to make music and has recently worked with country icon Willie Nelson.

Lauren Lapkus and Gretchen Grundler

Lauren Lapkus is an accomplished comedian who has guested and appeared in several high-profile television shows. Some of her most notable appearances include: The Big Bang Theory, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Orange is the New Black. With her big cat-like eyes and often timid-looking appearance, she reminds us of our favorite brainy kid from Recess.

Gretchen Grundler is known for her intelligence and extreme love of science. Lapkus displays plenty of smarts with the wit, thanks to years of improvisation practice. Lapkus has always wanted to be a comedian, and she credits shows like Saturday Night Live for her early exposure to the comedy.

Miley Cyrus and Cynthia

Ever since her Disney days, Miley Cyrus has always been a doll. But during her We Can’t Stop and Bangerz era, we never thought we’d get to see it literally! She chopped off her usual long hair and began sporting a pixie cut. At the Met Gala that year, with her cut styled upwards, many pointed out how she looks a lot like Angelica’s doll, Cynthia, in Rugrats. Seven years later, the Hannah Montana star has certainly bounced back and is flooring it! With that, her hair is back to its original wavy blonde wonder. Will the star be rocking a different style soon?

Aubrey Plaza and Daria Morgendorffer

Aubrey Plaza makes it to this list for a second time! No doubt, we credit her deadpan style of acting, goth-like behavior and face that mirrors so many fun and sarcastic cartoon characters. This time, she’s being compared to this classic titular 90s character Daria.

Much like most of Plaza’s roles, Daria is generally either donning a pokerface or a frown. The character is smart, although she generally has a thing for disliking the world around her. This reminds us of Plaza’s character in the comedy series Parks and Recreation, April Ludgate. We think the two would get along quite easily in a crossover.

Wiz Khalifa and Chester Cheetah

To a certain degree, this pair is similar because of their iconic black shades. Both Wiz Khalifa and Chester Cheetah are household figures that we grew up with. While Khalifa is busy producing music, Chester takes his time promoting and selling Cheetos, as the official mascot. Perhaps Khalifa was used as an inspiration for the creation of the mascot, but nothing is certain yet.

An article from The New York Times has said that DDB Needham Worldwide created Chester the Cheetah. On the other hand, television program Unwrapped stated that Hawley Pratt, who also made the Pink Panther, is to be credited for Chester.

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