Living Large: A Look into the Sprawling Mansions of your Favorite Celebrities


Will Smith, the actor, rapper and man whom Newsweek Magazine at one point called the “most powerful actor in Hollywood,” purchased this Stephen Samuelson-designed mansion sometime around 2010, but listed it for sale a few years later for a whopping $42 million. The 25000 square foot house includes nine bedrooms, a home theater, eight garages and an outdoor swimming pool. There are also luxurious leisure facilities, as well as basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court and trampoline. Will said that his favorite place is the serene Pavilion in the heart of the manor’s secluded lake.

The huge sprawling mansion reportedly even has its own high-end home security system and recording studio, where Will’s daughter Willow recorded her hit single Whip My Hair. The Smith family has more homes than one can dream to have, but it’s been reported that this Calabasas mansion is where they spent most of their time.


Comedy superstar Eddie Murphy, who will be on anyone’s shortlists of best stand-up comedians in history, owns this majestic mansion in Hollywood Hills. He reportedly parted with $20 million of investment money to acquire it but did so many renovations on the property that it’s now estimated to be worth around $85 million. Well, that’s what money can do—and money is something Murphy has in abundance, considering his net worth as of this year is around $130 million.

It might be difficult to believe, but the house has—wait for it—32 rooms in total! The mansion is 18598 square feet, Mediterranean style, with a swimming pool suitable for a five-star resort and a bowling alley. This is necessary when there are a lot of children to have fun! The lush landscape around the property provides a lot of privacy and tropical scenery, increasing the visual appeal of the house.


There is just something about the Pacific Palisades area that makes it immensely appealing to celebrities of all stripes. And Matt Damon, one of the industry’s top personalities, is no exception. He purchased this $15-million mansion in the Pacific Palisades to add to his investment portfolio in 2012, which was, at the time, close to where his buddy Ben Affleck had been living.

Rumor has it that Damon tried to sell the home for $20 million in 2015, which was around the time Affleck put his home in the area for sale, too. Is it just us or does it look like these two really—really—want to be close to each other? This amazing mansion has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a garage for five cars and a maid’s room. The decoration of the house reflects a supernatural Zen style, with many guest rooms covered with wooden floors and stone walls.


This celebrity power couple, whose collective net worth exceeds a billion dollars, became a part of history (somewhat) by making one of the most expensive real estate purchases in the history of Los Angeles. When we say it’s one of the most expensive, we mean exactly that: the purchase was for an $88-million mega-mansion with its own spa, wellness facility, and top-of-the-line home security system (with bulletproof glass doors). Suffice to say that the new owners are billionaires, so you can use your imagination.

The mansion has a spacious terrace, numerous sun bathing platforms and four swimming pools, which make up the house’s nearly two acre garden. The custom house has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as well as eye-catching architectural staircases made of dark wood and Italian limestone. There is also a complete basketball court, a spa and separate staff quarters, as well as a secure garage for 15 cars and a media room.


This lavish 32-room mansion, which is owned by Grammy award-winning artist Alicia Keys and her fellow multi-awarded husband, Swizz Beatz, was put on the market in 2015 for $14.9 million. The disorganized Red Brick Georgian style, behind the gate and equipped with a high-tech security system, is about 25000 square feet, with eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

We’re not sure if it’s been sold already, but if it was—and it’s likely that it had been given that it’s been more than a few years now since the initial listing—then we’re certain that the new owner would have a lot to be happy about with this new addition to his investment portfolio, not least because of the home’s prestigious location, as well as the many amenities it has, including a movie theater, a bowling alley, a recording studio, and more.


Brad Pitt, One of the most famous and highest-paid artists in the world, who’s character overshadowed Helen of Troy in the film Troy—which was the height of irony, considering Helen was supposed to be the ‘Face that Launched a Thousand Ships’—seems to have assumed ownership of the $1.7-million sprawling mansion in Los Feliz after his divorce with the equally hot Angelina Jolie.

Brad reportedly purchased the real estate property for $1.7 million way back in 1994, but has done many renovations since, and even purchased the adjacent lot just to be able to extend his abode. Today the property consists of 5 contiguous plots over nearly 2-acres and totally has four homes, one of which is the main house of 6,600 square-foot. It’s clearly one of Brad’s favorites, since he’s bought and sold many houses since then but has kept this particular one in his possession.


Barbadian singer, songwriter, and all-around talented individual, Rihanna, is one of the most popular and commercially successful music artists in the world today. Rihanna owns a penthouse in Manhattan, New York. She has got one of the most enviable lives in Hollywood, not least because of this particular real estate investment of hers in Barbados, that boasts a view of the pristine Caribbean Sea.

Seriously, life doesn’t get better than Rihanna’s in Barbados, and anyone who follows her Instagram can see the various ways in which the star luxuriates inside her five-bedroom Barbadian condo that reportedly has a whole host of home security features that will make the most privacy-inclined individuals drool. The developer of the complex where Rihanna’s condo is located also happens to be Michael Tabor, whose net worth is estimated to be in the range of $2 billion, so you know there’s not a single atom of cheap here.


Genie Francis is a legendary soap actress who is popularly known for playing Laura Spencer on the hit television series General Hospital. Francis is a legend for many reasons, one of which is that she’s appeared in many soap operas throughout her career, including Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and All My Children. Francis has won a Daytime Emmy Award and some other awards.

Since 1988, Genie has been married to actor/director Jonathan Frakes and they have two children. This couple are apparently letting go of their California mansion for $4 million, which they’ve snagged two years ago for $2.8 million. We’re not sure if it’s been sold already, but they’ve listed it in 2019, and an investment property this beautiful usually doesn’t last long in the market, so we’re betting that Francis and Frakes have already made a pretty penny from the sale.


Talk show host and political pundit Sean Hannity is more popularly known for hosting the show Hannity on the Fox channel. He has received multiple awards and honors and written three New York Times best-selling books. By 2018, he had become one of the hosts with the most listeners in talk shows. According to reports, he owns nearly 900 houses in seven states.

listed his Long Island mansion for $3.6 million in 2014. It’s a wonderful-looking piece of real estate that anyone looking for a good investment would have been interested in. Apparently, Hannity wanted to move out of New York despite being a long-time Long Island native because the Governor back then was staunchly against conservative pundits like him. In any case, we’re not sure if it’s been scooped up from the market, but if we were to guess, it’s more than likely that it has been, given that it’s been listed quite a while ago.


Multi-awarded television personality Craig Ferguson is more popularly known as the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. As the host of the game show Celebrity Name Game, he won two Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition, Ferguson has also written three books and three films. He returned to live in Scotland in 2019 because he was bored with life in Hollywood.

He listed this majestic Hollywood Hills home for $6 million but reduced the price to $5.199 million after the initial listing elicited very little interest. We’re not sure why, since the home looks as fabulous as any celebrity home can be (well, maybe not as fabulous as Oprah’s). Ferguson reportedly already moved out, and no doubt hired a moving company to haul all his prized possessions. In any case, people might be interested to know that the home was built 115 years ago and was purchased by Ferguson seven years ago for $4.1 million.


Heidi Klum is a supermodel-turned executive producer. She was once one of the highest paid models in the world. Heidi was once Victoria’s Secret Angel, now she has also achieved considerable success in the entertainment industry and became more like a businesswoman. Heidi reportedly sold her mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, for $24 million.

The sprawling investment property that comes with such creature comforts as a spa, a golf course, and a massive hiking trail, was purchased by the model and her equally famous ex-husband, Seal, in 2010. And Klum will be making a lot of money from the sale, considering she bought it for only $14.2 million back then. If there’s one word that perfectly encapsulates the fully-renovated home, it’s ‘elegant.’ Indeed, the views of California itself from many of the home’s windows are a testament to just how wonderful the property is.


If there’s anyone who we can safely say is the most famous psychologist in all of Hollywood, it’s Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the show Dr. Phil, and frequent guest of the Oprah Winfrey Show. He gained attention when he first appeared on the TV Show in the late 1990s. McGraw also published some best-selling books, including Life Strategies. Sure, the show—and by extension, the man—is not without its controversies.

He’s had to hire lawyers in the past because he’s had his share of lawsuits (some of which included Britney Spears), but the man is definitely somewhat of an icon in Hollywood and has a million-dollar Beverly Hills mansion with his wife to show for it–a mansion which he ended up selling for $6.25 million to get an even more impressive one. The house has not yet found a buyer.


Nicole Kidman married Australian country musician Keith Urban in 2006. Next year they paid $2.7 million for real estate in Tennessee. They also own multiple properties in Nashville, Beverly Hills, and other places. It was a long time coming, but this power couple was finally able to sell their Tennessee property, albeit for lower than what they initially wanted.

They put it up for sale in 2017, listing it at $3.45 million. But after a few months of getting no offers, they reduced the price to $2.75 million, only to finally settle on a deal worth $2.7 million in 2018. To some degree, the sale wasn’t bad at all, considering the couple purchased the property for $2.45 million back in 2007. We’re not sure where the couple chose to relocate, but given their vast investment portfolio, it could be anywhere.


Scarlett Johansson, who just reprised her role as Black Widow in the new Marvel spinoff film of the same name,  is the world’s highest-paid actress in the past two years. She has received two Academy Award nominations for her role in Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit. She also is considered a Hollywood sex symbol by the media. Johansson reportedly purchased this mansion in the Los Feliz area for $3.8 million back in 2014.

It’s a stunner that was built in the 1940s, and it features an excellent home security system, and much of the creature comforts one would expect an A-list celebrity to be paying an exorbitant amount of money for. Apparently, this was only one among many real estate purchases that the Hollywood star has made in recent years, some of which she sold already, including the apartment she bought in Manhattan in 2008.


The “Princess of Pop” Britney Spears, who, to a huge degree, changed the musical landscape of the ‘90s with her innumerable hit songs, asked for $9 million for this Lake Sherwood mansion in California. She decided to part with the hacienda-style mansion for reasons that are at the moment unknown. She paid $6.7 million for the mansion in 2012 from retired hockey player Russ Courtnall and his wife.

Interestingly, the number of homes the pop star was alleged to have moved in and out of since hitting it big in the music industry is ten—that’s a lot! Of course, the mansion built in 2010 is lavish; it is 8,456 square feet of pure unadulterated bliss. This Spanish-style house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge theater, a pool and impressive views of Santa Monica. There is also a parking garage for seven cars on the ground.


The word filmmaker is too effete a word to describe Steven Spielberg. He is, of course, a filmmaker, but he’s so much more than that, as evidenced by the fact that a lot of the films that have garnered widespread attention, fully enmeshed themselves in our cultural zeitgeist, and been borne from his mind. Indeed, it would be the height of tediousness to list down his many amazing films, since they are exactly that: many.

And if Spielberg’s $15-million mansion in the Pacific Palisades was created with the same zeal as he created his films, then we can expect it to be, to a huge degree, out of this world. Alas, the photos of the home that we found online are confirmatory of that initial assumption. This is the longtime primary residence for him and his wife Kate. Not far away, they also have equestrian facilities.


Cher, an American singer, television personality, and movie star, owns a number of houses all over the world, especially in Los Angeles. She reportedly put this 1.7-acre Italian Renaissance-style Malibu mansion that featured views of the Pacific Ocean up for sale in 2008 but decided to keep it, saying she couldn’t part with the property. However, the property somehow found its way to Beyonce sometime in 2012, who purchased it for $45 million.

We’re not sure why Cher changed her mind about this gorgeous mansion that she added to her investment portfolio way back in 1992, but we’re sure that Beyonce had a lot to be happy about (at least while she stayed in it, given the numerous properties she already has) if the photos of the home’s views of the Pacific Ocean that we found online are any indication.


There was a time when everyone was justified in expecting Justin Bieber to fail spectacularly on account of how fast he’s risen. But the young man was able to ride out the storm to become one of the music industry’s biggest acts. With his $285-million net worth, it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber didn’t settle for anything less than this magnificent-looking glass mansion in Hollywood.

The home, designed by esteemed architect Ed Niles, looks more like a shopping mall than a home. It is reportedly being rented by Justin for $60,000 a month, which we would say is crazy were it not for the fact that the home looks to be worth every penny. In 2020, Justin bought a new mansion in Beverly Hills, within an exclusive gated community. There are many celebrities in the neighborhood, include Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy.


Cameron Diaz, the multi-awarded actress and former model who’s appeared in countless comedy films throughout her career, put her Manhattan residence up for sale way back in 2015. Known for her role in Vanilla SkyShe and Gangs of New York, she is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood and owns several impressive properties around the US. It’s a $4.25-million stunner that has designer Kelly Wearstler as one of the brains behind its creation.

This rare gem has 1,400 square feet of space and two bedrooms in which Cameron had undoubtedly spent much of her time. Luckily for Diaz, the property was sold in just 47 days and for the exact price that she was asking. The property was, overall, a great investment for the actress, considering she spent $2.95 million on it in 2008. In 2020 Cameron bought a new 9,000 square-foot mansion in a gated community of Beverly Hills.


Teri Hatcher, who’s better known as Lois Lane from the long-time running hit series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and as Susan Mayer in the other hit television series Desperate Housewives, is another celebrity who is, to a huge degree, living in the lap of luxury. Hatcher’s income per episode of “Desperate Housewives” makes her one of the highest-paid actors on TV.

Her California home, which she purchased for $1.49 million in 2000, has 4.5 bedrooms and 4,106 square feet of living space. And, guess what; Hatcher opened it up for rent. But the price—at $25,000 per month for long-term and $30,000 per month short-term—just might make your jaws open wide with incredulity. The house is equipped with a swimming pool, spa and children’s playground. Surrounded by plenty of green plants, it can protect the maximum privacy of residents.


Ubiquitous Hollywood personality John Stamos is popularly known for playing Jesse Katsopolis on the highly-rated, award-winning sitcom, Full House. In 2018 he married model and actress Caitlin McHugh and they have a child. He reportedly snagged this Cape Cod-style $5.75-million mansion in a gated community in Hidden Hills of California.

The 1.5-acre estate is said to have its own world-class recording studio, which Stamos must love—many don’t know that Stamos is also a musician with a few singles to his name. He also, to his credit, has a band called Destiny. And apparently, Stamos does a few concerts here and there with his band. The mega-mansion boasts six bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. Outdoors, there is a pool, a spa, a barbecue, a basketball court, a garden on 1.5 acres of land and many other creatures comforts that only celebrities can afford.


It will probably be only those from older generations who will be familiar with Pat Boone, whose fame peaked during the 50s—which was quite a long time ago. But there is no doubt that he was an extremely successful singer during his time, and was in fact widely regarded as second only to Elvis Presley, the King of Pop. He also is a successful actor, writer and host. As an actor, Boone starred in more than 12 Hollywood movies.

He hosted an ABC variety television series named The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom, on which many musical performers appeared. People might be interested to know that Boone put his stately mansion up for sale for $18,499,000. It’s a wonderful piece of Beverly Hills (where home security is probably top-notch) that has 48,000 square feet of space, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and a huge pool in which to luxuriate.


If you’ve watched the hit television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you’re no doubt familiar with Kim Zolciak-Biermann, and her Bravo spinoff show, Don’t Be Tardy for The Wedding. Kim has six children, two from previous relationships and four born to her husband, NFL star Kroy Biermann. In any case, the reality television personality’s resort-like mansion in Atlanta can often be seen in her Instagram stories.

Kim, after all, loves to snap photos of her herself luxuriating in the various areas of her plush property. Even one photo that she posted last 2014 showing her then baby’s room was thought by her followers to be too over-the-top. But to her credit, seems to be the type of person who happily flaunts what she’s got, so we aren’t really surprised. In 2016, Kim created her own luxury beauty and lifestyle brand.


Tom Brady is a professional football player. He has won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, the most of players in NFL history. His wife, Gisele Bundchen is a supermodel, and we are, to a huge degree, envious of their lives. They’re both impossibly good-looking, after all, as well as impossibly rich. After the couple purchased a $20-million apartment that overlooks the Hudson River, they are now also part of a group of high-profile celebrities who call Tribeca, New York, their home.

Interestingly enough, the couple’s luxurious apartment is on the 12th floor, which is the number as Brady’s football Jersey. Bundchen shared for one interview that they were closing a deal for an apartment on the 11th floor until Brady changed his mind and decided to go with something on the 12th floor. However, they sold this apartment in 2020.


New Zealander and multi-awarded actor Russell Crowe gained international attention for his role in the film Gladiator. He also had an outstanding performance in A Beautiful Mind, Les Misérables and many other movies. In addition, Crowe directed the drama The Water Diviner for the first time and achieved great success. He reportedly did a lot of renovations on his $20- million rural enclave in Nana Glen, Australia, for his new love interest Terri Irwin.

But the recent bushfires in Australia, of which the Nana Glen area was a part, almost rendered Crowe’s efforts for naught. It was reported that the actor’s sprawling 40-hectare property was one of the investment properties in the area that was ravaged by the bushfire. Luckily for Crowe, the main house seems relatively unscathed, but Crowe did share a few photos on social media of the damaged and ashen structures in his property that were hit.


Perino was the Whitehouse Press Secretary of former US President George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009. She has come a long way from her small-town roots in Wyoming. Now she serves as a political commentator for Fox News and co-host of the popular talk show The Five. Dana also founded a women’s leadership program named Minute Mentoring. She married in 1998 and now stays at a posh Manhattan apartment with her husband, Peter McMahon, who’s reportedly a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.

In fact, it’s probably McMahon who’s doing the money management duties in the Perino-McMahon household, which explains the couple’s very discriminating taste when it comes to their furniture. Indeed, photos showing the interior of both their Manhattan apartment as well as their South Carolina home leave little room to doubt just how picky the couple is when it comes to furniture and design.


If you’re young and have no clue what Magnum P.I. is (it was a hit television series in the ‘80s) then you should at least know Tom Selleck from his role as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in that other—more contemporary—hit television series, Blue Bloods. A lot of people we know who still don’t actually know Tom despite the Blue Bloods reference responded with “ah, that guy” when shown a picture of Tom and his inimitable mustache.

In any case, this mansion in Los Angeles that Tom owns was designed by James Blakeley III, and we invite everyone to check out the pictures of the place because one thing that can be said about the design is that it is, to a huge degree, as manly as Tom’s mustache. He turned this apartment into a rural living space that looks like a country villa.


This grand, upper Eastside mansion, built-in 1912, which reportedly used to be part of the real estate investment portfolio of Barbara Walters, had been listed on the market for $10.35 million. She is the TV anchor, journalist and producer/host of such shows as Today, The View, and 20/20. Walters was the first female host of an American news program. She retired from those shows in 2014 and made her final appearance on ABC News in 2015.

Focus on this house, the pictures we have simply don’t do it justice, because the interiors of its many rooms, 12 totally, which feature coffered ceilings, parquet floors, and Hepburn-esque elegance, must be seen to be fully appreciated. It is big, it is beautiful, and most importantly, it is located at Central Park, near Madison Avenue, where the upper-crust are known to reside.


Speaking of daytime soap operas, here’s another one. Anthony Geary, who’s popular for playing the role of Luke Geary in the hit daytime television series General Hospital, and whose filmography page in Wikipedia is, to his credit, filled to the brim with awards and nominations. He totally won a record eight Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Actor. He sold this fixer-upper for $950,000.

We know—we know—it doesn’t look like much, but it definitely has potential. The house is full of outdated decorations in the interior, including exposed wood and tile fireplace, so it urgently needs a complete renovation to make it look more modern. In any case, some reports say that Geary made more than a bit of money selling real estate, and has even reportedly sold one property for millions of dollars despite snagging it a few years before for much lower.


Tom Brokaw made history by being the only person to have hosted all three of NBC’s major news programs, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and Meet The Press. He has also written some books, including The Greatest Generation, which won numerous awards. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014. He reportedly listed his 53-acre estate in Westchester County for $6.3 million in 2018.

The 79-year-old TV veteran actually purchased the property with his wife Meredith 20 years ago to add to his investment portfolio for $2 million less than his initial asking price. Unfortunately, they settled with a buyer for $4.25 million, which means that Brokaw didn’t make money on the sale, given that that’s just about the amount he paid for the property 20 years ago. The plush property reportedly has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and lake views du jour.


Judge Mathis, star—or host—of the eponymous, arbitration-based, reality court series Judge Mathis, is the longest-running African American court show arbitrator. He has apparently let go of his massive estate in Tarzana for $3.2 million in 2018. The Mediterranean-style home was built in the mid-1990s and boasts 6,399 square feet of luxurious space, including a two-story living room, a double-island kitchen, five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a terrace with panoramic sunset views.

Of course, there’s a resort-style backyard. It was purchased by Mathis for $1.195 million seven years before the day it was sold. This, of course, meant that the property was more than just a great investment for Mathis, who made a pretty penny on the sale of the home. In any case, the photos of the home’s interior make it clear that the new owner has a lot to be happy about.


Denzel Washington is one personality in Hollywood who would easily get on anyone’s shortlists of best actors in the world. He was widely acclaimed for his performance in Glory and Training Day. The man is a chameleon, for crying out loud, and the list of awards he’s won and been nominated for is all the evidence one needs to be fully convinced of the fact. In 2020, he was named the greatest actor of the 21st century by The New York Times.

He’s also got a slew of mansions around the world, but it’s this one in Beverly Hills that has gotten the most attention, not least because it sits atop 28,887 square feet of land. Interestingly, Denzel purchased this investment property in 1992 for only $2.675 million, which is something, considering the property’s value is now reportedly more than 5 times that amount.


Oprah Winfrey is someone who needs no introduction. She’s known to have more than a few real estate investments in California, each with their own nicknames. Indeed, her first California property, which she rather aptly nicknamed “Promised Land,” was purchased for $50 million back in 2001. The 23,000-square-foot home had apparently been meticulously redecorated to suit Oprah’s opulent tastes, and much effort was expended in this regard.

Now it’s her most impressive real estate. When Oprah was asked what she felt about the home, she said she knows it’s special, and that every single guest she’s had had the same opinion about it. In 2016 she acquired an adjacent property so now the total of land she owns is 255 thousand square meters, a ranch-style house and numerous stables. In 2019 she paid $6.85 million for the house next door.


Shepard Smith is an American Broadcast journalist. He stayed with Fox News for 23 years from 1996. Then he started working for NBC and CNBC. He has put up his magnificent Greenwich apartment for sale for $4.9 million. And if he’s able to find a buyer for that price, then he can count his purchase of the apartment back in 2004 as one of the best investments he’s made, considering he only parted with $1.87 million to acquire it at the time.

Apparently, however, he tried selling the property in 2011 for $4 million and dropped the price to $3.95 after it scarcely attracted interest. It was removed from the market shortly, only for Shepard to try and sell it again in 2017. We’re not sure if it’s already been sold, but anyone who sees the apartment will have a lot to lust over.


Drake was a child actor, and now he is, without a doubt, one of the biggest musical acts today. He is also an entrepreneur, in 2012 he founded the OVO Sound record label. The man is everywhere—and is working with everyone. So it’s only fitting that he bought this mansion for $7.7 million, which reportedly has a pool that was designed to outdo the late Hugh Hefner’s pool in the Playboy mansion.

And if the aerial shots of Drake’s mansion are anything to go by, then we can say that the place is quite massive, and its size interestingly contrasts with the house’s somewhat reserved front entrance. The mansion is equipped with equestrian stables, a cinema, and especially one of the largest private pools in Southern California. Real estate gurus have reported that Drake made a fantastic investment on the property, considering its asking price was $27 million back in 2009.


David Letterman, who hosted The Late Show with David Letterman for 33 years, in total 6,080 episodes, is now retired. He is the longest-serving late night talk show host. He reportedly now spends much of his time in Saypo Montana, having purchased a home for an undisclosed amount—but we’re guessing it’s pretty expensive, considering how huge the place is.

He apparently purchased the 2700-acre “Deep Creek Ranch” back in 2007. To an amusing degree, the place was able to furnish Letterman with more than a few adventures. The wooden house here has three beds, three baths and a separate garage. Letterman shared that he woke up one morning to a bear stealing food from his fridge, and he and a couple of his neighbors had to scare it away with firecrackers. He also owns a house on Martha’s Vineyard and another in St. Barth’s.


This home represents somewhat of a sad story and includes two Hollywood A-listers that at one point fell in love, only for things to go downhill. This Lake House in Whitefish Montana was apparently built by Keifer Sutherland for Julia Roberts, for their wedding—a wedding that was unfortunately canceled 3 days before, for reasons we’re all too familiar.

Photos of the 5.5-acre property are all over the web, and it looks something out of a dream. The house is located on a picturesque lake and was renovated in 2015 by the current owners. From the log walls to the reclaimed wood, everything seems to have been constructed with a lot of thought put into it. It is fully functional, includes a golf course and rooftop terrace. All we can say is that Keifer deserves at least some credit for having created something so majestic.


The inimitable and very controversial Miley Cyrus bought this oceanside Malibu mansion when she was still famously—or infamously—romantically involved with Liam Hemsworth. To some degree, the property had been through the same rollercoaster ride as their relationship, because in November of 2018, the home was among those that got ravaged by the Woolsey Fire of California.

Miley was seen with a group of friends in Italy and Liam was seen in Australia where she is with her family, both are trying to free her mind after what they have been through lately. she has to deal with repairing her feelings before moving on with her life. Fortunately, Miley was able to have the whole place rebuilt in 2019, but decided to list it on the market the following year for $1.7 million, which was much less than the price she spent for it back in 2015.


Christie Brinkley, a supermodel who’s appeared in countless magazines and ads, both on print and TV, was one of the first supermodels. Indeed, she was a supermodel even before the word entered common parlance. Brinkley rose to fame for her three appearances on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues as a cover girl in the 1980s. A large part of her wealth comes from a series of shrewd real estate investments she made.

She was reported to have listed her 20-acre estate in the New York beach town of The Hamptons for $30 million in 2016. Interestingly, the property has been on and off the real estate market since 2002, so we’re wondering why nobody had snagged it yet. In any case, the property is a thing of beauty and will be an excellent addition to anyone’s investment portfolio, with its views of both the Connecticut and Atlantic Ocean.


Novak Djokovic is currently the number one tennis player in the world. At least that’s what the Association of Tennis Professionals claim—and, we have to admit, they are, to their credit, a pretty credible organization. In any case, the Serbian Tennis star purchased this pricey condo in Miami for $15 million, referring to it as his “retreat” during one interview. Photos of the unit over at Harper’s Bazaar definitely show something that is out of this world.

Djokovic and his family reportedly spend most of their time in Monaco, but now they’ll have a reason to chill at the Miami area. It’s a villa that has its own beach where Novak can go out for rides on his yacht with his friends, a huge garage where he can store his many luxury cars and two swimming pools overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


Tommy Hilfiger began his career in fashion at 18 and now he is one of the biggest fashion designers in America. He has several real estates in New York and other places. He is letting go of his massive Florida mansion. It can be yours for $27.5 million and trust us that it’ll be worth it if you have the money. After all, it’s been designed by Tommy Hilfiger himself, and pictures of the abode quite clearly scream his name.

From the colors to the designs in the flooring, to the furniture and the art, the new owner will be waking up every day to something unmistakably designed by Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger and his wife reportedly bought the place in 2013 for much less than what they’re asking for it, but the step up in price is justified, given the innumerable renovations they’ve done to the place.


Jennifer Lopez, who’s been referred to as J-Lo from the block, is considered the most influential Latin entertainer in the world. She definitely has (or, had) a home that could fit more than a few blocks. The massive 17,129-square-foot estate located in California was purchased by the star in 2010 for $8.2 million. The home, if its pictures online are any indication, is definitely made for a celebrity, with its 20-seat movie theater and its very own recording studio.

Surprisingly, Lopez listed it on the market for $17 million in 2015 to very little fanfare but was able to sell it for $9.9 million sometime in 2017, which was a far cry from her original asking price but still more than the investment money she spent for it back in 2010. In 2020 Jennifer bought a mansion in Miami’s Star Island.


Fashion designer, TV judge, and entrepreneur, Kimora Lee Simmons, is a mix of African and Asian. She started her meteoric rise in the fashion industry as one of Karl Lagerfield’s top models. Lagerfield, in case one isn’t aware, was the creative director of the high-profile fashion brand Chanel until his death in February of 2019. He called her the “Face of the 21st Century.” She also is an entrepreneur, founded a women’s brand, Simmons Jewelry Company and expanded her brand into other products.

Mrs. Lee Simmons reportedly dropped $25 million of investment money for this village-sized mansion in Beverly Park, which features 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a guesthouse, and 15,450 square feet of living space. To make matters even more interesting, the neighborhood of Beverly Park is apparently also home to more than a few celebrities, including Denzel Washington and billionaire Sumner Redstone.


Most of us have a Facebook account, so this guy is surely someone that needs no introduction, unless you are, by some chance, a hermit who’s just emerged from a cave—if you are, then what are you doing online, anyhow. He is the youngest among the top 100 richest people in the world. In any case, Mark Zuckerberg owns this $7-million home in Palo Alto, which to his credit, is pretty modest considering he’s a billionaire.

Indeed, the home has all the style and creature comforts that will put a smile on any celebrity’s face, but it’s definitely got fewer frills than many of Zuckerberg’s billionaire colleagues in Silicon Valley. Of course, Zuckerberg does have other homes besides this. In 2013, he bought a townhouse in San Francisco and one year later he paid $100 million for two properties in Hawaii.


Jessica Biel started her career as a singer and gained recognition for her role in the family drama series 7th Heaven. Along with her celebrity husband Justin Timberlake, she has dropped a massive $20.2 million for this Tribeca apartment. It is, needless to say, quite a stunner, and the pictures of the building’s exterior don’t do the inside of the apartment justice.  The apartment with a private terrace is one of eight penthouses.

This building provides public facilities such as a swimming pool and fitness center. It’s also home to a slew of other celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, and Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. This massive Tribeca apartment is also just one of the celebrity power couple’s already extensive real estate investments; it appears they have another apartment, just a few blocks away in the Soho Mews building, which they purchased for $7.65 million.


Harry Styles is a singer, a songwriter, an actor, and an all-around impossibly good-looking individual who fits the Hollywood celebrity mold like a glove. Many will know him for being a member of the boy band One Direction, but he’s much bigger than the band already. After One Direction disbanded, he became a solo artist and achieved his own successful career. In addition to music, he appeared in the war film “Dunkirk”.

In any case, for all Harry Style’s many talents, money management seems to be not one of it, seeing as he decidedly sold this fantastic mansion in Hollywood Hills at a huge loss. Well, it’s probably a small loss for someone as rich as he is. He reportedly sold the house for $6 million, despite having purchased it a few years back for $6.8 million. That’s an $800,000-loss, mind you.


You might know Alexander Skarsgård for playing Tarzan in the latest Tarzan film, or a vampire in HBO’s True Blood series, or by his many brothers who work in Hollywood. Hell, you might even know him for having a brother who played Pennywise in Stephen King’s It. He played Perry Wright in the television series Big Little Lies, which won him a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

The man, to a huge degree, is a star. And, like many stars, he lives a lavish lifestyle. And if you doubted this, then simply check out his $2.3-million mansion in New York, which looks amazing. Indeed, it reportedly occupies a full floor. The apartment was originally listed for $2 million, but Skarsgård reportedly paid $2.3 million for it, which probably means that a bidding war broke out, and he won.


John Travolta, of Grease, and if you’re a little younger, Pulp Fiction fame, owns this massive airport home. Both John and his wife are renowned actors, their most recognized talent aside from acting is the piloting of aircraft. This is why the couple decided to buy a house in a community in which each house has a landing strip and take-off for aircraft.

What’s surprising is just how inexpensive it seems to be considering its massive size. The sprawling estate has its own airplane runway, for crying out loud. So the question is why Travolta put it up for sale for an asking price of only $10.5 million? With the number of films he’s been involved with, we’re pretty sure the Travolta household didn’t file for bankruptcy recently, so the reason why they’re getting rid of this real estate gem is anyone’s guess.


There are many questions as to who is the real GOAT of the NBA. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it stands for Greatest of All Time, and Michael Jordan has always been in the shortlist. Although Michael doesn’t play professional basketball now, he can still earn $100 million every year through endorsements and other businesses. Unfortunately, we’re not so sure if this particular house of his was a good real estate investment, considering it’s been in the market for years, with scarcely anyone taking an interest.

Michael already halved its price, and even went further by throwing in a complete set of Air Jordans to would-be investors. But, so far, nobody has grabbed the opportunity, which means the $100,000 in annual taxes that MJ is paying for the property is going to waste. In any case, he’s a billionaire, so we’re sure that amount is a drop in the bucket for him.


Christina Aguilera, the American musician and actor, has won Grammy Award five times. She served as a judge on the singing competition television series The Voice. She reportedly sold this Beverly Hills, Los Angeles gem for $13.5 million. And the home might be familiar to some because it’s actually where the MTV reality show The Osbournes was shot. This mansion used to be owned by Ozzy and Sharon, after all, who sold it to Aguilera a few years back.

Pictures of the home abound online, and it is quite something. Indeed, the design might be a little too much on the heavy side, but the new owner definitely got their money’s worth, considering it has a history of being owned by two celebrities. Hopefully, they’ll be installing a good home security system, because there could be fans flocking to the gates once they learn its history.


American actress, Kaley Cuoco, who became a household name after playing the role of Penny in the hit comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is apparently selling this gorgeous mansion at a loss! Cuoco originally listed the property for $6.9 million in May of last year but did some price cuts due to market disinterest. Now the home is selling for $2.95 million, which is drastically lower than the $5.5 million in investment money she parted with to acquire it.

Interestingly enough, this was the former house of Khloé Kardashian, who sold it to Cuoco in 2014. Her former Tarzana, California home has an elegant and luxurious Mediterranean looks and has a total of 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in it. Plus, it was featured on her book called The New Glamour. Her abode’s cozy living room is well-furnished and perfect for unwinding, in case Kaley wants to take a rest. It also features a wet bar if Kaley or her guests want to enjoy the weekends.


Gwen Stefani, a singer, songwriter, and actress reportedly sold her mansion in Beverly Hills for $21.65 million. She initially put the home up for sale in January 2017 and slapped a tag of $35 million on it, but it seems she slashed the price quite a bit, given the lack of interest that came her way. It’s still been a great investment, though, considering she purchased the house (with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale the lead vocalist of the band named Bush) for only $13.25 million back in 2006.

So Stefani at least made money from the sale and it surely helped her net worth to surge. With the help of designer Kelly Wearstler, her house attained an awesome design making it more colorful. It comes with a master suite filled with dressing room and bathroom. The estate also has a home theater, a dining room with dangling chandeliers, a tennis court, and a guest house near the pool, which is perfect for throwing pool parties. The house also features artworks all around.


The multi-talented Hugh Jackman reportedly purchased this $21-million 11,000 square feet apartment in the West Village located in Manhattan, New York way back in 2008, which kind of—sort of—also means that the man was unaffected by the economic recession that was raging at the time. It was also reportedly more than just a fantastic investment for Wolverine, considering the property had an original price tag of $40 million, which was double the amount that was paid for it.

His apartment features amenities which suit his hobbies and profession, like a music room and a recording room. In addition to those amenities, the house also has a wine cellar, an elegant dining room, a gourmet kitchen, and a sauna. Whenever you go inside his place, it always has a great view of New York’s Hudson River. With his longtime role as Wolverine in X-Men Movies, Jackman’s house is surely part of the achievements he gained from his efforts. He reportedly pays $34,000 per month for the property tax, but it still won’t be a problem since he has a hard-earned net worth of $180 million.


Multi-awarded actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who famously had a “conscious uncoupling” with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and prominently known for playing as Tony Stark/Iron Man’s wife, Pepper Potts, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, seems to have kept the $5.6 million Hamptons mansion—at least if her Instagram snaps are any indication. And, she’s lucky it ended up at her side of the bargaining table since the real estate property is quite the stunner.

The former couple shared more than a few mansions, to be sure, with some of them being much pricier than this one. But we simply can’t get enough of her Hamptons home, not least because of the pictures she shares of herself luxuriating within its premises at Instagram. Her former husband, Chris Martin, reportedly rented a property based in Hamptons and it was only located next to her home, making both of them neighbors, at least. Last 2019, her residence in Hamptons was used as the venue of her wedding with Brad Falchuk.


Stephen Colbert, who rose to fame as the host of the Colbert Report—the program in Comedy Central that served as the stepping stone for him to replace David Letterman as the host of The Late Show—apparently lived in this old house in Charleston, South Carolina that’s distinctive for its turn-of-the-century roofing. It was built in 1810, and his parents, with their 11 children (of which Colbert was the youngest), apparently lived in the place for 20 years.

The old house became a popular spot for sight-seeing tours after its connection with the famous host had been established, so the people will know everything about his humble roots. The man known for hosting the popular late-night show on CBS surely had a remarkable childhood during his stay on that home with his family, and we think he built numerous moments on his old house while growing up.


Valerie Bertinelli, an actress and television personality who had, at one point in her life, been married to rock super-legend Eddie Van Halen, owns this glorious Los Angeles mansion that boasts stunning city views by the infinity pool. What’s more, Bertinelli’s husband Tom Vitale, who’s a popular financial advisor in the L.A. area, planted grapevines around the property from which the couple crafts their own wines.

If any couple can be said to be the quintessential bon viveurs in the Los Angeles area, these two would be it, considering their sweet, wine-making, infinity pool-lounging lifestyle. The kitchen of the house is certainly her favorite place to hang out and she spends a lot of time in it because of her love for cooking. It was even featured on her own cooking TV show called Valerie’s Home Cooking. Whatever the costs of the house was, she can simply consult her husband, who is a known financial advisor, to help her sustain it.


When Norman Reedus isn’t cross-bowing the brains out of wandering zombies in the post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world of The Walking Dead, where he gained international fame for playing the role as Daryl Dixon, he retires to his $11.8-million townhouse in Manhattan, New York City with the love of his life, fellow actress and model, Diane Kruger. Seriously, though, the federal-style townhouse that Norman and Diane purchased is downright fabulous-looking, with its brick exterior and views of the Manhattan skyline.

Unfortunately, there aren’t pictures of the townhouse’s interiors floating around the ether of the world wide web, because we’re sure this is one investment property that features an impressive anti-zombie bunker inside as well, but sources say it had a total of 5 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms and had a gourmet kitchen inside of the townhouse. His Manhattan home spans a total of 3,800 square feet and was built back in 1835.


Irish Heartthrob Colin Farrell and his former flame, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, have listed their enviable piece of real estate property in Hollywood Hills for a reasonable $1.3 million. And, we say reasonable for a reason—it’s located in the plush Hollywood Hills, after all, and features an unadulterated view of those very hills, as well as 2,736 square feet of living space with a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms inside the house.

Its living room has a hardwood flooring, and the master suite, which is one of four of the bedrooms, has a fireplace and walk-in closet. On the other hand, the master bathroom has a passage to the private balcony. Its exterior area also comes with a terraced patio, featuring the majestic views of canyons. We strongly think it’s a perfect place for al fresco dining. The property was reportedly purchased for $ 1.18 million in 2010, so there is quite a lot of money to be made by the former couple should someone decide to snag their old 1920s-style pad.


Lebron James, one of the best players in the history of the NBA, quite fittingly purchased this $23-million home in Los Angeles. And we say ‘fittingly’ because 23 is the number on the man’s Los Angeles Lakers jersey—the same number on Michael Jordan’s jersey, who Lebron often competes with on ‘Best of the Best’ lists. In any case, the mega-mansion features 8 bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, an onyx bar which is a perfect hangout spot for his teammates, a chef’s kitchen, a theater, a wine cellar, and a cigar room.

It also has indoor and outdoor gym, where he certainly trains himself to prepare for an NBA game. In addition, the house has 11 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms in it, plus a living room where you can feel the fresh breeze. The living room is also adjacent to the patio filled with tables and at the same time, is perfect for al fresco lunch or dinner. It reportedly even has its own state-of-the-art home security system that would make even Silicon Valley tycoons drool.


German-born film and television personality Eric Braeden, who most will remember for playing Victor Newman in the hit television series The Young and the Restless and as John Jacob Astor IV in the 1997 movie Titanic, apparently lives in the mountains of Los Angeles, California. The very tranquil and enviable pad sits on 3,500 square feet of living space, and Braeden has been sharing it with his wife, Dale Gudegast, for the last 35 years.

And photos of the inside of the mansion are quite jaw-dropping and so is its interior. Braeden jokingly said for one interview that he simply wrote the check and that all the credit goes to his wife, who designed the fabulous home. His home is truly perfect for any kind of getaways. If Eric wants to spend his time for relaxation, he would just stay inside his house, instead of going to luxurious resorts, which would cost him more money.


Susan Lucci, who was at one point widely regarded as both “Daytime’s Leading Lady” and the highest-paid actor in daytime television, sold this shingle-style mansion which spans 10,622 square feet in the Hamptons for $20 million in 2016. Apparently, she’s been trying to sell it for 2 years before it was finally sold. It’s a shame, since the property is an absolute stunner, with its oceanfront views and shingle design.

The mega-mansion is said to stand out from its neighbors, whose mostly modern and contemporary designs vastly contrast to that of Lucci’s mansion, which is more European castle-style. The house was built way back in 1989, and is filled with a couple of porches and balconies that feature the great view of an ocean, as well as the huge hexagon-shaped turret. It also has a cozy and spacious living room perfect for hanging out, or if Susan wants to unwind with the fresh and cold breeze, she can freely relax in the outdoors.


Who would have thought that putting up a pawn shop in Vegas would turn out to be such a good idea that its owner would eventually be living the highlife of mansions and yachts in no time? Well, maybe Rick Harrison and his father, to their credit, did think that when they opened the World-Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1989. Now Harrison is living it up in his $4-million 8,845 square feet Las Vegas pad, which boasts 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a fitness room, a wine cellar, a game room, 11-car garage, a movie theater, a huge pool, and probably its own state-of-the-art home security system.

The Pawn Stars star has credited her wife for an awesome design she made on their Las Vegas home, which he bought way back in 2001. The home is situated at Red Rock Country Club and those glass windows mounted at his house was reportedly imported from Britain. Plus, the views of Red Rock Canyon’s Mountains can be seen from the inside of the house.


If you don’t watch much reality television, then you probably don’t know who Jenelle Evans is. But let’s break it down for you: she’s one of the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 who happened to be fired from the show last 2019. In any case, her North Carolina home was, for all practical purposes, supposed to be the perfect investment property. That is until it was revealed to have a rather difficult-to-fix drainage issue.

We’re not sure if the problem was fixed, but we certainly hope that it was, because Jenelle has quite a lot of kids running around the house. Her house features a porch perfect for hangouts, or if she wants to feel the cool breeze, she can just stay there anytime of the day. Her living room is filled with carpets and cozy sofas, plus she has a beautiful kitchen where she can prepare her kid’s food.


Cheryl Tiegs, a model, fashion designer and one of the most recognizable faces of the ‘70s (due to her numerous magazine appearances, of course) is reportedly selling her Balinese-style mansion for $18.5 million. It’s located in Bel Air, which is perhaps the swankiest area in Los Angeles that many Hollywood big wigs call home. If Tiegs gets to sell it for the price she’s asking, then it can be counted as one of the best investments she’s made in her life, considering she purchased the place for only $2.49 million in 1996.

The house, which spans 4,770 square feet, comes with a total of 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms and has a garage with a capacity of 3 cars. In addition to those mentioned, the house also has a wine cellar, a chef’s kitchen, and a guest house. It is surrounded with lush palm trees which will make Cheryl wonder whether she’s living in the forest. Overall, the house is spacious.


Dr. Mehmet Oz, more popularly known as Dr. Oz, and host of the show bearing the same name, was catapulted to stardom because of his frequent guesting in The Oprah Winfrey Show. He’s had his share of controversies, not least because he’s said to promote quite a few non-evidence-based alternative medicinal products. In any case, Dr. Oz and his wife made headlines back in 2018 for their purchase of a huge $18-million mansion in Palm Beach Florida.

It was a wonderful addition to the good doctor’s investment portfolio, and it’s reported that his parents own two other homes in the area. The beachfront house built back in 1919 has a total of 12 bedrooms inside and measures 12,483 square foot. When the house was bought, they refurbished the kitchen and made it more spacious than before. Plus, the laundry room was added on the lists of amenities. Other renovated areas were filled with new air condition appliance.


Liam Hemsworth, the other Hemsworth brother (there are three of them, all of whom are into acting), bought this Malibu gem from musician Matthew Wilder for an impressive $6.8 million and spans 1,980 square feet. The house will make you feel like renting a private luxurious resort because of its atmosphere. It also has a wide backyard that can be used for picnics.

Unfortunately, the home that this Hemsworth heartthrob bought was destroyed in 2018 because of a destructive wildfire that occurred in the area. Pictures of the ravaged home were shared on the internet, and it looked horrendous, as the home was left in a ruinous heap. But Liam is a Hollywood star, so of course, he had the investment property rebuilt. And now it looks fantastic—hell, it even looks better than it used to making the house more elegant than it was before. He sold it last November 2020 and we wish the new owner will take care of it.


Robin Wright, who is best known for playing Claire Underwood in Netflix’s hit series House of Cards, is definitely living the life. She’s made a fantastic addition to her investment portfolio in the form of a $3-million Manhattan, New York home. And it very much seems that the fictional life of Claire Underwood doesn’t stray too far from the star’s actual life in West Village.

Even pictures of the home are reminiscent of the Underwood residence in the show, from the marble cladding to the casement windows, we can’t help but imagine Wright in character while she’s luxuriating to the view of the Empire State building. Its elegant marble-topped kitchen with a breakfast nook lies beside the dining room. It also has a living room which has a fireplace in it and windows, where you can feel the cool New York breeze while unwinding. The abode has a total of 2 bedrooms and one of them has the simplest design.


Multi-award-winning actor Nicholas Cage, who’s starred in hit after hit in the past, was at one point in his life regarded as one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he faced a string of financial issues in the past and had to consult with a slew of financial advisors about the foreclosure of several of his properties. Indeed, the cathedral-style home he bought in San Francisco for $10.95 million in 2007 was put up for sale recently, no doubt so Cage could recoup much of the money that he lost from living so ostentatiously.

His former San Francisco home had gothic style all around, especially on the entrance door, on the wall, and on the chandelier of his living room. Every area of his home has a beautiful view of other areas of San Francisco, especially the San Francisco bay and the Alcatraz. The home also has leaded windows mounted on the dining room while the dressing room is filled with wooden murals. Other features include a walk-in closet, and a kitchen filled with breakfast nook.


Melanie Griffith, an actress and film producer who followed in the footsteps of her celebrity mother Tippi Hedren, put her 7,391-square-foot huge log cabin in Aspen up for sale. It’s a stunning property that possesses great views of the Aspen Highlands Ridge. Her mountain home is composed of a total of 8 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. Due to its location just at the back of Aspen Mountain, it will make you feel like you are in Switzerland – plus, you can spend your time there skiing. The place also has gondolas around. For the interior, it includes elegant amenities such as a kitchen, billiard room, and wine cellar.

Apparently, she’s been spending so much time in Los Angeles and wanted to part with her mountain-top mega-mansion because it’s rarely being used. Griffith bought the home together with her ex-partner Antonio Banderas in 2002 to add to their investment portfolio. However, she eventually found a buyer who was willing to take it for $4 million, which is below Griffith’s original asking price of $6.37 when it was first listed.


Bill O’Reilly, who’s quite the controversial conservative political pundit, has had to hire a slew of lawyers to defend himself against the deluge of lawsuits that were filed against him in recent years. His celebrity life can hardly be considered enviable these days, but he does have this Long Island mansion where he can retire when he likes, so there is still that. Indeed, it’s a massive estate that features an old-century design and ocean views du jour.

Whenever Bill ponders on the difficulty of life, he’d do well to look around his mansion and remember that he’s still got it good. He purchased this Long Island home back at the start of the new millennium and the house spans 4,631 square feet. We have no idea what’s inside of his house or even its amenities, but we highly presume that it is elegant. The only visible facility of his place is the swimming pool.


Multi-awarded journalist, host, and television personality, Don Lemon, calls this quarter-acre property in Sag Harbor his home. He purchased the retreat in 2016 for $3.1 million and did an interview for Hamptons Magazine where he featured his considerably swoon-worthy abode. Lemon said he and his partner, Tim Malone—whom he counts as both his realtor and financial advisor—love to “hunker down” in the property for the winter while relishing every minute of each other’s company.

Indeed, Lemon even went as far as calling the purchase one of the “smartest things” he’s ever done. The house of the famed CNN anchor measures 3,500 square feet and has a total of five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Plus, it also features notable amenities like a guest house, a library room, and a mahogany bar, while the exterior of the house comes with a porch and a pool, of course. It seems to be a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work.


Radio personality and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has a net worth of approximately $600 million. So it’s totally unsurprising that he would go on to purchase an investment property worth $65 million in the form of a beach house in Florida. Interestingly, Limbaugh went on to make the ridiculous claim during one interview that the home is “quite modest” for Palm Beach standards. Given that the median home price in Palm Beach, Florida is around $2 million, then Limbaugh is objectively off by a factor of 30.

The 24,000-square-foot mansion even has its own private beach and it contains 12 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms, plus an elevator. His estate composes of five separate houses and a garage which consists mostly black cars– one of which was his black $450,000 Maybach 57 S. With his current net worth of $600 million, he can have an additional space on his Palm Beach estate.


This unassuming, modest little house at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St John’s Wood, London, is the home of the legendary Sir Paul McCartney. Yes, that Paul McCartney! The Beatle with a $1.2 billion net worth. To be sure, the man probably has many homes in his investment portfolio, but for some reason—we think for sentimental reasons—he owns this home, too. He purchased it off of a physician named Desmond O’ Neill for the paltry sum of £40,000 in 1966.

And since this is now Sir Paul McCartney’s house, we’re sure its value has galactically risen since then. The estate was known to be the place where The Beatles created their hit singles, such as Hey Jude, Getting Better, and Penny Lane. There’s a piano present on its music room, and it was painted with stylish colors. Despite having a lavish life due to his remarkable career in music, he kept this house and has not sold it to anybody ever since.


Although Jennifer Lawrence is well-known in-and-around Hollywood circles as someone who prefers being under the radar, this mansion, which she dropped $8 million to acquire, very much suggests otherwise. Indeed, this is no ordinary mansion. It is, to some degree, something special, having had a slew of celebrity owners in the past, including Ellen Degeneres and Jessica Simpson.

One thing we can say about the house on the basis of the pictures we’ve seen online is that it is pretty unassuming from the outside, until you get inside, where the level of grandeur seems to have been turned up quite a bit. Her house may look like an average Joe’s place, but inside of it, you will realize that it’s actually a lavish home fit for celebrities living that kind of millionaire life. It has a formal dining room, a well-furnished living room, which is just located right beside the foyer, and it has a fireplace on it. Her house also includes a gourmet kitchen and a walk-in closet.


Beverly Hills seems like the place to be if you’re a celebrity, and Jessica Alba seems to be no exception. She dropped $9.95 million for this Beverly Hills gem, the pictures of which we can’t help but swoon over. It’s a testament to all the hard work Alba has, to her credit, been putting into her company, The Honest Company, a company that offers eco-friendly products for kids, which was valued at $1 billion as of 2014.

The pictures of the home are nothing short of jaw-dropping—it’s like something out of a Jane Austen novel, to be honest. Like every Beverly Hills property, it has a scenic view of other mountains on the backyard and from there, the actress also has a pool, where she can take a dip. She also has an elegant living room inside the house and a kitchen topped with marble stone. The interior features hardwood flooring.


Terry Semel, the founder of Windsor Media and former CEO of Yahoo!, reportedly sold this 10,317 square feet Malibu beach house to fellow uber-rich businessman Larry Ellison, a business magnate who is reportedly the fourth richest person in America. What’s interesting is that Ellison already owns more than a few homes in the stretch of beach where this particular home is located—but, hey, he’s a multi-billionaire, so he doesn’t need the consent of his financial advisor before making small purchases of this kind.

In any case, when the home was purchased in 2012, it made history for being the most expensive real estate purchase in Malibu at the time. His former house has a total of thirteen bathrooms and nine bedrooms inside. The house also has a garage fit for whatever car he has, plus a spacious and cozy living room which is a perfect place to hang out, especially if he wishes to unwind. Aside from these amenities, his Malibu house also comes with a wet bar, a fitness room, and a pool located on the backyard.


Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, one of the most recognizable personalities in Hollywood, is, to her credit, an obsessive tree-hugger and supporter of various environmental causes. So much so that she’s outfitted her Malibu mansion with so many solar panels that it can power a small village. The mansion, at least if the pictures online are any indication, is definitely a stunner, and the Pretty Woman is lucky to have been able to scoop up such a gem in this prime location where even billionaires are reportedly duking out with each other for a spot.

Regarding her 1,770 square foot Malibu house, it was reportedly sold to Thomas Laffont who only lives next to the actress’ home. The estate features a wide backyard perfect for throwing parties or picnics, and it feels just like hanging around in the park. The house also has hardwood flooring, including inside the 3 bedrooms and the living room.


For most people, dropping more than $1 million for a house is already a huge deal. And, yes, it is—for us commoners, at least. But what we find interesting about Jeff Bezos dropping $13 million for this home in California is that the man is worth north of $100 billion. So the price of this home for someone like Bezos is quite literally less than 5 bucks for the average person. In any case, Bezos made history recently for purchasing a Beverly Hills mansion worth $165 million, so maybe we’ll be talking about that once we get a peek into that investment property.

His California home spans about 4,615 square feet and it contains a hardwood flooring. His abode suits his lifestyle as a billionaire, which makes it a dream house for many people like us. It has notable amenities like library and fitness room. Being the richest person in the world with a large net worth of $185 billion, he can add amenities or make his house look like a palace if he wants to.


Multi-awarded legal commentator and television personality Nancy Grace, who’s been hounded by more than a few controversies because of the nature of her work, placed this Atlanta home on the market for reasons we’re still struggling to discover. The home, of course, is beautiful, and we’re not sure why Grace would want to get rid of such a gem. The home was reportedly so beloved by Grace that, from the roofing to the flooring, she put in two decades worth of renovation on the place.

Grace already snagged a buyer and made a pretty penny from the sale considering she purchased the house for just $407,500 in 1996 then six years later, the renovation of her recently-bought home has started. The living room has a mini piano which was featured on her Instagram video, where her daughter was playing it. The bathroom has unique flooring because it is composed of pennies instead of tiles. Fireplaces are present on the master bedroom and the living room. For her kids, there is a slide on the playroom, which makes this amenity a unique one.


Lynda Carter, an actress, singer, and model who people—or at least, old people—will remember as the original Wonder Woman (way before Gal Gadot donned the outfit), showed off this 20,000-square-foot Maryland Mansion during an interview with Closer Magazine. And as anyone with eyes will be able to see, it looks fantastic. Indeed, fantastic, to a huge degree, would be too effete a word to describe just how amazing the home is.

She’s reportedly been living in the place for more than 25 years with her husband. The abode even has an underground swimming pool with a hot tub and waterfall! She will surely enjoy these amenities with her family or friends, instead of checking in on luxurious resorts elsewhere. The house also has a tennis court and it is not the only sports-related amenity found on her house. In fact, a billiard table and a card table can also be seen in her home. The house is mixed with Chinese and Danish antiques, which add elegance to its overall interior.


This home represents somewhat of a sad story and includes two Hollywood A-listers that at one point fell in love, only for things to go downhill. This Lake House in Whitefish Montana was apparently built by Kiefer Sutherland for Julia Roberts, for their wedding—a wedding that was unfortunately canceled 3 days before, for reasons we’re all too familiar. The place nestles with some trees and is perfect for those who love nature and the environment. It includes a guest house with two bedrooms and a 7-car garage.

Photos of the 5.5-acre property are all over the web, and it looks something out of a dream. The house is located on a picturesque lake and was renovated in 2015 by the current owners. From the log walls to the reclaimed wood, everything seems to have been constructed with a lot of thought put into it. It is fully functional, includes a golf course and rooftop terrace. All we can say is that Kiefer deserves at least some credit for having created something so majestic.


Billy “The Piano Man” Joel, has been churning out hits since the ‘70s and is widely regarded as one of the most successful solo artists during the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Unfortunately, Joel seems to have had little success in selling this wonderful piece of real estate which he put up for sale in 2015. He added the property to his investment portfolio in 2014 for just $12 million but decided to sell a year later.

Despite having reduced the price more than once—from $29 million to $16 million—an article from DailyMail last April 2018 reported that there have been no takers yet. The house has a Mediterranean design overall, which comes with seven bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. It has amenities like gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, and outdoor kitchen that features the majestic bay view. He also has a pool if he wants to take a dip or spend his free time swimming.


Multi-awarded actor and veteran of the screen, Rob Lowe, reportedly built this Montecito mega-mansion from the ground up. If Lowe had a lot to do with the design of the house, then there’s much for him to be proud of, since the pictures of its interior that can be found online shows how absolutely stunning the piece of investment property is. It has its own movie theater, as well as a pool that stretches to 800 square feet. Astonishingly, Lowe and his wife are selling the estate, and have slashed the asking price from $47 million to $42 million due to the market’s lack of interest.

The overall looks of the house was modeled after his childhood home in Virginia, and that is why he designed it all by himself. It has a wet bar suited to those guests who want to drink, and an eat-in kitchen filled with marble stones and appliances. The abode also has fireplaces located on the dining room, living room, outdoor living area, and on his piano bar. It also has a guesthouse built for visitors and a tennis court.


Alex Trebek, who’s been hosting the long-time running shoe Jeopardy! since 1984, put his former home up for sale in 2009 for $2.2 million. Interestingly enough, he said for an interview that he couldn’t see himself living in the place anymore, because it fits a youthful “up and coming star” more than it does him. The home, amazingly, has been with Trebek since 1984—and he was a youthful “up and coming star” when it was constructed.

It was purchased by a foreign diplomat but is now listed on the market again for $4 million, or around $2 million more than the investment money that Trebek initially asked for it. His house comes with a wet bar, a swimming pool, and a kitchen. It is surely one of the fruits of his hardwork as the longtime host of Jeopardy! He rpobably bought the estate with his amassed money from his hosting duties to savor all his efforts.


Singer, performer, and television talent judge Katy Perry is not just one of the most sought-after artists of this generation, she’s also a style icon, who’s been able to amass such a sizable fortune that it’s no surprise she owns this $4-million Mediterranean-style mansion in Los Angeles. The home has, among other things, a massive oval-shaped pool and gorgeous views of the Los Angeles skyline.

It’s been reported that this is just one among more than a few mansions in California that the singer has added to her investment portfolio in recent years. The music room of her home is one of the amenities where she spends most of her time because of her profession as a singer, and it has several instruments in it. We can even imagine that whenever she goes inside her house, she will still feel the natural and cool breeze coming at her. Her house has bedrooms with walk-in closets, while her kitchen features 2 ovens.


Best-selling author and conservative media pundit, Ann Coulter, has been ruffling feathers and throwing fighting words ever since she was given a platform to speak her mind. The woman is a ubiquitous presence in Washington circles and has 12 best-selling books that make it difficult to doubt the extensive reach of her ideas. This cozy-looking Upper East Side apartment was purchased by Coulter for $577,000 sometime in 2016, and it must have been one of her best investments, given that the price she paid was way lower than the area’s market value.

The property spans 1,400 square feet and with the landscape of this home, it will make her refrain from going to hotels because her home definitely looks like a first-class hotel! It has so many comfortable furnitures which will surely satisfy her relaxation. Her property contains a total of two bedrooms, by the way.


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are on our shortlist of cutest couples. Anyone who follows the couple’s Instagram account can tell you just how crazily fun these two can get on social media. Amusingly, they sometimes get their kids involved in their shenanigans. They reportedly purchased this East Hamptons home sometime in 2017 for $5.5 million, and it was featured in Architectural Digest to an abundance of fanfare.

The 5,250-square-foot home has four bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a gazebo, a tennis court, a fantastic home security system, gardens du jour, and a lot of other creature comforts that keep the family of four well entertained. We are certain that this house is perfect whenever they have fun activities or any kind of parties, especially if they have guests. With their respective net worth, they can use their hard-earned money, whether it’s for the refurbishment or for mortgages.


Minnie Driver, who was catapulted to stardom after playing Skylar in the film Good Will Hunting, bought this Bohemian-style home in Hollywood Hills for $2.5 million and measures 2,768 square feet, with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. While the style might not be pleasing to everyone’s taste, it does have a certain charm to it, and it does not matter because she surely has good reasons why she only bought this kind of home.

On the nearby entrance comes a gazebo built for hangouts. The home apparently has an enviable home security system and its own theater, too, which makes the price of this gem remarkably affordable for real estate in the Hollywood Hills area. Driver said that she was inspired by her background to incorporate different cultural—particularly, Mediterranean and African—designs into the home. It has awesome views of canyons since the house is situated on a hill top. The guestrooms on this house has a room setup akin to hotel suites.


It is of absolutely no surprise that funnyman Adam Sandler, whose films have reportedly grossed north of $2 billion worldwide, didn’t settle for anything less than this $42.5-million mansion in California. The place is massive, and rumors have it that the home was once owned by celebrity power-couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. He reportedly offered them $12 million to buy their former home, which measures 13,000 square feet.

Adam Sandler is, to his credit, definitely living a fine life—at least if his net worth of $420 million is any indication. With that kind of net worth, he does not need to worry on whatever payments are on the table, including mortgages. Indeed, the man, at one point, even gifted his co-stars with Maseratis, which reportedly cost him $200,000 apiece. So the thing is, this is what you are going to get if you are a well-performed and well-paid celebrity like Adam Sandler.


Kate Hudson, an actress and budding entrepreneur who’s also the daughter of veteran Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, is another celebrity who opted to make an investment in the Pacific Palisades in the form of a mega-mansion. It looks like many celebrities have had the same idea. Pacific Palisades, like The Hamptons and Hollywood Hills, is a place where celebrities seem to want to flock into. And, why not? The place is beautiful, after all.

This mansion, in particular, was just beside Hudson’s other home, and she probably purchased it to expand her living space. It is only located next to another home which is also owned by her. She lived there along with Matt Bellamy, and one of the reasons why she bought it is because she wanted an expansion of her family’s abode. It has a total of two garages, and it also comes with six bathrooms and five bedrooms. It has an elegant kitchen, a library, a gym, and a sauna.


It’s no surprise that John Cena-who, to a huge degree, is quite ubiquitous both on television and on film-is a huge star. He’s got an estimated net worth of $55 million, so this $7-million mansion is really just par for the course for a celebrity of his caliber. The mansion, of course, is huge and comes with a cigar room, a guest house, and a sizable garage and driveway that houses Cena’s many enviable luxury vehicles.

With his successful career, it’s not a surprise that he can afford everything he wants. Other sought-after features found in his mansion include an indoor and outdoor pool, his own gigantic closet, bulletproof glass walls around the exterior area, and a lavish ivy-themed kitchen. Undoubtedly, amenities this grand would require a great expanse of land, and he definitely put all of these to good use with a huge space of 10,692 square feet.


American professional football player Marshawn Lynch reportedly owns this beast of a pad. He purchased it for $3 million, and it is said to have 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, its own boat deck, its own wine cellar, and pretty much everything a celebrity will need. The house is even said to have a top-of-the-line home security system that is straight out of a Blade Runner film.

On one website, it was mentioned to be one of the most over-the-top mansions owned by an NFL player. For a house so big, its living space is housed by expansive glass walls that allow one to enjoy the most amazing waterside views from almost every room. Besides that, Lynch decided to install elevators for ease, and of course, to add to that luxurious feel of the place. The mansion sits by the San Francisco Bay and is easily considered as the perfect dream house.


Von Miller, another American professional football player, purchased this $8 million mansion in Cherry Hills, Denver, proving once again that professional football players have a penchant for mega-mansions. It could also be that people with boatloads of money have a penchant for expensive homes. In any case, Miller’s oversized living space reportedly has 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a pond, a pool, a home security system, and a huge closet where he fits his more than 800 pairs of shoes—true story!

There’s even a man-cave in the basement, where a 500-gallon saltwater aquarium can be found. On top of that, he also has his own stunning collection of cars, and one of many is a gorgeous Batman-themed Camaro. It was after signing the 6-year contract with the Denver Broncos that the man afforded himself this luxurious house. Indeed, becoming one of the most highly acclaimed football players can pay off, quite literally.


This former home of Charlize Theron has got quite a storied past. Legend has it that Beatles’ George Harrison was once inside, waiting to be picked up and then started fiddling with the piano a bit, eventually creating the song Blue Jay Way in the process. Theron, unfortunately, sold it in 2013 for $3.8 million, despite the fact that it allegedly has inspired the Beatles song. The new owner will definitely be getting his investment money’s worth, considering that this piece of property was once owned by an actress and inspired a Beatles song.

With that, he will also get to enjoy a two-floor loft-style penthouse inclusive of a single bedroom, two bathrooms, as well as a minimalist stainless steel kitchen, an elegant floating steel staircase, and gorgeous hardwood floors. Some nifty perks in living here is a beautiful view of the city and the iconic Capitol Records building.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are among the most recognizable couples in Hollywood, and they own this $10-million Beverly Hills pad that has an interior to die for. Ashton reportedly sold his glass-walled bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills for $12 million—we’re betting that some of the investment money he put up for this new Beverly Hills home was taken from that Hollywood Hills sale. In any case, Ashton and Mila’s new mansion sit comfortably alongside a slew of celebrity homes, including those of Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.

This lavish and well-situated 7,351 square feet exclusive mansion houses five bedrooms and five bathrooms, following fancy interior designs such as oak wood flooring, handcrafted molding and French doors all around the house. Moreover, the property displays a gorgeous lagoon-style swimming pool, a grotto, a spa, and a fetching outdoor kitchen and bar sitting atop more than half an acre of land.


Celine Dion is an internationally known Canadian singer who sang the classic hits, My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, and All By Myself. However, her real estate investments should gain the same respect as well. One of which is her mega-mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida, where she spent a lot of her time with her family and late husband, René Angélil.

The five-and-a-half acre estate features an 11,000-square-foot main residence that has 12 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. However, the highlight of this property is definitely its water park. Other jaw-dropping areas of the estate are the guest house, pool house, beach house, and majestic tennis court. This unrealistic abode stands 45-feet away from the Atlantic Ocean. The Canadian chanteuse previously listed the estate for $72.5 million in 2014 but failed to attract a buyer. Three years later, she listed it again for $38.5 million.


For those who do not know who Doris Day was, she was an American singer, actress, and animal wildlife activist. Day is known for her number-one hits, My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time and Sentimental Journey. She later had her own sitcom, The Doris Day Show, which aired from 1968 to 1973. Although she passed away in 2019, she did not stop supporting her animal charity, Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Her home in Carmel Valley, California, can be bought via a mortgage or a loan — it’s listed for $7.4 million, and the proceeds will reportedly go directly to charity. The 12,400 square-foot estate has a two-story primary home, three lofts, a guest house, a caretaker’s office, and units. The main abode has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living area coupled with a Carmel stone fireplace, two offices, and a library. It is also a pet-friendly place, with a “cattery” and a wide area for dogs.


Bella Thorne is an American actress, singer, and model who gained popularity when she portrayed the role of Cece Jones on Disney Channels’ Shake It Up, which aired from 2010 to 2013. She focused on her singing in 2010 and successfully entered the Billboard Hot 100 with her debut single Watch Me, which peaked at 86. At 23, her net worth as of 2020 is $12 million.

In 2016, she bought a 4,500 square-foot property in Sherman Oaks, California, for $2.01 million. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The exterior is painted hot pink, while the interior is full of colors. Not to mention, the wall by the staircase has an odd-looking mural. According to her interview with Vogue, she acquired the house mortgage-free, and the money she used came from the salary she got from sponsored posts on Instagram. Her earning per post ranges from $65,000 to $100,000. As of March 2021, Thorne has 24 million IG followers. In mid-2020, she listed the mansion for $2.55 million.


Jenny McCarthy is an American actress, media personality, and model. She is known for her TV shows Jenny, Donnie and Jenny, and her most recent one, The Masked Singer. McCarthy has been married to Donnie Wahlberg since 2014. In an interview with People, the couple showed that they are still very much in love with each other.

The couple and their kids live in a Tudor-inspired home in St. Charles, Illinois. They moved into this five-bedroom estate in 2015, which they acquired for an undisclosed amount. In the living room, they have a stunning piano that’s not just for show or decoration but for Donnie’s band to play with. On the other hand, McCarthy has an interesting sewing room; its French-door is painted black and has “d” and “J” shaped silver handles. The investment property also boasts a swimming pool with its own slide, a one-hole putting green, a grotto, and a waterfall. In the backyard, there’s also an exclusive nature path.


Kris Jenner is an American producer, media personality, socialite, and the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Everyone recognizes her for appearing in the long-running show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians. With all of her commitments, she’s amassed a net worth of $170 million as of 2020. Since she has a reality show, her home needs to be extravagant, so Jenner purchased a house in California for $10 million.

In 2017, the media mogul acquired a jaw-dropping estate next to her daughter, Kim Kardashian West. The estate has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and is 9,459 square feet. The living room has a classy-looking fireplace, while the dining has a customized dining set. The master suite has a walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom. Among other raving features are a wet bar, a swimming pool, and multiple guest suites. It might have been a nice place for Kris to retire, but this investment was listed for $15 million last year.


Tom Hanks is an American filmmaker and actor who became widely recognized for his appearance in 1993s Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Both of these films won Tom Hanks a Best Actor award at the Oscars, a feat that only a handful of actors have experienced. Aside from the Academy, he also has seven Emmy Awards and one Tony Award. And if you are asking where he is putting these prestigious trophies, they’re all in his house in Los Angeles, California.

Hanks and his wife Rita acquired a ravishing cliffside estate in Pacific Palisades, which has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The 14,500 square-foot mansion boasts a screening room, a library, a wine cellar, a spa, and a walk-in humidor. The information and photos of this house are quite limited since Hanks is a very private person. However, he bought this wonderful investment in 2010 for $26 million.


You might recognize Josh Hutcherson in the hit film series, Hunger Games, where he played Peeta Mellark alongside Jennifer Lawrence. However, he also appeared in other blockbuster films such as Bridge to Terabithia and Journey to the Center of the Earth. According to The Numbers, Hutcherson’s films have made $4.85 billion in the box office, and in 2020, his net worth was reported to be $20 million.

In 2012, according to Times, Hutcherson acquired an estate in Hollywood Hills for $2.5 million, the same year The Hunger Games was released. To be sure, he acquired it mortgage-free. The 1,861 square-foot mansion was erected in 1951, and it was renovated to look modern. It has two beds and two baths, with noticeable wood-line ceilings and concrete floors. The master suite’s bathroom has a glass-walled shower, walk-in closet, and access to the patio and back deck. The 2,500 square-foot outdoor deck has a grill, sitting areas, and an exposed screening room. However, he sold the house for $2.94 million in 2020.


George W. Bush is an American businessman and politician who became the 43rd President of the United States of America, from 2001 to 2009. He has been married to Laura Welch since 1997. After his second term, he left the state of Washington and lived under different roofing, in Crawford, Texas.

The eye-popping 1,600-acre property has a one-story main house made from limestone — it is 8,500 square-feet overall. The abode features deep roof overhangs to deflect the Texas sunlight and rain. Since the first couple wanted indoor-outdoor living, some of the windows serve as doors as well. Outside you will find the adjacent two-suite guesthouse, buffalo-grass lawns, and a magnificent swimming pool lined with trees to block the sunlight. Mrs. Bush’s architect, David Heymann, is a sustainable design advocate, so he installed a 42,000-gallon cistern to recycle rainwater and use it to irrigate the lawns. There’s no information about how much the former President bush spent on the property. However, his net worth was reported to be $40 million in 2020.


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is the motto of American antique hunter and TV star Mike Wolfe. He was born in Joliet, Illinois, on July 11, 1964. He is known for his show American Pickers, which airs on the History Channel and started in 2010. Since he’s been in almost every state in America, he was able to find a place to live with his family when he is not filming.

He and his wife and their daughter live in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, and their 5,100 square-feet house is filled with antique pieces. From the $800 gas pump in front of the house to the old phone in the closet that’s been turned into a phone booth, the man surely has a lot of interesting items. The value of Wolfe’s home seems to be confidential but according to Celebrity Net Worth, the American Picker has a $7 million fortune.


Troy Aikman is an American NFL quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys. He played for 12 seasons, from 1989 to 2000. He was the top overall draft pick in 1989, and he won numerous recognitions during his time with the Dallas Cowboys. Aikman also received the MVP trophy in Super Bowl XXVII and was inducted to the Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Aside from his reported net worth of $75 million in 2020, there were also reports that he owned a mansion in Dallas.

The three-story mansion was built in 2007, and it has five bedrooms, five full and four half bathrooms, seven living areas, a wine room, and a game room. The kitchen is within a large covered patio, and it is complete with a fireplace. Aikman bought this $4.25 million mansion and must’ve hired a moving company when he started living here in 2013. However, he sold it in 2015 for $5.4 million.


Vanna White is an American actress, TV personality, and model. She is best known as the hostess and puzzle board turner of the famous game show, Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Pat Sajak. Aside from turning the board, she is also, to her credit, an established real estate developer — her net worth is $70 million.

White’s former house in Beverly Hills was listed for sale and was sold for $38 million in 2019. According to House Beautiful, the 14,554 square foot property sits perfectly on a 5.08-acre lot. She and ex-husband George Santo Pietro reportedly custom-built the house back in the ‘90s. The future owner will definitely enjoy the eight-bedroom and ten-bathroom mansion. It has a four-car garage, a home theater, a wine cellar, a mini-spa, a gym, and its highlight, a private vineyard that can be seen from the second floor or from the pool. According to the listing, the three-acre vineyard can produce up to 150 wine cases annually.


If we are talking about basketball legends, Dwayne Wade will always be part of the conversation. Throughout his career in the NBA, Wade accumulated three championship titles, one Finals MVP, and one All-Star MVP. Apart from his basketball life, the former All-Star NBA player has four children, and they are all living with him, including his nephew from his sister Deana, whom he raised.

Wade’s growing family has lived in an 8,500 square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion in Sherman Oaks, California. The investment property has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. His family also reportedly spends a lot of time in the movie room. Among the home’s features is a wraparound balcony, with jaw-dropping views of the city and the canyon. The temperature-controlled wine room might be the section that he is most proud of. Plus, the house also has an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Wade purchased the house in 2018 for $5.995 million and he listed it for $6.2 million in 2020.


Tobey McGuire is best known for his three separate blockbuster Spiderman films. These films have accumulated a total of $2.5 billion in the worldwide box office. McGuire, on the other hand, earned around $15 million for each. Though he hasn’t made another box-office film after he portrayed Peter Parker, he still reportedly has a net worth of $75 million in 2020. Apart from his life in front of the camera, he’s been busy with his real estate investments.

In 2019, Architectural Digest wrote that McGuire acquired a $6.9 million mansion in Brentwood, California, which was previously owned by Nina Jacobson. The Mid-century abode has four bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms. It sits on 3,500 square feet and has a movie theater, a children’s play area, multiple bedrooms, and a swimming pool and hot tub. Maguire was able to get all this despite being inactive in the industry for the past years.


Dennis Quaid is an American actor who achieved prominence for his films Great Balls of Fire, Frequency, and Vantage Point. One of his most recent films, A Dog’s Purpose, in 2017, garnered an impressive worldwide box office gross of $203 million from a $25 million budget. Through his professional work as an actor, he was able to accumulate a net worth of $30 million.

In 2013, Quaid purchased a 6,114-square-foot mansion. It has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and sits atop a 16,030-square-foot lot in Pacific Palisades, California. The value of the home was reported to be $5.1 million. The Spanish-style estate, which was built in 1929, has vine-covered stucco walls, a clay-tile roof, and a stunning pool in the backyard. However, he called his lawyer in 2016 to divorce his wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, and they agreed to list the house for $5.95 million and split the payment as a settlement.


Jon Bon Jovi is a man with several personas. He is an American rock star, singer-songwriter, and philanthropist, to name a few. A few of his band’s hit singles include You Give Love a Bad Name, I’ll Be There for You, and the classic Living on a Prayer. He had a $410 million net worth in 2020. A portion of it came from his real estate investments, one of which is a home in Palm Beach, Florida.

The latest addition to his real estate portfolio is a 10,232-square-foot abode in a 0.66-acre lot that was built in 2007. It has seven bedrooms, an exercise room, elevators, a courtyard cabana, and a pool. It also has an air-conditioned three-car garage, and two loggias sitting by the oceanfront. The It’s My Life singer paid $43 million for this property the same day he sold his other mansion for $19.8 million.


The Notorious Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in the fight game today. He made his astronomical rise to success in the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2013. Hailing from a humble life in Ireland, in 2014, he became the Featherweight Champion, beating the long-reigning champ, Jose Aldo.  A year later, he went on to win the Lightweight title against Eddie Alvarez, cementing his name in UFC history by becoming the first-ever double weight class Champion. Not long after, Conor cashed in on an even bigger event by going against the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather. The boxing exhibition match of the two was one of the biggest pay-per-view events of all time, selling 4.3 million and earning Conor over $85 million.

In between his life in Ireland and the UFC, Conor is reported to be renting a luxurious house in Las Vegas for $1 million annually. The lavish crash pad is 12,000 square feet and has a 50-foot infinity pool, a luxury spa, and a fully equipped gym. Getting a luxurious abode without the risky mortgage was a wise choice for Conor.


Vanessa Hudgens is a famous actress and singer. During her teenage years, she quickly made a name for herself in the Hollywood industry following the High School Musical film series. The commercial success of the series catapulted Vanessa to mainstream success. She then landed roles in films such as Bandslam, Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers, and Bad Boys for Life. She starred in the TV show Powerless as well as in Broadway plays such as Gigi, Rent, and Grease.

Having earned financial success at a young age, Vanessa has wisely spent them on various investments, one of which is a $2.7 million mansion in Los Angeles. It was reported that she bought the Tuscan-style mansion when was she was 19. The luxurious abode has 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, a  spa, a pool, and a barbeque area, among other amenities. As a young celebrity, the house was a perfect fit for her.


Julianne Hough is a professional dancer, singer, and actress. She first appeared on the show Dancing With the Stars as a competitor and won two seasons. She later came back to the show as a judge. To her credit, she is a recipient of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography.  In 2010, Julianne would move on to films, starring in the movie Burlesque. She then followed it up with movies such as Rock of Ages, Footloose, and Safe Haven.

Nowadays, Julianne is happily married to Brooks Laich, a retired professional hockey player. Together they live in Hollywood Hills along with their 2 lovely dogs. They purchased their homey yet lavish house for $2 million. It is 2,101 square feet in size and hosts four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It truly has the potential to be the perfect place to start a family.


Hillary Duff started her career as a teen idol. She rose to fame with the TV series Lizzy McGuire. The show had so much commercial success that the production set the finale in full-length film format. From there, Hilary appeared in numerous movies including Cheaper by the Dozen, Agent Cody Banks, and Cinderella Story. Apart from her long career as an actress, Hilary delved into the music scene as well. Her debut album was the Christmas-themed studio album, Santa Clause Lane, which she released during the height of Lizzy McGuire’s popularity. Thereafter, Hilary had a commercially successful run with her succeeding album releases. Given the hefty wealth she has accumulated in her acting and music career, she was able to make various investments, including in fashion. Her brands include Stuff by Hillary Duff and Muse x Hillary Duff.

Nowadays, Hilary lives in a Mediterranean-style mansion worth $6.2 million. Her 9,277- square-feet lavish abode is located in San Francisco and it has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Among its luxurious amenities are a wine cellar, a gym, and a game room.


Tiger Woods is one of the most recognizable names in sports. He has numerous golf records to his credit and he is a World Golf Hall of Famer. Coming from an excellent amateur career by the age of 19, he turned professional in 1996. A year after that, he made an astronomical run at the sport and would take the top spot in the world rankings. Thereafter, he’d remain a dominant player in professional golf. To date, he has won 15 major professional golf tournaments.

In recent news, Tiger came out of the 2020-21 PGA Tour due to back surgery. Fortunately enough, he has a $60 million Florida mansion where he can relax and recover. The massive estate includes a professional gym, a running track, and a 4-hole golf course. With that kind of set-up, we can expect Tiger to make a comeback in the coming PGA Tours fitter than ever.


Dolly Parton is an iconic figure in country music. She rose to prominence during the late ’60s after the release of her debut album, Hello, I’m Dolly. Parton would then see commercial success all throughout the ’80s. She experienced moderate success in the ’90s but already sold over a hundred million records by this time. In 2007, she founded her record label, Dolly Records. Throughout her career, she’s won 14 Grammy Awards to her credit. Moreover, Parton is a Country Music Hall of Famer.

In 2017, one of Parton’s homes in Nashville was listed for sale for $1.2 million. She and her long-time husband, Carl Dean, lived there since the ’80s until they sold it in 1997. The warm and cozy home was built in 1941 and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. She’s not actively making music these days, but hopefully, she comes out with another album.


The late Sean Connery was known worldwide for his portrayal of the fictional British spy, James Bond. His tenure in the Bond franchise lasted for 21 years, from 1962-1983. He started in theater plays and TV shows before landing his breakthrough role as the British spy. The Bond films’ success garnered Sean instant celebrity status, and he caught the eye of prolific directors such as Sidney Lumet, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Huston. To his credit, Sean is a recipient of multiple accolades, including an Academy Award. He also had the honor of being appointed Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters.

During his last years, Sean enjoyed his retirement in the Bahamas. His luxurious sea-side home was the perfect setting for relaxation with its large pool, scenic view, and spacious bedrooms. Although the man is gone, he will never be forgotten.


Jon Jones is the former Light Heavy Weight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Having beaten the best of the best in his division, he is widely considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. He became the youngest champion in the franchise’s history when he won against Mauricio Shogun Hua. Jon also holds the record for the longest title reign, longest win streak, and most title defenses, among others. He only has one loss, against Matt Hamill, which was a disqualification due to illegal strikes. Jon has never been outscored or stopped in his entire career. Today, he is rearing to go up a weight class and earn himself a title shot for the Heavy Weight belt.

Among Jon’s numerous investments is a house in Ithica, New York. The 4,406-square-feet house is up for sale and is rumored to have cost the MMA fighter $750 thousand. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a basement set-up for MMA training.


Patrick Peterson is Minnesota Vikings’ cornerback. In his college years, he played for Louisiana State University and, to his credit, received multiple accolades for his superb defensive performance. Patrick was also recognized as an All-American. In 2011, he started his professional career for Arizona Cardinals with an $18 million, 4-year contract, which included an $11.9 million signing bonus. A year after, he became the team’s starting cornerback until his eventual transfer to the Minnesota Vikings on March 2021.

Just like any top professional athlete, Patrick is living the high life in a lavish mansion. The palatial 7,800-square-foot property is located in Scottsdale and has 6 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Amongst the luxurious amenities is a chef’s kitchen, a steam room, a library, and a fully equipped gym. Considering the cost, it’s safe to say Patrick’s investment money for the property was well spent.


Petra Ecclestone is the daughter of the former Formula One Chief executive, ‘F1 Supremo’ Bernie Ecclestone. Her mother is former model, Slavica Ecclestone. At the age of 19, she started her brand of menswear products, FORM. It gained financial success and was distributed to various retailers.

Petra, being the successful businesswoman that she is, has numerous properties in the US and UK. In 2017, it was reported that she was looking to cash in on one of those investments, particularly the one she called The Manor. She listed the property located at Holmby Hills, back in 2016 for the hefty sum of $200 million. The massive price tag was reasonable, considering the luxurious manor has 14 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. It also includes a bowling alley and a sprawling 56,500-square-foot orchard. The Manor was sold for a little less than $120 million, which still made a profit for Petra as she bought the property for $85 million.


Jaden Smith is the son of Hollywood A-Listers, Will and Jada Smith. He followed in his parents’ footsteps at a young age by starring in Will’s The Pursuit of Happyness. Jaden then followed it up with performances in movies such as After Earth, Karate Kid, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Like his father, Jaden pursued a career in music. One of his hits is the song Never Say Never, where he rapped alongside Justin Bieber. To his credit, the song garnered commercial success and was certified x5 Platinum. Apart from these, he is also a social media influencer with a massive following on Instagram.

Jaden, after coming of age, has moved out of his parents’ house and is living in a luxurious mansion of his own. The lavish property has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It was also reported that the property was purchased by his parents for him.


The Queen of Rock & Roll known as Tina Turner first rose to fame as a member of the musical duo, Ike & Tina Turner. At the height of their fame, they were considered to be one of the most formidable live acts of all time. In 1984, Tina solidified her foothold on the music industry with her fifth album release, Private Dancer. The commercial success of the album garnered Tina a Grammy Award for the song, What’s Love Got to Do With It. Throughout her successful career, she has sold over 100 million records and became one of the highest-selling artists of all time. To her credit, she has won 12 Grammy Awards, among other coveted accolades.

In 2013, Tina relinquished her US Citizenship and got herself a Swiss passport. She now resides in Switzerland in a luxurious lake-front house on Lake Zurich, which she is reported to pay $25 thousand per month in rent.


Carson Palmer is a retired professional American football player. He was the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals. In his college years, he played for the University of Southern California, where, in 2002, he was awarded for being the most outstanding player in collegiate football. A year after, Carson turned pro and became the first overall pick of the Bengals. He would go on to play 8 seasons for the team before getting traded to the Oakland Raiders, and eventually to the Cardinals.

With several NFL seasons to his credit, Carson has earned himself a hefty amount of wealth. To show for it, he has a palatial house in Del Mar that sits on half an acre of land. His 8,000-square-foot abode is reported to be worth more or less $25 million. It includes 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and a gym.


Drew Barrymore is a multi-award-winning actress. She first appeared in the film ET the Extra-Terrestrial, which was a commercial success that quickly catapulted her to fame. Through the 1990s and 2000s, she starred in a string of commercially successful films. Some of which are Mad love, Scream, Music and Lyrics, 50 Firsts Dates, and Charlie’s Angels, among others. In 1995, she diversified her income by forming the production company Flower Films. Drew also spent some investment money to fund several cosmetic products, wines, and a clothing line.

Drew is also reported to have listed one of her properties for $7.5 million. The vibrant 2-story house in California includes a lush garden that has a variety of avocadoes and citrus trees. Moreover, it is said that she has a rich history with the house because it was used as the venue for her marriage.


Eva Mendes began her journey in Hollywood in the late 1990s. Her first taste of commercial success came with her role in the award-winning film Training Day. Thereafter, she would star in numerous films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider, Hitch, We Own the Night, Last night, Bad Lieutenant, The Other Guys, and The Place Beyond the Pines, among others. Her unaging beauty is also her ticket to success in the fashion industry, becoming an ambassadress for several brands. To her credit, Mendes has also designed a line of clothing for New York & Company and she is also the Creative Director of CIRCAs Beauty.

Before her relationship with Ryan Gosling, she was living in her $1.27 million abode, which she calls her artistic sanctuary. The 1,732-square-foot house hosts three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With the warm and cozy feel of the house, it is easy to see why Mendes endearingly calls it a sanctuary.


Friends star Jennifer Aniston would have loved to be an interior designer had she not been an actress, as she previously said. Indeed, she has a knack for it, judging from the pictures of her home she shared online. Aniston lives in Beverly Hills in a mansion featuring a big Koi pond, an outdoor swimming pool, and panoramic views of both nature and the city. She purchased the house for $42 million—which is a significant amount of investment money.

Aniston initially purchased the house back in 2006 for $13 million. Soon after, she had it totally renovated by a designer. The house was famously featured in Architectural Digest in 2010 for its beautiful design. Its interior approach is elegant and classy, and there’s a bar and a pool table in the lounge area, with the city view in the backdrop. Shiny, dark-colored hardwood flooring is perfectly matched by the surrounding furniture and lighting—what a great place!


Comedy power couple Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann purchased a penthouse apartment in Santa Monica for $14.5 million in 2019—a modern home perfect for their family and hosting parties for their friends. It has access to the roof deck where they can enjoy the wraparound beauty of the surrounding neighborhood and much of L.A.

There are large glass sliding doors in the living area that give 180-degree majestic views of the mountains and seas, especially at sunset. Big white sofas and chairs provide relaxing comfort, and while they’re sitting, they can look up and gaze at the sky through a skylight, which allows extra light to enter the room as well. A balcony with aluminum railings and glass walls offers a much immersive viewing of the beauty around. The dining area with a glass table can accommodate ten guests and has unique and modern lighting hanging from the ceiling.


Lauren Conrad rose to prominence after starring in the reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County in 2004. Moreover, she’s also a fashion designer, an author, and a businesswoman. Since having a successful career, her net worth increased to $40 million—enough investment money to purchase a new house— which she did. Conrad is also into house-flipping, and in 2015, she bought a property in Pacific Palisades, California, for $4.4 million.

Years after, in 2017, she sold the mansion for $4.74 million. The Spanish-style house is serene and private, tucked away from the noise of the streets. It has an arched passthrough in the front and is decorated in Malibu tiles. Having rustic clay tiles in the roof, curved windows and doors, and a rotunda are the familiar characteristics of a Spanish home. It has approximately 5,900 square feet of space. Some other amenities found in the property are two patios, a large swimming pool, and a waterfall.


Many Hollywood celebrities are getting into real estate investments, given their financial capacity. One of them is Vince Vaugh. He has a mansion down in Florida Panhandle beach that he rents out. Vaugh purchased the property in 2014 for $2.7 million, which is slightly smaller than his other houses. He also has a triplex penthouse in Chicago which boasts a majestic ambiance.

The 5,400-square-feet house in Florida has over three floors with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two kitchens. Most of the interior is spacious and predominantly white. The ceilings are fairly high with hanging lightings. Large windows in the living room allow the light to enter, illuminating the living area. Shiny light brown-colored wood planks cover almost all the flooring of the house. A spiral stairway leads up to the second floor, where the rooms have large French doors and curtains—also colored white.


Demi Moore has starred in the 1990s movie Ghost, which was also the highest-grossing film of that year, and in which she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Years since then, she starred in several box-office hits such as A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, and Disclosure. In 1996, Moore set a record for the highest-paid actress in the film history after she got paid for her fee of $12.5 million for the movie Striptease—which was unprecedented at the time.

With her career’s success, she was able to have investment money to buy a house in Beverly Hills in 2003 for $3.150 million. It has 6,716 square feet of space and is located on a one-acre land, featuring five beds and six bathrooms. Renovations and other additions were made to the property since the purchase. However, the property was long sold many years ago—but sure enough, Moore enjoyed her stay here.


Family Feud’s host, Steve Harvey, bought a sprawling 35,000-square-foot mansion from its previous owner, movie mogul Tyler Perry, for a price tag of $15 million. With his successful career,  he probably didn’t need any home loans. It is one of the many mansions in the affluent neighborhood of Atlanta. The massive property sits on 17 acres of land, fronting the Chattahoochee River. It’s also surrounded by thick trees and foliages.

Upon entry into the grand majestic house, two imperial stairways and a gold-painted round table in the foyer will greet the guests, while a beautiful crystal chandelier hangs in the middle. Walking into the kitchen, the cabinets, countertops, and ceilings are all adorned with a Parthenon-like design. The mansion also has a home gym with complete weights and machines, a walk-in wine cellar, a theater room, a private sauna, and a full-size tennis court. At the back of the house, a 70,000-gallon infinity pool looks over the vast property.


Michael Strahan is a former NFL Quarterback who played for the New York Giants exclusively for 15 years. After retiring, he became a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday and a co-host on
Good Morning America of ABC network. Having had a successful NFL career and thriving television hosting contracts, it’s not surprising for his net worth to reach $65 million—enough
investment money to buy a mansion.

In 2013, Strahan paid $16 million for this mansion. The 15,600-square-foot home sits on an acre of land, and it has nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. It also features a prohibition-style wine cellar with a drinking lounge, a sauna, a gym, a home theater, a laundry room, and a library. To make it easy for them and their guests to transfer to a different level in the house, they can use the elevator. As magnificent as it is, however, Strahan sold the property for $21.5 million.


Diana Ross’s success started in the 1960s as the lead singer of the famous girl group The Supremes. They became Motown’s most successful act and one of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time. Following her separation from the group, Ross embarked on a highly successful solo career in music and in films and stage. With a net worth of $250 million, she wouldn’t need any home loans in purchasing mansions.

Since 2006, Ross has been living in her Connecticut mansion, which she bought for $16.9 million. The 12,500-square-foot Colonial-style house is on five-acre land and comes with a swimming pool and a tennis court. The 3.4-acre lawn is sprawling with short green grass, while the house has brick-wrapped walls with slate roofing. It’s in a secluded area but still accessible to downtown Greenwich. The interior has a classical look with big pillars and high ceilings.


Known for his martial arts and action-packed movies in the 1980s, Chuck Norris has had a successful career. Apart from acting, he also had endorsement deals in the past. At present, he co-founded the water bottling company CForce Bottling Co. with his wife, Gena O’Kelley. For that, his net worth reached $70 million—he’s probably making wise investments with his money.

Norris also has many real estate properties. One of them was his Dallas ranch—more popularly called “Walker, Texas Ranger” ranch. Technically, at the time, he co-owned the property with his brother. However, it was listed on the market for $1.2 million. The ranch has a spacious backyard with a pool, a gym, and a home theater. The living room is also roomy with sofas and chairs, with floors and walls all covered in wood. The kitchen has a marble countertop, big ovens, and wooden cabinet panels.


Betty White is one of the casts of the popular NBC sitcom Golden Girls Central, which ran in the 1980s. With her popularity and personal disposition, she’s dubbed as “America’s Sweetheart.” Besides acting, she also had business investments and product endorsements. With all of that, her net worth is $75 million. No wonder she can easily afford a big house like the one she has in California.

Although not much information and images are available online, some show an aerial shot of the house and a short video on YouTube where White gives a tour inside her home. The house is mainly surrounded by trees and has a blue-colored rectangular structure, as seen in the photos online, which is presumably a swimming pool. While in the short video clip, White shows a classic style interior with big brown cabinets. In the living room, there are also green sofas, chairs, plants, and a fireplace.


O.J. Simpson became famous while playing football for the USC Trojans in NCAA. He holds the record for yards-per-game in a single season. Simpson was also a two-time All-American halfback, and as a result of his fame, he had many product endorsements for brands like Schick, Royal Crown, and Wilson Sporting Goods, to mention a few. In addition, he also had business investments in real estate and restaurants. His company, O.J. Simpson Enterprises, had hotels, real estate, and food products.

At the peak of his affluent life, Simpson bought a mansion in Brentwood, California. Although his mansion is long demolished, photos of it still circulate on the internet. At the front of the house, there was a brick-laid walkway with many potted plants as well as a lawn. There was also a swimming pool with big rocks, accents, and plants in the backyard. Inside the house, you’ll find a pool table, big sofas, and an entertainment set. The master bedroom has a fireplace built with rocks, a carpet, and a dressing room with a vanity mirror.


Catwoman actress Halley Berry moved into her beach house located in Malibu’s luxury neighborhood after her Beverly Hills home started undergoing renovations. She purchased the property in 2004 for $8 million. It has 5,000 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room that allow an unimpeded view of the ocean. In the front of the house, palm trees and various plants add the freshness of the ambiance. Inside, the light brown wood planks make up the flooring and the staircase’s steps.

The three-level beach house has a degree of sophistication and sleek design with a predominantly white color. Balconies are accessible in the first two levels of the house and a roof deck with patios is located on the third level. Any level would still give a fantastic view of the sea. A quick dip in the water is also possible with the stairs directly leading to the beach. Guests can go sunbathing at any level since all sun-facing areas of the house are completely exposed.


In 2016, actress and singer Connie Stevens has found a new home in Studio City after selling her longtime estate in Holmby Hills for $17 million. She purchased the ranch-style home for $2.036 million. It has roughly 5,300 square feet and comes with a total of five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It features a degree of rustic California style with Saltillo tile, hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, and large wood-framed windows. A rounded brick fireplace is found in the formal living area, while an island bar is located in the kitchen. A detached casita and a glass-walled studio complement the house, while outdoors, the walkway is bricked-laid from the gate leading to the house. There are also various trees and plants around the house that accentuate the surroundings.

The 82-year-old Stevens gained fame in the 1960s television series Hawaiian Eye, portraying the character Cricket. Among her other television credits are Wendy and MeLove’s Savage Fury, and 77 Sunset Strip.


Laura Anne Ingraham is the former host of the radio show The Laura Ingraham Show, which she worked on for almost two decades. She’s also been hosting The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel since 2017. Ingraham still has a long career ahead of her, but after decades in the business, she was able to amass a net worth of $40 million. With that money, she made investments in real estate. One of them is the mansion she purchased in 2014 for $1.6 million, which was built in 1960.

Although pictures of Ingraham’s home are hard to come by, an aerial photo on the internet shows the property. According to an article online, the two-story house in Virginia has 7,869 square feet of space with 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. It sits on 2.1 acres of land with a massive driveway in the front and a spacious patio at the back. There is also a swimming pool, an attached garage, and a lot of windows.


Famously known for hosting the television game show Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak undoubtedly spun the wheel of fortune to his favor—no pun intended. With a net worth of $70 million, he can buy a big house of his choosing. Sajak bought a house in Encino, a popular neighborhood among celebrities. Although his house’s exact price and other photos are uncertain and rare online, a photo of its aerial shot is available.

A view from the top clearly shows the size of the property and the mansion. Some of the estate’s prominent features are the swimming pool and what seems to be like two white roof decks. The house is also sprawling with grass and surrounded by trees and other plants. There’s also a relatively wide outdoor patio just by the pool and sun shades—with a successful career in the entertainment industry, he probably didn’t need home loans for this one.

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